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1013. Ariosti (Attilio). Viol d'Amore.

Six Italian Cantatas, and Six Lessons for the

The Cantatas in full score. folio.


This volume was published without title or composer's name: in place of the former, appears the inscription, "Alla Maestà di Giorgio, Rè della Gran Britagna, &c. &c." The initials "A. A." are subscribed to the dedication.

1014. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. Songs and Duetto in the Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, as perform'd by Mr. Lowe and Mrs. Clive, at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. With the Favourite Songs sung by Mr. Lowe in the Merchant of Venice, at the said Theatre. To which will be added, A Collection of New Songs and Ballads, The Words selected from the Best Poets. In score. folio


1015. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. Lyric Harmony, consisting of Eighteen new Ballads, with 'Colin and Phoebe,' in score, as performed at Vauxhall Gardens by Mrs. Arne and Mr. Lowe. folio


Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. Songs in the Comedies called 'As you like it,' and 'Twelfth Night,' written by Shakspear; with a favourite Air in the Fall of Phaeton,' another in the Tender Husband,' and the Scene of the Ghosts of Darius and Statira, in the Rival Queens, or the Death of Alexander the Great'; for Two Voices. folio London.

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Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. The Musick in the
Masque of Comus.' In full score. folio

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The composer's autograph is on the title-pages of this and the preceding work. Arne (Michael). The Flow'ret; a new Collection of English Songs. folio London.

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Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. Vocal Melody; an entire new Collection of English Songs, and a Cantata.


One book,


Boyce (William), Mus. Doc. The Chaplet; a Musical Entertainment. In full score. folio


Howard (Samuel), Mus. Doc. A Cantata and English Songs.



Lampe (John Frederick). Pyramus and Thisbe, a Mock Opera, the Words taken from Shakspeare. In full score.



Lampe (John Frederick). The Grand Concerto, Favourite Songs,
Duettos, Trio, and Chorus, in the New Masque called 'The
Sham Conjurer.' In full score.
Howard (Samuel), Mus. Doc.
of Favourite English Songs.
Lampe (J. F.), Howard (Dr.),
a Collection of English Songs. folio
Bound together in one volume.

The British Orpheus, a Collection
Book IV. folio


&c. The Vocal Musical Mask,

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1016. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. A favourite Collection of English Songs, sung by Mr. Beard, Miss Young, &c., at Ranelagh Gardens. In full score. folio

London, 1757.

1017. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. The Syren, a new Collection of favourite Songs, sung at Ranelagh, Vauxhall, &c. In full




1018. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. The Agreeable Musical Choice, a favourite Collection of English Songs. In full score. folio


1019. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. Collections of Songs by. In score, viz.:

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A choice Collection of Songs sung at Vauxhall Gardens. Book

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Baildon (Joseph). The Laurel, a Collection of Songs. folio.

For Book II of this work see No. 1,024.


Worgan (John), Mus. Doc. A Collection of new Songs and

Ballads. folio.

Bound together in one volume.


1020. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc. New Favourite Songs as sung by Mrs. Arne at Ranelagh House, Master Arne and Mr. Phillips at Marybone Gardens. In full score. oblong folio.


1021. Arne (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc.

The Vocal Grove, being a collection of Favourite Songs sung by Mr. Vernon, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Weichsell and Miss Jameson, at Vauxhall. In full score. folio

1022. Arrigoni (Carlo). Cantate da Camera. oblong folio.

London, 1774.

London, 1732. 1023. Ayres and Dialogues (New), composed for Voyces and Viols of two, three and four parts [by various authors]. Together with Lessons for Viols or Violins by John Banister and Thomas Low [and others].. octavo

London, 1678.

Lowe and Miss

1024. Baildon (Joseph). The Laurel, Book II, a New Collection of English Songs and Cantatas, sung by Mr. Falkner at Vauxhall and Marybon Gardens. [For Book I, see No. 1,019.] folio.

In full score.


Four Favourite Songs, sung by Mr. Beard at Ranelagh Gardens.
In full score. folio

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The Flow'ret, by Master Arne. [See also No. 1,015.] folio.

Bound together in one volume.


