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Crescent, Oxford-street, B C

Cheapside, St. Paul's, B e

Charter-house-lane, Charter-house-sq.,



Great Mary-la-bonne

street, A b Chester-street, Upper Grosvenor-place, Hyde-park-corner, D b Chesterfield-street, Mary-la-bonne, B b Chesterfield-street, May Fair, C b Chick-lane, West Smithfield, B e Chiswell-street, Whitecross-street, Be Church-street, Milbank, D c Church-street, Soho, B C

City Chambers, Bishopsgate Within, C f
City-road, Moorfields, A e

City Green-yard, Whitecross-street, A e
City-yard, Whitechapel, B g
Clare-market, Lincoln's Inn Fields, B d
Clare-street, Clare-market, B d
Clarges-street, Piccadilly, C b
Cleveland-street, Upper and Lower, b
Cleveland-row, St. James's, C c
Clement's-lane, Lombard-street, C f
Clerkenwell-close, Clerkenwell, A e
Clerkenwell-green, ditto, A e
Clifford street, New Bond-street, B b
Clipstone-street, Mary-la-bonne, A c
Cloth Fair, West Smithfield, Be
Coal Exchange, Billingsgate, Cf
Coal Harbour, Upper Thames-street, Ce
Cock-lane, Snow-hill, Be

Cockpit, Whitehall, D c

Cockpit-yard, St. James's, C c
Cockspur-street, Pall Mall, C c

Coldbath-fields, Hockley in the Hole, Ad

Coleman-street, Lothbury, Be
College-street, Westminster, D c
College-hill, Thames-street, Ce
Colvil-street, Mary-la-bonne, A b

Compton-street, Old and New, Soho, Be
Conduit-street, Hanover-square, B b
Conway-street, Hanover-square, B c
Conway-street, Fitzroy-square, A c
Copthall-court, Throgmorton-street, Bf
Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, C b
Cornhill, Royal Exchange, Cf
Covent-garden Market, BC
Coventry-street, Haymarket, CC
Coram-street, Brunswick-square, A d
Coverlid-fields, Spitalfields, A f
Craig's-court, Charing-cross, C c
Crane-court, Fleet-street, B d
Cranbourn-street, Leicester Fields, C c
Cranbourn-passage, ditto, c c
Crescent, Portland-place, A b
Craven-street, and court, Strand, C c
Crescent, Minories, C f
Cripplegate, and Buildings,

Wall, B e


Crispin-street, Spital Fields, Bf
Crescent, Piccadilly, C c
Crooked-lane, Fish-street-hill, C f
Crosby-court, Bishopsgate-street, Bf

Cross-street, Finsbury-place, B f
Cross-street, Hatton-garden, Ad
Crown-ct., Picket-st., Temple-bar, Bd
Crown-court, Cheapside, Be
Crown-court, Gracechurch-street, C f
Crawford-street, Mary-la-bonne, A a
Crown-court, Fleet-street, B d
Crown-court, Newgate-street, Be
Crown-court, Threadneedle-street, B f
Crutched Friars, Mark-lane, Cf
Cullum street, Fenchurch-street, Cf
Cumberland-st., (Great), Oxford-st., B a
Cumberland-street, Blackfriars-road, Cd
Cumberland-place, and Crescent, Ox-
ford-street, Ba

Curtain-road, Af

Cuper's-bridge and Stairs, Lambeth, D d
Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, B d
Dacre-street, Tothill-fields, D c,
Dartmouth-street, Westminster, D c
Davies-street, Berkeley-square, B b
Dean-street, High Holborn, B d
Dean-street, Sono, B c
Duke's-row, Pimlico, D b
Denmark-street, St. Giles's, BC

Devereux-court, without Temple-bar,c d
Devonshire-place, Mary-la-bonne, A b
Devonshire-street, Portland-place, A b
Devonshire-street, Queen-square, A d
Distaff-lane, Great and Little, Old
Change, C e

Doctors'-commons, St. Paul's, Be Dorset-street, Mary-la-bonne, A b Dorset-square, Cannon-row, Westmin ster, D c

