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Wade. 2 vols., quarto: the first containing the music; the
second, the Essay, Remarks, &c..
London, 1838-40.

1048. Chappell (William). The same.-Another copy.


1049. Chappell (William). Popular Music of the Olden Time; a collection of ancient Songs, Ballads and Dance tunes, illustrative of the ancient music of England, with short Introductions to the different periods, and notices of the airs from writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Also a short account of the minstrels. The whole of the airs harmonized by G. A. Macfarren. volumes. octavo 1050. Choice Ayres, Songs, and Dialogues, to sing to the Theorbo Lute or Bass Viol, being most of the newest Ayres and Songs sung at Court and at the Publick Theatres. Composed by several Gentlemen of his Majestie's Musick, and others. Five books, bound together. small folio London, 1676-1684.

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London, 1855-1859.

The fourth and fifth books presented to the Society by Dr. Rimbault.

1051. Corkine (William). Ayres to sing and play to the lute and Basse Violl. With Pavins, Galliards, Almaines and Corantos for the

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London, 1610.

Ancient Scotish Melodies (the Skene MS.).

“Delicia Musica; being a Collection of the newest and best Songs sung at Court and the Public Theatres."

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Five books, small

London, 1695-6.

"Thesaurus Musicus; being a Collection of the newest Songs
performed at his Majestie's Theatres, and at the Consorts in Viller
Street, in York Buildings, and in Charles Street, Covent Garden."
The Fourth and Fifth Books, small folio London, 1695-6.
"Three Elegies upon the much lamented Loss of our late most
Gracious Queen Mary. Sett to Musick by Dr. Blow and Mr.
Henry Purcell." small folio
London, 1695.

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"The Songs in the 'Indian Queen,' as it is now composed into an Opera. By Mr. Henry Purcell." In vocal score. small folio. London, 1695.

Presented to the Society by John Lucius Dampier, Esq.

1054. Dibdin (Charles). The Music of the best and most esteemed of the

Songs of. In vocal score.


s.l.v.a. [London].

1055. Dignum (Charles). Vocal Music, consisting of songs, duets, and glees, the melodies composed and adapted by. In score. Portrait. folio


1056. Eccles (John). A Collection of Songs for One, Two, and Three Voices, together with such Symphonys for Violins or Flutes as were by the Author design'd for any of them; and a Thoroughbass to each Song, figur'd for an Organ, Harpsichord, or Theorbo Lute.

In full score.



1057. Ferrabosco (Alfonso). Ayres. Autograph of the author on title

page. folio

1058. Fink (G. W.).

London, 1609.

Musikalischer Hausschatz der Deutschen. Eine

Sammlung von 1000 Liedern und Gesangen. Gesammelt und herausgegeben von. In vocal score. octavo. Leipsic, 1845. 1059. Forbes (John). Cantus. Songs and Fancies to severall Musicall

Parts. Both apt for Voices and Viols. With a brief Introduction to Musick, as is taught into the Musick School of Aberdeen. The Third edition, exactly Corrected and Enlarged. Together also with several of the choisest Italian Songs, and New English Ayres all in three parts, viz.: Two Trebles and a Bass. Most pleasant and delightfull for all humours. (The title and three leaves in fac simile.) oblong small quarto.

Printed by John Forbes, Aberdeen, 1682.

1060. Gamble (John). "Ayres and Dialogues (to be sung to the Theorbo Lute or Bass Viol)." small folio


London, 1657.

"Ayres and Dialogues for One, Two, and Three Voyces; to be sung either to the Theorbo Lute or Basse Viol. The Second

Book." Bound together in one volume. Portrait of the com

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Eight English Canzonets, for two voices.

Six English Canzonets. Bound together in one vol., oblong folio.


1062. Greene (Maurice), Mus. Doc. Spenser's Amoretti. oblong folio.


1063. Greene (Maurice), Mus. Doc. A Cantata and four English Songs.

See No. 1,171.

A Cantata and English Songs. Book II. See No. 723.

Terzetta Buffa, "Agitata mi par di sentire."

1064. Guglielmi (Pietro).

In full score. oblong folio


1065. H. (A.). Twelve Italian Canzonets; to which is added a Collection of English Songs. [Imperfect?] oblong folio

1066. Hale (Thomas).


Social Harmony, consisting of a collection of Songs and Catches for two, three and four and five parts, from the works of the most eminent masters. To which are added several choice Songs on Masonry. quarto

London, 1763.

Bound up with Prelleur's Introduction to Singing.

1067. Harmonia Vera: or Six of the most celebrated Cantatas in the English Language. [By Haydon, Pepusch, and Handel.] folio.

London, 1771.

Bound up with Falkener's Instructions for the Harpsichord, &c. 1068. Haydn (Joseph). Gesaenge mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. Two parts. oblong folio

1069. Heron.

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Songs and Ballads sung at Ranelagh Gardens.

the 3rd. folio.



