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mend the restoration of credentials, or restore them, according to 9331.

Ques. 8. What other business shall be done in the Annual Conferences?

960. Ans. 1. Let every Annual Conference hear the appeal of a local preacher.

961. Ans. 2. Let every Annual Conference organize a Conference Board of Education (99645, 646) and inquire into the state and character of all institutions of learning that may be under its care, and the best means of promoting their interests, and, if necessary, of increasing their number: provided, that no new institution shall be established or existing institution be taken under the care of the Church without first being adopted by the Annual Conference on the recommendation of the Conference Board of Education, after counsel with the General Secretary of Education (99779, 780, 782): and provided, further, that no new college or university or theological school shall be established, nor existing one adopted, without the concurrent recommendation of the General Conference Board of Education: provided, that this does not apply to any institution that may be established or used by the Educational Commission ordered by the General Conference. (See 99339, 355, 378, 459, 491, 515, 527.)

962. Ans. 3. Let every Annual Conference

take account of all the church buildings, parsonages, and other church property within its bounds, and see that the same be legally secured to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, according to the provisions of the Discipline. (See IQ240, 241, 244, 245.)

963. Ans. 4. Let every Annual Conference examine the records of the District Conferences.

964. Ans. 5. Let every Annual Conference at the beginning of each quadrennium appoint committees of examination for the courses of study prescribed by the Bishops for candidates for admission and for Conference undergraduates. (19642, 643, 707.) The committees shall hold office for four years, and shall discharge faithfully their duties in accordance with the regulations in 99788, 789.

965. Ans. 6. Let every Annual Conference have a record of its proceedings, kept by a Secretary chosen for that purpose. The records shall be signed by the President and the Secretary, and a bound copy, written or printed, shall be sent to the General Conference, at its next ensuing session.

966. Ans. 7. The Secretary of every Annual Conference shall forward to the Book Editor, at the Publishing House, full and correct answers to the foregoing Annual Conference questions, for insertion in the General Minutes. (9647.)

967. Ans. 8. Let every Annual Conference carefuily inquire into the state and character of the Sunday school work in its bounds, and the best means of improving and promoting its interests, giving ample time during the session for their consideration.

968. Ans. 9. Let every Annual Conference, at its first session after each General Conference, appoint a Quadrennial Committee on Admissions, who shall inquire into the character and adaptation to the itinerancy of all applicants for admission on trial, admission into full connection, readmission, and admission from other Churches. If this committee report adversely on any case, a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting shall be requisite to grant the application. But so long as the General Board of Missions shall make appropriations to the support of native preachers in Mission Conferences in foreign fields, committees of admission shall be nominated by the General Board, subject to appointment by the President of the Conference.

969. Ans. 10. Let every Annual Conference appoint a Committee on Conference Relations, to consist of not less than seven members, to which committee all applications for the supernumerary and superannuate relations shall be referred. (See qq190, 193.)

970. Ans. 11. Let every Annual Conference, at its first session after each General Conference, appoint a Bible Society Board, to consist of one member from each Presiding Elder's District, and to continue in office four years.

971. Ans. 12. Let every Annual Conference, at its first session after each General Conference, appoint a Board of Christian Literature, to consist of not less than one member from each Presiding Elder's District and to continue in office four years. To this Board shall be referred all matters relating to the publication and distribution of current religious literature. This Board shall hold an anniversary at some time during the period of the Annual Conference, and shall prepare a program therefor.

972. Ans. 13. For the better instruction of our members and for the promotion of all Annual Conference enterprises, as well as the general work of the Church, let Conference organs be maintained by groups of Annual Conferences, or by a single Annual Conference where conditions require it, and, when necessary, let assessments be made for the support of these organs.

By means of the budget plan, or in some other practical way, let each Church put the Conference organ into every Methodist home. Let the circulation of Church periodicals and the distribution of Christian literature be diligently and faithfully promoted by pastors and official members. Let each pastor report, for insertion in the Conference statistics, the number of Methodist families in his charge and the number of Conference organs and general organs taken, and the amount raised for the circulation of these organs.



Question 1. What directions are given concerning the Mission Annual Conference?

973. Ans. 1. In Mission fields of the Church, when the work becomes sufficiently advanced and developed, the General Conference may direct the organization of a Mission Annual Conference.

974. Ans. 2. The Mission Annual Conference shall be composed (1) of all the missionaries employed by the Board of Missions and under appointment of the Bishop in charge of the Mission, (2) of all the Mission traveling preachers, (3) of lay members, the number of whom and the mode of their appointment each Mission Conference shall determine for itself, it being understood that local preachers may be lay delegates.

975. Ans. 3. It shall be the duty of the Mission Annual Conference to inquire into the condition of the work concerning the spiritual state, missions, self-support, Sunday schools, Epworth Leagues, Church Extension, and all other

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