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9105. Ans. 3. To take cognizance of all the exhorters in the circuit, station, or mission, and to inquire annually into the gifts, labors, and usefulness of each by name.

9106. Ans. 4. To recommend the restoration of credentials, according to 9331.

9107. Ans. 5. To recommend proper persons to the District Conference for license to preach (99662, 667), when in its judgment their gifts, grace, and usefulness will warrant. All votes to recommend shall be by ballot.

9108. Ans. 6. To elect trustees (q9717, 719) and stewards according to the Discipline, for the circuit, station, or mission; and of the stewards, to appoint one Recording and one District Steward. (99711, 715.)

g109. Ans. 7. To accept or to reject any conveyance, gift, donation, legacy, bequest, or devise, for the benefit of any Church under its jurisdiction or for the whole charge.

(110. Ans. 8. To see that all its proceedings are faithfully kept by the Secretary of the Conference, and properly signed by the President and Secretary, to be recorded by the Recording Steward in a book kept by him for that purpose.

g111. Ans. 9. On nomination of the preacher in charge, the Quarterly Conference may elect a Board of Religious Education, which shall have supervision of the entire program of religious education for the charge under such



regulations as the Quarterly Conference may adopt. On nomination of the preacher in charge, with the concurrence of the Quarterly Conference, the Board of Religious Education may elect for the charge a Director of Religious Education, whose duties shall be defined and whose work shall be supervised by the Board.

Ques. 5. What order of business shall be observed in the Quarterly Conference?

9112. Ans. After religious service, let a Secretary be elected, the roll called, and the following inquiries made:

1. Is there a written report from the preacher in charge on the general state of the Church?

Let this report embrace the following:
(1) Epworth Leagues.
(2) Sunday schools.
(3) Pastoral instruction of children.

(4) Membership: (a) Names of those who have joined by vows, certificate, or otherwise; (b) names of those removed by death, certificate, withdrawal, expulsion, or otherwise.

(5) Missions, including Woman's Missionary Societies, and Church Extension.

(6) Other items worthy of record.
(7) Plans for future work.


NOTE.-This report should consist of facts rather than of comment. It becomes the written history of the local Church, Let it be supplemented by written or oral reports from Sunday School Superintendents, Epworth League Presidents, Lay Leaders, and Presidents of Woman's Missionary Societies.

2. What statistics have been reported to the Annual Conference? (99648, 649.)

3. What amount has been estimated by the Board of Stewards for the support of the preacher in charge (and his assistant) for the present year, and how has it been apportioned to the Churches?

4. What is the minimum amount to be raised in five years by this charge for Superannuate Endowment? Amount paid to date? Amount yet to be raised?

5. Who are appointed as the Superannuate Endowment Committee? (This committee is to be named the first year of the special effort as authorized by the General Conference, and appointed annually thereafter. The Quarterly Conference shall determine

the number of members for the (1) Committee.)

6. What amount has been apportioned to this charge by the District Stewards (99711, 716), and how is such amount apportioned to the Churches of this charge?

7. Have a Church Lay Leader


and the following committees been elected for each Church, (a) a Missionary Committee, (6) an Evangelistic Committee, (c) a Social Service Committee, (d) Christian Education Committee, (e) Committee on Stewardship and Tithing, () Committee on Lay Speakers; and what are their reports?

8. Has a Missionary Committee been appointed in every Sunday school, and does every school observe a monthly Missionary Day?

9. Who are appointed to assist the pastor in the circulation of our Christian literature?

10. Who are appointed to examine Church Registers and Records of Church Conferences, and to report at the next Quarterly Conference whether they have been faithfully kept?

11. Who are appointed to examine the books of the charge treasurer of Superannuate Endowment and to make a written report at the fourth Quarterly Conference?

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12. What are we doing for the cause of education? (Let the preacher in charge make a written report answering the following questions: (1) Has the sermon on Christian education required in 9163 been preached in every congregation? (2) Has Sunday School Day (9723) been observed? (3) Has Education Day, if ordered by the Annual Conference, been observed? (4) Has the educational collection been taken? (5) What students from the charge are attending our Church schools, and who are attending other insti

tutions? (6) What are we doing (3) for the cause of ministerial supply

and education? (a) Has the sermon on the call to preach been preached? (6) Are there any candidates for the ministry (i. e., men who feel called of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel), and have their names and addresses been reported to the Annual Conference Board of Education? (c) Has any money been raised for ministerial education, and how has it been applied?

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