Dover-street, Piccadilly, Cb

Dowgate-hill, and court, Thames-st., C e
Dowgate-stairs, Couzen's-lane, Ce
Downing-street, Westminster, D c
Drury-lane, Strand, B d

Duke's-court, St. Martin's-lane, C c
Duke's-place, Aldgate, B f

Duke-street, Manchester-square, B b Duke-street, Great Russel- street, Blooms bury, B c

Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, B b
Duncan place, Leicester-square, C c
Durham-yard, Strand, C c

Eastcheap, (Great and Little, Fish-st.hill, c f

East Harding-street, Shoe-lane, B d
East-street, Manchester-square, B b
East-street, Red Lion-square, A d
East Smithfield, Tower-hill, Cg
Edgeware-road, Oxford-street, A a
Edward-street, Portman-square, B b
Ely-court, and place, Holborn, B d
Essex-street, and stairs, Strand, C d
Exeter-street, Strand, C d
Exchange-alley, Cornhill, C f
Falcon-court, Fleet-street, B d

Falcon-street, Aldersgate-street, Be


Farthing Fields, New Gravel-lane, Bo

rough, D e

Falcon-stairs, New Gravel-lane, Ce
Farthing Fields, Gravel-lane, D e
Featherstone-build ngs, High Holborn,

Fenchurch-street, Gracechurch-st., C f
Fetter-lane, Fleet-street, Bd
Field-lane, Holborn, B d

Finsbury-place, Finsbury-square, Bf
Fish-street-hill, Gracechurch-street, C f
Fitzroy Place, New Road, Mary-la-
bonne, A c

Fitzroy-st., (Upper), Fitzroy-square, A c
Fleet-street, Ludgate-hill, Bd
Flower-de-luce-court, Fleet-street, B d
Ditto, Gray's Inn-lane, A d
Fludyer-st., King-st., Westminster, D c
Foley-place, Portman-square, B b
Fore-street, Moorgate, Be
Foster-lane, Cheapside, Be

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry, B e

Freeman's-court, Cornhill, cf

Friday-street, Cheapside, Ce

Frith-street. Soho, B c

Fulwood's Rents, High Holborn, B d

Furnival's In, and court, Holborn, B d Garlick-hill, Thames-street, Ce

George-street, Great and Little, Spital

Fields, A g

George-street, Hanover-square, B b George-street, (Great and Little), West

minster, DC

George-street, Blackfriars-road, D e George-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, B d Gerard-street, Soho, B c

Giltspur-street, Newgate-street, B e Glasshouse-street, Swallow-street, C c Gloucester-place, Portman-square, A a Gloucester-street, Queen-square, Holborn, A d

Godliman-street, Carter-lane, Ce Goldsmith-street, Wood-street, Cheapside, B e

Goodge-st., Tottenham-court-road, BC
Golden-lane, Barbican, A e

Goodman's Fields, Whitechapel, C g
Goswell-street, Aldersgate-street, A e
Gower-street, (Upper and Lower), Bed-
ford-square, A C
Grafton-street, Soho, BC

Grafton-street, Old Bond-street, C b
Gracechurch-street, Fish street-hill, C f
Gravel lane, and court, Southwark, De
Gravel-lane, (Old and New), Wapping,i) g
Gray's Inn-lane, (Great and Little), Hol-
born, A d

Greek-street, Soho-square, BC
Grosvenor-place, Pimlico, Db
Grosvenor Market, Davies-street, B b
Grosvenor-place, (Upper and Lower),
Grosvenor-square, C b
Grub-street, Fore-street, Be

Guildhall and yard, King-street, Westminster, D C

Guildford-street, (Upper and Lower),
Foundling Hospital, A d
Guildford-place, ditto, Ad

Grenvilie-street, Brunswick-square, A☎
Haberdasher's Walk, Hoxton, Af
Half-moon-street, Piccadilly, Cb
Hand-court, Holborn, B d
Hans-place, Sloane-street, Da
Hanway-yard, Oxford-street, B ̊c'
Harley-street, (Upper and Lower), Caven-
dish-square, A b

Harpur-street, Red Lion Square, A d
Hart-street, Bloomsbury, BC

Hart-st., Bow-street, Covent-garden, Ed
Hatton-garden, Holborn, B d
Hay-hill, Dover-street, C b
Haydon-court, Minories, C f
Haymarket, Pall Mall, C c

