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13. What has been done by the pastor and his assistants to put our Christian literature into all the homes of his charge?

14. Have the General Rules been read?

15. Are there Church Registers and Records of Church Conference for each Church in this charge, and a Register for the whole charge, and have they been faithfully kept?

16. Is there a written report from the Woman's Missionary Society?

17. Who are the Trustees of Church property? (9717.)

18. Are there reports from the Trustees, and what do they show in answer to the following questions: (1) What is the number of churches and parsonages, and what has been expended on them during the year? (2) What is their value? (3) What amount of insurance is carried on churches, parsonages, and schools?

(4) What amount has been paid in premiums? (5) What amount of loss has occurred; and what amount has been collected thereon? (6) Do the deeds contain the Disciplinary trust clauses? (4)

(7) Where are the title papers kept? (8) Where are they recorded-give office, book, and page?

19. How many societies do not own houses of worship?

20. Who are elected Stewards for the ensuing year? (99709-711.)

21. Who is elected Recording Steward?

22. Who is elected District Steward? (99711, 715.)

23. Who are elected Sunday School Superintendents? (See 9387.)

24. Who is elected Charge Lay Leader, and who have been elected Church Lay Leaders? (In stations the Charge Lay Leaders should act as Church Leaders.)

25. Is there a written report from those appointed to examine the books of the charge treasurer of Superannu

ate Endowment? 26. What amount has been raised the present quarter for the support of the ministry, and how has it been applied? (99676, 712-714, 716, 774, 775.) (Let the answer to this question embrace only the sum raised and paid on the claims of the Presiding Elder and the preachers.)

27. What amount has been raised the present quarter for Superannuate Endowment, and has this amount been remitted to the General Board of Finance, St. Louis, Mo.?

28. What has been contributed for other objects?

29. How many Church Conferences have been held during the present quarter, and what is the report of the Church Conference Secretary?

30. Has the sacrament of the Lord's Supper been administered during the quarter?

31. Is there any miscellaneous business?
(1) Appeals. (99668–670, 764, 766.)
(2) Complaints. (49670, 671.)
(3) District Conference:

(a) Election of delegates to.
(6) Recommendations for license to

preach. (99662, 667.) (4) Epworth Leagues: Confirmation as Presi

dents of Senior Leagues. (9724.) (5) Exhorters:

(a) Applications for license.
(6) Reports of exhorters,

(c) Renewal of license. (6) Trustees: Vacancies in Boards to be filled. (99717-719.)

(7) Other miscellaneous business. (9669.)

32. Where shall the next Quarterly Conference be held?

NOTE.-The numerals in the margin indicate the session at which the questions embraced within the respective braces are to be called. Any question indicated for the first, second, or third Quarterly Conference, but unanswerable then, may be called at the session following.



Question. What directions are given concerning Church Conferences?

9113. Ans. 1. All the members of the Church, and resident members of the Annual Conference (9652), shall come together at every appointment, once a month, or on circuits at least every three months, to hold a Church Conference, over which the preacher in charge shall preside. It may be held at any time most convenient for assembling the greatest number of members; but if on the Sabbath, it should not interfere with the morning public worship.

9114. Ans. 2. A Secretary shall be elected annually, at the first meeting after the session of the Annual Conference. He shall make a record of the proceedings, and shall keep in a book, and return to the Quarterly Conference, all the statistics which the Discipline requires to be reported to an Annual Conference. He shall enter in chronological order, in a permanent register, the full names of all who shall join the Church, with the time and manner of the reception, and disposal of each, distinguishing between local elders, deacons, and preachers; white persons, colored persons, and Indians; and shall make a permanent record of all the baptisms and marriages within the congregation; and shall furnish the pastor with an alphabetical roll of the Church; and shall make a written report to the Quarterly Conference.

9115. Ans. 3. Unless otherwise ordered, the roll of members shall be called at every meeting, and the Conference may strike off the name of any one who, on account of removal or other cause, has been lost sight of for twelve months: provided, however, that if such member appear and claim membership, he may be restored by a vote of the Conference.

9116. Ans. 4. The following shall be the general order of business:

I. Receiving reports,

1. From all the preachers in the Church of their labors since the last meeting,

2. From the class leaders.
3. From the Sunday schools.
4. From the stewards.

ī 5. From the Epworth Leagues. 6. From the Woman's Missionary Societies. 7. From the Board of Lay Activities. (1) From the Lay Leader; (2) From the Missionary Committee; (3) From the Social Service Committee; (4) From the Evangelistic Committee;

(5) From the Christian Education Committee;

(6) From the Christian Stewardship Committee; (7) From the Lay Speakers' Committee.


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