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14. Messiah. In full score, with the additional accompaniments of Mozart, and an arranged accompaniment by J. Addison. Plates. Two vols., folio.

15. Messiah.



In vocal score, with an arranged accompaniment by John octavo.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. Cocks.

16. Saul. In vocal score. German text. oblong folio

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.



17. Redemption, a sacred oratorio, selected from the works of Handel, by Samuel Arnold, Mus. Doc. In full score. folio



18. Apollo's Feast, or the Harmony of the Opera Stage (a collection of songs from Handel's operas). In full score. (Volumes I., III., and V.) folio

19. Bass Songs from all his Operas (one part only). folio.


Published by Walsh, London.

20. [400] Songs, selected from his Oratorios. In separate parts, viz.the song parts, with a figured bass for the harpsichord, 5 vols., oblong folio; and the instrumental parts. 6 vols., folio.


21. A Selected Collection of his Songs, Duetts, and Trios, in score, with a separate accompaniment for the pianoforte. 2 vols., folio. London. Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

22. Songs, Duets, and Trios, selected from the Oratorios, &c. of Handel, and arranged from the original manuscript scores, with an accompaniment for the pianoforte, by Sir H. R. Bishop. 7 vols., folio.


23. Twelve Duetts, with a Thorough-bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin, collected out of the Operas. To which is added, the celebrated Trio in the Opera of Alcina. folio.

Published by Walsh, London.

24. The Beauties of Handel, consisting of his most favourite Songs, Duets, and Trios; arranged with a separate accompaniment for the pianoforte, and figured from the MS. scores of the Author, by Jos. Corfe. Portrait of Handel. Three vols. in one, oblong folio London.

25. Overturen in partitur, mit Vorwort von C. F. Becker, octavo. Leipsic.






26. Forest Music, composed by Handel during his residence in Ireland, 1741-2. Arranged for the pianoforte by John Smith, Mus. Doc.

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27. Concertos for the Harpsichord or Organ. (Three sets of six each.) oblong folio

28. Six Concertos for the Harpsichord or Organ. folio.


Published by Wright, London.

Bound up with Falkener's Instructions for the Harpsichord, &c. 29. Clavier Suiten. (Printed by Arnold, under the title of "Lessons for the Harpsichord, first published in the year 1720.") oblong folio.


30. Fugen. (Printed by Arnold, under the title of "Six Fuges or Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord.") oblong folio Zurich.

31. Seven Sonatas for Two Violins and Bass (printed in score in Arnold's edition of Handel's Works); in separate parts. (Bound up with Boyce's 12 Sonatas.) Three books, folio

Presented to the Society by Mr. E. Spencer.


32. Favourite Minuets from his Operas and Oratorios, with those made for the Balls at Court, for the Harpsichord, &c. octavo.

Published by Walsh, London.

33. Overtures, from all his Operas and Oratorios. In separate parts, viz., The String Quartet, two Oboes and Organo. 7 vols., folio.

34. Overtures complete, from his Oratorios and Operas.

Author for the Organ or Pianoforte. folio

Walsh, London.
Arranged by the

35. The Overtures to the following Oratorios, Operas, &c., arranged for a

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36. A Volume, containing the following compositions. folio.



Eight Grand Chorusses from the Messiah, adapted for Keyed Instruments.
Eight Chorusses from "Judas Maccabæus,"
"Angels ever bright and fair" (Air in "Theodora").
Anthem, "As pants the hart" (Arnold's Edition).



In full score.


37. Solos for a German Flute, a Hoboy, or Violin, with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin; being all choice pieces composed by Mr. Handel, curiously fitted to the German Flute. Two volumes (each containing seven parts) in one. folio.

Published by Walsh, London.

38. Sonatas, or Chamber Aires for a German Flute, Violin, or Harpsicord; being the most celebrated Songs and Aires collected out of

all the late Operas composed by Mr. Handel. Vol V., Part I. folio. London.

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Presented to the Society by Miss Dowling.

39. The Handel Album, containing oratorio and opera airs, arranged for the pianoforte by William Hutchins Callcott. Portrait of Handel and other plates. folio London [1859].

Presented to the Society by Mr. Christopher Lonsdale.


40. Bach Society of Leipsic. The Works of John Sebastian Bach, published by this Society from its establishment in 1851 to the end of 1860. In full score. Ten volumes, folio

Leipsic, 1851-60.

1. Kirchencantaten, No. 1-10. This volume contains a portrait of the Composer and a fac-simile of his handwriting.

2. Kirchencantaten, No. 11-20.

3. Clavierwerke. Erster Band.

4. Passionsmusik nach dem Evangelisten Matthäus.

5. Kirchencantaten, No. 21-30.

5. (2da pars.) Weihnachts Oratorium nach den Evangelisten Lucas und Matthäus. 6. Messe in H moll.

6. (2da pars.) Messe in H moll. Zweite Halfte. Neue Redaktion.

7. Kirchentantaten, No. 31-40.

8. 4 Messen, in F dur, A dur, G moll, und G dur.