Henrietta-street, Cavendish-Square, B. b
Henrietta-street, Brunswick-square, A d

Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, C c

Hermitage-bridge, Hermitage, D.g

Hermitage-stairs, Wapping, Dg

Hertford-street, May Fair, C b

Hereford-Street, Park-lane, B b
High-street, Borough, De
High-street, Bloomsbury, B C
High-street, Mary-la-bonne, A b
High-street, Whitechapel, Bg
Hill-street, Berkeley-square, c b
Hockley in the Hole, Clerkenwell, A d
Holborn, formerly spelt Old bowrne, Ed
Holborn-bars, and bridge, Holborn, Bd
Holles-street, Clare Market, B d
Holles-street, Oxford-street, B b

Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, A c
Holywell-street, Strand, Bd

Honey-lane Market, Cheapside, B e Horsley down-stairs, Horsleydown, South wark, D'f

Houndsditch, Bishopsgate, Bf
Howard-street, Norfolk-st., Strand, C d
Howland st., Tottenham Court Rd., A c
Hungerford-market, and st., Strand, C c
Hungerford-court, and stairs, C c
Hyde Park, end of Piccadilly, Ca
James-street, Haymarket, CC
James-street, Covent-Garden, BC
Jermyn-street, Piccadilly, cc
Jewin-street, Aldersgate-street, B e
Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, Cf
John-st., Hill-st., Berkeley-square, c b
John street, Adelphi, C c
John-street, Oxford-street, B c
Ivy Lane, Newgate-street, Be
Kent-street, Southwark, De
Kenton-street, Brunswick-square, A d
King Edward-street, and stairs, Wap-
ping, Dh

King James's stairs, Wapping, Dh
King's Arms Stairs, College-street, C■

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Kingigate-street, High Holborn, Bd
King's Mews, Charing Cross, C c
King's-road, Gray's Inn Lane, A d
King's-street, Cheapside, B e
King's-street, Portman-square, B b
King-street, Covent Garden, C ̧c
King-street, High Holborn, B d
King-street, St. James's-square, C c
King-street, Westminster, DC
King's-road, Pimlico, D b

Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, B d
Knight Rider Street, (Great and Little),
Doctors' Commons, Ce

Labour in Vain hill, Thames-street, C e
Lad-lane, Wood-street, Be

Lady Parson's Stairs, Wapping, D g Lambeth Marsh, (Upper and Lower), Lambeth, D d

Lambeth Road, St. George's fields, D d

Lambeth Terrace,
Marsh, Dd

Upper Lambeth

Lamb's Conduit-street, and passage, Red Lion-street, Ad

Langhan-place, Portland-place, Ab
Lansdown-place, Foundling Hospital, A d
Lawrence Pountney-lane, and hill, Can-
non-street, cf

Leadenhall-street, Cornhill, C f
Leather-lane, Holborn, B d
Leigh-street, Red Lion-street, B d
Leicester-place, Leicester-square, C c
Leicester-street, ditto, C c

Leicester-street, Liquorpond-street, A d
Leicester-street, Golden-square, BC
Leman-street, Goodman's fields, C g
Leonard-street, Old-street-road, A f
Limehouse-bridge and Causeway, Lime-
house, Ch

Lime-street, Fenchurch-street, C f
Lincoln's Inn Fields, and Square, near
Holborn, B d

Lincoln's Inn Passage, Lincoln's Inn,
New Square, B d
Lion's street, Bloomsbury, Bd!
Liquorpond-street, Leather-lane, Ad
Lisle-street, Leicester-square, C c
Lisson-green, near Paddington, A a
Lisson-street, ditto, A a
Litchfield-street, Soho, B C

Little Britain, Aldersgate-street, Be
Little St. Martin's-lane, Long Acre, B c
Lombard-street, Gracechurch-street, Cf

Lombard-street, Whitefriars, C f
Lombard-street, Mint, C f

London Bridge, bottom of Fish-streethill, c f

London-road, St. George's fields, D d London-street, Fenchurch-street, C f London-st., Tottenham-court-road, A c London-street, New Crutched-friars, C f London-wall-street, Cripplegate, B e Long-lane, Aldersgate-street, Be Lothbury, Cateaton-street, É C