1025. Ballard (J. B. Christophe). La Clef des Chansonniers: ou, Recueil des Vaudevilles depuis cent ans & plus, notez, et recueillis pour la première fois. [The airs only are given.] 2 vols., small Paris, 1717.


1026. Banquet of Musick (The); or, A Collection of the newest and best Songs sung at Court and at Publick Theatres, with a ThorowBass for the Theorbo-Lute, Bass-Viol, Harpsichord or Organ. Composed by several of the best Masters. The Words by the Ingenious Wits of this Age. Books I, II and VI. small folio.

London, 1688-1692.

Book VI presented to the Society by Mr. Victor Schoelcher.

1027. Banquet of Musick (The). Imperfect copies of Books I, III, V and VI. See No. 1,138.

1028. Battishill (Jonathan). A Collection of favourite Songs, sung at the

Publick Gardens and Theatres. folio.

Presented to the Society by Mr. G. F. Bawtree.


1029. Battishill (Jonathan). A Collection of Songs for three and four

voices. Books I and II. See No. 955.

1030. Beethoven (Ludwig Van). The Songs of, with the original text, edited and adapted to English words by William Hills. folio. London [1859].

Presented to the Society by the Editor.

1031. Benedetti (Pietro). Musiche [Arie] di. Libro Secondo. folio.

Venice, 1613.

1032. Bickham (George), jun. The Musical Entertainer [a Collection of Songs by various composers, with vignettes to every page],

engraved by.

[The music arranged and edited by John

Frederick Lampe.] Two vols. in one (wanting the title-page to the second volume). folio.

London, 1737-38.

1033. Bird (William Hamilton). The Oriental Miscellany, being a Collection of the most favourite Airs of Hindostan, compiled and

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1035. Bishop (Sir Henry Rowley). Collections of Songs by. See No.


1036. Blow (John), Mus. Doc.

“Amphion Anglicus, a Work of many Compositions, for One, Two, Three, and Four Voices; with several Accompagnements of Instrumental Musick, and a Thorowbass to each Song, figur'd for an Organ, Harpsichord, or Theorboe Lute." (Wanting the portrait.) small folio.

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1038. Blow (John), Mus. Doc., and Henry Purcell.

London, 1700.

Three Elegies upon

the much lamented Loss of our late most Gracious Queen Mary.

small folio

See No. 1,053.

London, 1695.

1039. Bonini (Severo). Il Secondo Libro di Madrigali e Motetti a una voce sola per cantare sopra Gravicembalo, Chitarroni et Organi,

con Passagi e senza. folio.

Florence, 1609.

1040. Boyce (William), Mus. Doc. Lyra Britannica, being a Collection of Songs, Duets, and Cantatas on various subjects. Five parts. In full score. folio

Lyra Britannica.

1041. Boyce (William), Mus. Doc. Lyra Britannica.

(Bound up with Handel's

harpsichord.) oblong folio.


Another edition.

Water Musick, arranged for the


1042. Bunting (Edward). A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music, containing a variety of admired airs, never before published; and also the compositions of Conolan and Carolan, collected from the Harpers, &c. in the different Provinces of Ireland, and adapted for the pianoforte, with a Prefatory Introduction. folio.


1043. Bunting (Edward). The Ancient Music of Ireland, arranged for the pianoforte; to which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Irish Harp and Harpers, including an Account of the Old Melodies of Ireland. quarto

Dublin, 1840.

1044. Campian (Thomas). The Third and Fourth Booke of Ayres; composed by Thomas Campian, so as they may be expressed by one Voyce with a Violl, Lute, or Orpharion. folio.

London, n.d. [1612].

1045. Carey (Henry). The Musical Century, in One Hundred English Ballads, on various Subjects and Occasions; adapted to several Characters and Incidents in Human Life, and calculated for Innocent Conversation, Mirth, and Instruction. The Words and Musick of the whole Work by. The second edition. Portrait of the author. Two vols., folio .

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London, 1740.

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1047. Chappell (William). A Collection of National English Airs, consisting of ancient Song, Ballad and Dance Tunes, interspersed with Remarks and Anecdote, and preceded by an Essay on English Minstrelsy. The airs harmonized for the Pianoforte, by W. Crotch, Mus. Doc., G. Alex. Macfarren, and J. Augustine

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