Library Plagiarism Policies

Vera Stepchyshyn, Robert S. Nelson
College Library Information Packet Committee, College Libraries Section, Association of College and Research Libraries, 2007 - 128 páginas
This is a pragmatic resource for college libraries, their faculty, their staff, and their administrators to use to develop policies on the prevention and detection of plagiarism. The task of plagiarism prevention and detection is often perceived within the auspices of the college librarian. The college librarian is well versed in web and electronic resource searching, and has the skill-base needed to quickly and effectively retrieve evidence of plagiarism.While the use of the librarian as a plagiarism prevention and detection resource is on the rise, the number of libraries that have formalized, through policy statements or other documents, the responsibilities of librarians is still relatively small and for good reason. The study gathered data and documents from small college libraries and presents them for the reader's consideration when examining the issue of student plagiarism and its relationship to the college library.Survey questions covered general information, policy information, librarian responsibilities/activities, incidents and action, and personal/professional experiences. This study was conducted to determine what, if anything, is available that may serve as a model

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