Ludgate-hill, St. Paul's, Be
Ludgate-street, Ludgate, B e
Lucas-street, Brunswick-square, A d
Lumley-court, Strand, C c
Lyon-street, Holborn, B d
Macclesfield-street, Gerard-street, B c
Maddox-street, (Great and Little), Swal-
low-street, B b

Maiden lane, Bedford-street, Covent
Garden, C c

Maiden-iane, Queen-st., Cheapside, C e
Maiden-lane, Wood-street, ditto, Be
Major Foubart's Passage, Carnaby-mar-
ket, B c

Manchester-st., Manchester-square, A b
Mansell-street, Goodman's-Helds, Cg
Mansfield-place, St. George's-fields, D e
Mansfield-street, Portiand-street, Ab
Margaret-street, Cavendish square, B b
Margaret-street, Westminster, Dc
Mark-lane, Tower-street, C f
Market-street, Oxford-street, B C
Market-street, Fitzroy-square, A c
Manchester-street, (Upper), New Road,

A b

Mabledon-place, New Road, A c Marchmont-st., Brunswick square, A d Marlborough-street, (Great and Little), Oxford-street, BC

Martin-street, Leicester-fields, C c Mary-la-bonne-lane, Oxford-street, B b Mary-la-bonne-street, (Great and Little), Mary-la-bonne, A b

Mary-la-bonne-st., Golden-square, CC Mary-la-bonne-st., (Upper and Lower), ditto, C c

May Fair, near Hyde-park, Cb
Maze-street, Tooley-street, Df
Mead's-place, St. George's-fields, De
Mercer's-street, Long Acre, B c
Michael's-alley, Cornhill, Cf
Midd e-row, High Holborn, B d
Middle Scotland-yard, C c

Middle Temple lane, Fleet-street, B d
Milford-lane and Stairs, Strand, C d
Milk-street, Cheapside, Be

Milbank-st. and row, Westminster, D c
Milman-street, Foundling-hospital, A d
Milman-place, Red Lion-square, B d
Mincing-lane, Fenchurch-street, C f
Minories, Tower-hill, C f

Mint-square, Southwark, De
Mint-street, ditto, De
Mitre-court, Fleet-street, B d

Montague-street, Russel-square, A c

Monmouth-street, Seven-dials, B c Montague-place, Portman-square, B b Monument-yard, New Fish-st.-hill, C f Moorfields, near Bethlehem, Finsburysquare, B f

Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, B b Mount-street, Davis-street, Berkeleysquare, c b

Nassau-street, Soho, B e

New-buildings, Coleman-street, Be
New Cavendish-street, Portland-st., A b
Newcastle-street, Strand, Bd
New Cut, Finsbury-square, B f
Newgate-street, Cheapside, Be
Newington-place, Newington, E e
Newington-butts, ditto, E e
Newman's-court, Cornhill, C f
Newman-street, Oxford-street, B c
Newport-street, (Great and Little), B c
New-road, Whitechapel, B g
New-road, Mary-la-bonne, Ab
New-square, Minories, C f
New-street, Bishopsgate-street, B f
New-street, St. Martin's-lane, C c
New-street, Threadneedle-street, B f
New-street, Whitechapel, Bg
Norfolk-street, Strand, C d

North Audley-st, Grosvenor-square, Bb
North-street, Finsbury-square, A f
North-street, (New and Old), Red Lion-
square, A d

Northumberland-street, Strand, CC Northumberland-st., Mary-la-bonne, Ab Nortonfalgate, Bishopsgate without, A f Norton-street, (Upper) Mary-la-bonnestreet, A C

Old Bailey, Ludgate-bill, B e

Old Bethlehem, Bishopsgate-street, B f
Old Change, Cheapside, B e
Old City Chambers, Bishopsgate-st., B f
Old Fish-street, Knight-rider-street, Ce
Old Fish-street-hill, Thames-street, C f
Old Jewry, in the Poultry, Be
Old-street, Goswell-street, A e
Orange-street, Castle-street, Leicester.
fields, C c

