Tales of a Grandfather: Being Stories Taken from Scottish History. Humbly Inscribed to Hugh Littlejohn, Esq

Samuel H. Parker, 1834
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Página 144 - ... paces ; but if the fire is given at a distance, you probably will be broke, for you never get time to load a second cartridge ; and if you give way, you may give yourselves for dead, for they,* being without a firelock or any load, no man with his arms, accoutrements, &c.
Página 100 - I'll put it in execution, let my Loss be what it will, that it may be an example to others. You are to tell the Gentlemen that I'll expect them in their best Accoutrements, on Horseback and no Excuse to be accepted of.
Página 51 - Union, they were all the while in agony lest they should prove successful. Acute observer of men and motives as he was, Swift was in this instance mistaken. Less sharp-sighted than this celebrated author, and blinded by their own exasperated pride, the Scots were desirous of wreaking their revenge at the expense of a treaty which contained so many latent advantages, in the same manner as an intoxicated man vents his rage at the expense of valuable furniture or important papers. In the pamphlet which...
Página 100 - Kildrummy, which you are immediately to intimate to all my vassals: if they give ready obedience, it will make some amends, and if not ye may tell them from me, that it will not be in my power to save them (were I willing) from being treated as enemies, by those...
Página 161 - But the ,svents of war are of less consequence than the use which is made of them. It does not appear that any attempt was made on the part of Mar to avail himself of his success on the right. General Whitham had indeed resigned the field of battle to his opponents, and from thence fled almost to Stirling bridge. The victorious Highlanders did not take the trouble to pursue them, but having...
Página 216 - Israel joined himself unto Baal-peor : and the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel. 4 And the LORD said unto Moses, Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the LORD against the sun, that the fierce anger of the LORD may be turned away from Israel.
Página 42 - I imagine a person of quality prevailed on to marry a woman much his inferior, and without a groat to her fortune, and her friends arguing she was as good as her husband, because she brought him as numerous a family of relations and servants as she found in his house.
Página 115 - On the 5th, therefore, in the evening, the council of war was again convoked, and the Chevalier told them, with sullen resignation, that he consented to return to Scotland, but at the same time informed them, that in future he should call no more councils, since he was accountable to nobody for his actions excepting to Heaven and to his father, and would therefore no longer either ask or accept their advice.
Página 89 - Lauder to Coldstream, and from thence to Berwick. At the latter place, Lord Mark Ker, of the family of Lothian, a house which has long had hereditary fame for wit as well as courage, received the unfortunate General with the well-known sarcasm, " That he believed he was the first general in Europe who had brought the first tidings of his own defeat.
Página 100 - Kildrummie know, that if they come not forth with their best arms, I will send a party immediately to burn what they shall miss taking from them.

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