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7. Who else is in the class of the third

year? 8. Who are readmitted? 9. Who are received by transfer from other

Conferences? (99638, 639.) 10. Who are received from other Churches as

traveling preachers? 11. Who are located this year? 12. Who have withdrawn or been expelled? 13. Who are transferred to other Confer

ences? (99637, 638.) 14. What preachers have died during the


III. As to Orders.

15. Who are the deacons of one year? 16. Who else is in the class of the fourth

year? 17. What traveling preachers and what local

preachers have been elected deacons?

(99640, 655.) 18. What traveling preachers and what local

preachers have been ordained deacons?

(9706.) 19. What traveling preachers and what local

preachers have been elected elders?

(I9640, 665, 687, 706.) 20. What traveling preachers and what local

preachers have been ordained elders? (9706.)

IV. As to Conference Relations. 21. Are all the preachers blameless in their

life and official administration? (9637.) 22. Who are supernumerary? (99688-690.)

23. Who are superannuated? (99696-700.) V. As to Statistics. 24. What is the number of districts, of

pastoral charges, and of societies in

this Conference? 25. How many have been licensed to preach,

and what is the number of local preachers and of members? (99634, ,

648, 649.) 26. How many adults and how many infants

have been baptized during the year?

(9649.) 27. What is the number of Epworth Leagues

and of Epworth League members? 28. What is the number of Sunday schools,

of Sunday school officers and teachers, and of Sunday school scholars enrolled

during the year? 29. What is the number of Woman's Mis

sionary Societies, and what is the

number of members of the same?
30. What are the educational statistics?

31. What are the orphanage statistics?
32. What are the hospital statistics?

VI. As to Finances. 33. What has been contributed for the follow

ing causes: Foreign Missions?' Home and Conference Missions? Church Extension? Education? The American Bible Society? General Conference expense? By the Woman's Missionary

Societies? 34. What has been contributed for the sup

port of the ministry? For Bishops? For Presiding Elders? For preachers in charge? For Conference claimants?

For Superannuate Endowment Fund? 35. What is the grand total contributed for

all purposes from all sources in this

Conference this year? VII. As to Church Property. 36. What is the number of houses of wor

ship? their value? and the amount of

indebtedness thereon? 37. What is the number of parsonages? their

value? and the amount of indebtedness

thereon? 38. What amount of insurance is carried on

church property, and what amount has

been paid out in premiums? 39. How many churches and parsonages have

been damaged or destroyed during the year? What is the amount of damage, and what has been collected thereon?

40. What is the number of superannuate

homes, and what is their value? VIII. Miscellaneous Questions.

41. Who is elected Conference Lay Leader? 42. Where shall the next session of the Con

ference be held? 43. Where are the preachers stationed this

year? (9676.) Ques. 7. What method is recommended in the examination of the life and official administration of the preachers?

953. Ans. 1. The Conference shall proceed with open doors unless, by vote, it order otherwise.

954. Ans. 2. Let the name of every preacher be called, and let his Presiding Elder, or some other member of the Conference, state whether or not there be any complaint against him; and, if there be none, the President shall, without vote, declare his character passed. (99637, 638.)

955. Ans. 3. If there be a complaint, and the preacher have been advised of it, let it be stated to the Conference, and let the accused have the privilege of replying. He shall then retire, and the Conference shall determine by vote whether his character shall pass.

956. Ans. 4. If a trial be necessary, it shall be conducted according to the provisions of Chapter VI., Section II.

957. Ans. 5. But if the complaint be wholly on account of habitual failure in official administration, and any member of the Conference object to the passage of his character, wholly on this account, the question, “Shall his character pass?” shall be put on this point alone. And if a majority of the Conference refuse to pass his character because he is not blameless in official administration, the Conference shall grant him an honorable location; but the Conference shall not proceed under this provision of the Discipline unless the preacher complained of be present, or shall have had notice of the complaint: provided, nevertheless, if the delinquent preacher desire to be tried another year (making suitable acknowledgments), and promise, if tried another year, to come up to the measure of his duty in these respects, the Conference may employ him another year, and upon the issues of that year shall depend his restoration or absolute location; provided, further, that no preacher shall be located at his own request unless he be present, or his written request, signed by himself, be presented to the Conference.

958. Ans. 6. The names of any who may be expelled or suspended, or have withdrawn from the Church, shall be stated in the Minutes.

959. Ans. 7. The Conference may recom

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