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Orange-street, Red-lion-square, B d
Orange-street, Swallow-street, B C
Osnaburgh Row, Pimlico, Db
Orchard-street, Portman-square, B b
Ormond-street, (Great and Little), Red-
Jion-square, Ad

Oxendon-street, Coventry-street, C c
Oxford-street, Mary -la-bonne, C b c
Paddington-street, Mary-la-bonne, A b
Palace Yard, (Old and New,) Westmin-
ter, D c

Pall Mall, St. James's-street, CC
Palsgrave-place, Strand, C d
Panton-street, Haymarket, C c
Paragon, Kent-road, D e
Park-lane, Hyde-park, B c b

Park-place, St. James's-street, C b
Park-place, New-road, A b

Park-street, Grosvenor-square, B b
Park-street, Westminster, DC
Parliament-street, D C

Parliament-place, Westminster, D C
Parliament-alley, Artillery-lane, D c
Parliament-place, Old Palace-yard, D C

Parliament-stairs, and Old Palace-yardalley, D c

Parson's-street,"East Smithfield, Cg
Paternoster-row, Cheapside, Be
Paternoster-row, Spitalfields, B f

Paul's chain, St. Paul's church-yard, Be
Paul's-street, Finsbury-square. A f
Pearl-st., (Great and Little,Spitalfields),B
Peterborough-court, Fleet-street, B d
Peter-street, Bloomsbury, BC
Peter-street, Westminster, DC
Peter-street, Thames-street, C e
Petticoat-lane, Whitechapel, B g
Petty France, now York-street, West-
minster, Dc

Pimlico, near Buckingham-house, D b
Piccadilly, Haymarket, C c
Pickett-street, Strand, B d

Philpot-lane, Fenchurch-Street, C f
Pilgrim-street, Ludgate-street, Be
Pilgrim-street, Pimlico, D b

Pitt-street, Charlotte-street, Rathboneplace, B c

Pitt-street, St. George's-fields, De
Pitt-street, Blackfriars-road, DC
Playhouse-yard, Blackfriars, Ce
Playhouse-yard, Whitecross-street, A e
Plow-st. and square, Whitechapel, B g
Plumber's-street, City-road, A e
Plumb-tree-street, Bloomsbury, BC
Poland-street, Oxford-street, B C
Pope's-head-alley, Cornhill, C f
Portland-place, Mary-la-bonne, A b
Portland-street, Oxford-street, A b
Portland-street, Wardour-st., Soho, B C
Portman-street, Portman-square, B b
Portsmouth st., Lincoln's inn-fields, B d
Portugal-row, Lincoln's-inn-fields, B d
Poultry, Cheapside, C e

Powis-place, Great Ormond-st., Queensquare, A d

Prescot-street, (Great and Little), Goodman's fields, Cg

Princes-st., St. Ann's church, Soho, BC Prince's-street, Oxford-street, B b Prince's-street, Barbican, Be

Prince's-street, Westminster, DC

Prince's-street, Hanover-square, B b

Prince's-street, Ratcliffe-highway, C g

Prince's-street, Red-lion-square, Holborn, B d

Prince's-street, Lothbury, Be

Privy-gardens, Whitehall, DC

Quaker-street, Spital-fields, A f

Quebec-street, Oxford-street, B b

Quebec street, (Great), New road, Mary

la bonne, A a

Queenhithe, Meal

street, Ce


Queen place, Westminster, DC


Queen street, (Great and Little), Lia

coln's inn fields, Bd

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Queen street, Cheapside, Ce
Queen street, Golden square, BC
Queen street, Hoxton, A f
Queen street, Westminster, Dc
Queen street, in the Mint, Cf
Queen street, Moorfields, Bf
Queen street, Southwark, De
Queen street, Soho square, BC
Queen street, May fair, C b

Queen Anne st., (East and West), Mary
la bonne, A B C

Ranelagh street, Pimlico, D b
Raquet court, Fleet street, B d
Ratcliffe cross, Ratcliffe, C g