9. Kammermusik. Erster Band.

10. Kirchencantaten, No. 41-50.

41. Handel Society. See Handel's Works, No. 4.

42. Handel Society (German). See Handel's Works, No. 5.

43. Motett Society. Collection of Ancient Church Music, consisting of selections from the works of composers of the 16th and 17th centuries; such pieces as are by foreign composers being adapted to English words. Three volumes, folio London, 1842.

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44. Musical Antiquarian Society. The Works published by this Society, from its establishment in 1840 to its dissolution in 1847. In score. Bound in 6 volumes, folio

London, 1840-47.


Dido and Eneas, a tragic opera, composed by Henry Purcell. Edited by G. A.

Bonduca, a tragedy, with music composed by Henry Purcell. Edited, and preceded
by an historical sketch of early English dramatic music, by Edward F. Rimbault.
King Arthur, an opera, composed by Henry Purcell. Edited by Edward Taylor,
Professor of Music in Gresham College.

Ode, composed for the anniversary of St. Cecilia's Day, 1692, by Henry Purcell.
Edited by Edward F. Rimbault.


The Works of John Wilbye, consisting of Two Sets of Madrigals, and Three other compositions. Edited by James Turle and George William Budd.


A Mass for five voices, composed by William Byrd. Edited, and preceded by a
life of the composer, by Edward F. Rimbault.

Book I. of Cantiones Sacre, for five voices, composed by William Byrd, Edited by
W. Horsley, Mus. Bac.

A Collection of Anthems for voices and instruments, by Composers of the Madri-
galian Era, viz.: Michael Este, Thomas Forde, Thomas Weelkes, and Thomas
Bateson. Edited by Edward F. Rimbault.


The First Set of Madrigals, composed by Thomas Bateson. Edited by Edward F.

The First Set of Ballets, for five voices, composed by Thomas Morley. Edited by
Edward F. Rimbault.

The First Set of Madrigals, composed by Thomas Weelkes. Edited by Edward J.


Madrigals and Motets, for five voices, composed by Orlando Gibbons. Edited by
Sir George Smart.

Fantasies, in three parts, composed for viols, by Orlando Gibbons. Edited by
Edward F. Rimbault.

Parthenia, or the first Musick ever Printed for the Virginals, composed by William
Byrd, Dr. John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons. Edited by Edward F. Rimbault.
Madrigals for four voices, composed by John Bennet. Edited by Edward J.


Ayres, or Fa Las, for three voices, composed by John Hilton. Edited by Joseph

The First Set of Songs, in four parts, composed by John Dowland. Edited, and
preceded by a life of the composer, by William Chappell.

The Whole Book of Psalms, with their wonted tunes, harmonized in four parts, by the principal musicians of the reign of Elizabeth, [viz.: Richard Alison, E. Blancks, Michael Cavendish, William Cobbold, John Dowland, John Farmer, Giles Farnaby, Edmund Hooper, Edward Johnson, and George Kirbye.] First published by Thomas Este. Edited by Edward F. Rimbault.

This volume also contains the Reports of the Proceedings at the Annual Meetings of the Society, Lists of the Members, &c.

Fac-similes of the title-pages, dedications, &c., of the original editions of such works as had previously been printed, accompany the several publications.

44*. Musical Antiquarian Society.

45. Musical Antiquarian Society.

Another copy. 19 books.

Accompaniments for the Pianoforte or

Organ to the following works published by the Society, compressed

from the scores by G. A. Macfarren. Printed uniformly with, but being no part of, the Society's publications.

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16 books, folio. London. Weelkes' Madrigals. Gibbons' Madrigals.


Bennet's Madrigals.
Hilton's Ayres.
Dowland's Songs.

Este's Psalms.

Morley's Ballets.


46. Addington (Stephen). A collection of Psalm tunes for Publick Worship. In score. oblong octavo

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Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

London, 1780.

47. Aguilar (Emanuel). The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews-harmonized by. octavo.

London, 1857.

48. Albert (H.R.H. Prince). Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Responses, and Anthem, "Out of the Deep." In vocal score. folio. Privately printed.

Presented to the Society by His Royal Highness.

49. Alcock (John), Mus. Doc. Twenty-six Select Anthems in score, a Burial Service for four voices, and part of the last verse of the 150th Psalm, in Latin, for eight voices, with instrumental accompaniments. folio.


Bound up with Christopher Bassano's Six Anthems, No. 90.

50. Alcock, jun. (John). Anthems, &c. viz.:

Behold, God is my salvation. (for Christmas.)
Awake up my glory. (for Easter, 1775.)

Rejoice in the Lord. (for Christmas, 1773.)

O clap your hands. (for Easter, 1776.)

This is the day. (for Christmas, 1774.)

O Lord, our Governor. (for Christmas, 1775.)

Hark, the herald Angels. (for Christmas, 1776.)

Let all that are to mirth inclined. (Christmas Carol.)

Bound in a volume, with Weldon's and others' Divine Harmony, a collection of Psalms and Anthems without title (? Langdon's) and eight chorusses from Handel's Messiah arranged for harpsichord or organ. folio London.

51. Alfieri (Pietro), Raccolta di Musica Sacra, in cui contengonsi i capi lavori di piu celebri compositori Italiani, consistente in Messe,

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