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1070. Holden (S.). A collection of Masonic Songs, arranged with chorusses in parts [to popular airs, &c.]. Frontispiece. octavo.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.


1071. Hook (James). A collection of new English Songs sung at the new Theatre in Richmond by Mr. Fawcett, Mr. Smith and Miss Slack, and also a Song at Ranelagh by Mr. Fawcett. Opera Prima. folio


1072. Hook (James). The Hermit, by Dr. Goldsmith. two violins, voice and harpsichord. folio

Adapted for

Bound up with Falkener's Instructions for the Harpsichord, &c.

1073. Horn (Charles Edward). Indian Melodies, arranged for the voice and pianoforte. The poetry by W. Reader, jun. [No. 1]. folio.


1074. Horncastle (Frederick William). Melodies of Many Nations, selected and arranged to English words by. Book 1st. folio.


1075. Hortense, Duchesse de Saint Leu, ex-Reine de Holland. Romances. Plates. oblong folio. London.

1076. Howard (Samuel), Mus. Doc. A Cantata, and English Songs. In score. London.


Two copies; one bound with Handel's Sonatas or Chamber Aires, Vol. V, presented to the Society by Miss Dowling (see No. 38), the other with Arne's Lyric Harmony, &c. (see No. 1,015).

1077. Hyde (Frederick Augustus). A Miscellaneous Collection of Songs, Ballads, Canzonets, Duets, Trios, Glees, and Elegies, adapted for the voice and pianoforte. The Glees harmonized by Mr. Webbe, and the Italian Airs adapted by Mr. Shield. The whole carefully compiled from the most celebrated compositions of the best authors. A few of the compositions are in full score. Plates. 2 vols., folio London. 1078. Irish Melodies (A Selection of), with symphonies and accompaniments (for pianoforte) by Sir John Stevenson, Mus. Doc., and Sir H. R. Bishop, and characteristic words by Thomas Moore. Ten vols., and a Supplement. folio London.

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1079. Jackson, of Exeter (William). Elegies. In score. folio London.

Twelve Canzonets, for two voices.


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Hymns, in three parts, which are also adapted for a single voice.
In score.
Bound up with Elegies for three voices composed by Thomas
Linley. See No. 1,096.

1080. Jackson, of Exeter (William). Elegies; a Second Set of Twelve Canzonets, for two voices; Six Epigrams, for two, three, and four voices; and Six Madrigals, for two, three, and four voices. In score.


Presented to the Society by Mr. Cummins.


1081. Jackson, of Exeter (William). Twelve Songs. Op. 4. In full

score. folio



Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord, accompanied with a Violin.



1082. Jackson, of Exeter (William).

Twelve Songs, Op 1. Ditto, Op. 4. Ditto, Op. 7.

Twelve Canzonets, for 2 voices. Op. 9.

A Second Set of Twelve Canzonets, for 2 voices. Op. 13.

Twelve Pastorals, for 2 voices. Op. 15; and

Twelve Songs. Op. 16.

In score. Bound together, in one volume.

1083. Johnson (James).

bound in three.

folio. London.

The Scots Musical Museum. Six volumes,


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. Edinburgh, 1787-1800.

1084. Jones (Edward). Musical and Poetical Relics of the Welsh Bards. Plates. First and Second volumes only. folio.

London, 1794-1802.

1085. Jones (Edward). Lyric Airs; consisting of specimens of Greek, Albanian, Walachian, Turkish, Arabian, Persian, Chinese, and Moorish National Songs and Melodies; with basses for the harp or pianoforte. Likewise are subjoined, a few Explanatory Notes on the Figures and Movements of the Modern Greek Dances, and a short Dissertation on the Origin of the Ancient Greek Music. Edited by. Coloured etched frontispiece by Rowlandson.

folio. London, 1804.

1086. Journal Hebdomadaire, ou Recueil d'Airs choisis dans les Operas Comiques, Mélé de Vaudevilles, Rondeaux, Ariettes, Duo, Romances, &c., avec Accompagnement de Violin et Basse, chiffrée pour le Clavecin. Three vols. in two. octavo Paris, 1767-8.

1087. Kambra (K.). Two original Chinese Songs. Published by.

oblong folio


1088. King (William). Poems of Mr. Cowley and others, Composed into Songs and Ayres with a Thorough Basse to the Theorbo, Harpsicon or Basse Violl. small folio

Oxford, 1668.

1089. Kitchener (William), M.D. The Loyal and National Songs of England, for one, two, and three voices. Selected from original manuscripts and early printed copies in the library of. Partly in full, but chiefly in vocal score. folio London, 1823.

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1090. Lampe (John Frederick). The Ladies' Amusement; being a new collection of Songs, Ballads, &c., with Symphonies and Thorough


In score. folio


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