Ratcliffe highway, near Upper Shad-
well, C g

Rathbone place, (Upper and Lower),
Oxford street, B C

Red cross street, Cripplegate, Be

Red lion market, Whitecross street, A e
Red Lion street, Clerkenwell, A e
Red lion street, High Holborn, A d
Red lion street, Whitechapel, B g
Richmond street, St. James's, C c
Rider street, (Great and Little), St.
James's-street, Westminster, C c
Robert street, Adelphi, C c
Robert street, Blackfriars road, Ce
Rosemary lane, in the Minories, C f
Round ct., (Old and New), Strand, C c
Rupert street, Coventry street, B c c
Rupert street, Goodman's fields, C g
Russel court, Drury lane, B d
Russel street, (Great and Little), Covent
garden, B d

Russel street, Bloomsbury, BC
Sackville street, Piccadilly, CC
Salisbury street, Strand, C c
Sanctuary, (Great and Little), West-
minster, DC

Savage Gardens, Tower Hill, Cf
Saville Row, near New Bond street, C c
Savoy-place, and stairs, Strand, c d
Scotland Yard, Whitehall, Cc
Searle street, Carey street, B d
Seething lane, Tower street, Cf

Seven Dials, near St. Martin's lane, B c
Seymour st., (Upper and Lower), Port-

man square, B b

Seymour st., Curzon st., May fair, C b
Seymour place, South Audley street, Cb
Shepherd street, Oxford street, B b
Sherrard street, Golden square, C c
Shire lane, (Great and Little), Temple
bar, B d

Shoe lane, Fleet street, B d
Shoreditch street, Norton Falgate, A f
Sidney's alley, Leicester fields, C c
Silver street, Golden square, B C
Silver street, Hare st., Spitalfields, B f
Silver street, Whitefriars, C d
Silver street, Wood st., Cheapside, Be
sion College court, London wall, Be

Skinner street, Holborn hill, B e
Sloane street, Knightsbridge, Ca
Smithfield and Market, Bartholomew's
Hospital, Be

Snow's fields, Bermondsey-street, D f
Snow hill, Holborn bridge, Be
Somerset place, Strand, C d
Somerset stairs, Somerset House, C d
Southampton buildings, Chancery lane
B d

Southampton row, Bloomsbury, BC
Southampton street, High Holborn, B d
Southampton street, Strand, C c
Southmoulton street, Oxford street, B b
Spanish place, and chapel, Manchester
Square, B b
Spitalfields. Bf

Spring Gardens, Charing Cross, C c
St. Andrew street, (Great and Little),
Seven Dials, B c

St. Bride's church yard, Bride lane, C d
St. Catharine stairs, St. Catharine's

Tower hill, Df

St. Clement's church yard, Strand, C d
St. Dunstan's hill, Thames street, Ce
St. Helen's, Great and Little, Bishopsgate
within, B f

St. James's Park, Whitehall, DC
St. James's street, C b

St. James's place, St. James's street, C b
St. John's street, West Smithfield, A e
St. Margaret's street, Westminster, D C
St. Margaret's hill, Borough, De

St. Martin's court, St. Martin's lane, Ce
St. Martin's le Grand, Newgate-st., B e
St. Mary Axe, Lea lenhall street, Bf
St. Mary Hill, Thames street, C f
St. Mildred's court, Poultry, B e
St. Paul's church yard, Ludgate st., Be
St. Peter's Alley, Cornhill, Cf

St. Thomas Apostle, Que en street, Cheapside, Ce

Stable yard, St James's, C b

Staining lane, near Wood street, Cheap

side, B.e

Stamford street, Blackfriars road, C d
Stanhope street, Clare market, B d
Stanhope street, May fair, C b
Stationers Court, Ludgate hill, Be

Steel yard and stairs, Thames street, Ce
Southampton place, Euston square, A c
Speldhurst street, Brunswick square, A d
Stone's end, Borough, De

Stafford street, Albemarle street, C b Strand, from Charing Cross to Temple bar, C c d

Stratford place, Oxford street, Bb
Stratton street, iccadilly, Cb

Suffolk street, (Great and Little), Haymarket, C c

Suffolk street, Strand, C d
Sun-street, Bishopsgate without, B f
Surry st., and stairs, in the Strand, c d

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