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Sansom, Postlewaite & Co. 65, Lombard Street.

Dudley, Hordeen and Co.

Barobridge, Fletcher and Co.

Wolverhampton, Hordeen and Co.

Sharpe and Sons, 8, West Smithfield.

Sikes, Snaith & Co. 5, Mansion House Street.

Daventry, Watkins and Co.

Smith, Payne & Smith,

Bristol, Harfords and Co.
Burton (Trent), Blarton and Co.
Coventry, Little and Co.
Derby, S. Smith and Co.
Dewsbury, Hagues and Co.
Dover, Fector.and Co.

Edinburgh, British Linen Company
Kinnair and Co.

Snow, Paul &

Spooner, Attwood & Co.
Atherstone, Chapman and Co.
Birmingham, Attwood and Co.
Boston, Inglelow, William
Bromsgrove, Rufford and Co.
Douglas (Isle of Man), Spittal & Co.
Faringdon, Ward and Co.
Henley in Arden, Oldaker and Co.
Howden (York), Schofield and Co.
Marlborough, King and Co.

Lothian (East), Dunbar and Co.
Mansion House Place.
Glasgow, Thistle Banking Company
Carrick and Co

Hull, Smith and Co.
Leicester, Mansfield and Co.
Lincoln, Smith and Co.
Litchfield, Scott and Co.
Nottingham, Smith and Co.
Wrexham, Lloyd, W. R. M.
Co. 217, Strand.

27, Grace Church Street,

Shiffnall, Botfield and Co.
Stourbridge, Rufford and Co.
Stratford on Avon, Oldaker and Co.
Walsall, Foster and Sou

Barber and Co.

Wenlock, Collins and Co.
Wolverhampton, Fryer, Richard
Worcester, Attwood and Co.

Stephensons, Remington & Co. 69, Lombard Street.

Abingdon, Knapp and Co.

Ashford, Haffenden

Canterbury, Hammond and Co.
Huntingdou, Rust and Co.
Newmarket, Bryant and Son

Stevenson and Salt,

Nantwich, Broughton & Co.

Plymouth, Kingston and Co.
Ramsgate, Burgess and Co.
Salisbury, Brodie and Co.
Salop Bank, Scott and Co.
Whitehaven, Harrison and Co.
20, Lombard Street.
Stafford, Stevenson and Co.

Veres, Baron & Hawkins,

Atherstone, Willday, Joseph
Coventry, Troughton and Co.

Huddersfield, Wentworth and Co.

77, Lombard Street. Newcastle (Tyne), Loraine and Co. Nuncaton, Craddock and Co.

Wentworth & Co. 25, Threadneedle street.

York Bank, Wentworth and Co.

Wakefield, Wentworth and Co.

Weston, Pinhorn and Co. 37, Borough.

Tenterden, Mace and Co.

Willis, Percival & Co., 76, Lombard Street.

Ashford, Jemmet and Co.'
Knaresborongh, Harrison and Co.
Oxford, Walker and Co.

Reading, Stephens and Co.
Rippon, Harrison and Co.
Rye, Curtis and Co.

Williams, Son & Co. 20, Birchin Lane.

[blocks in formation]

Wright, Selby & Co. 5, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

Young, Abraham, 11, West Smithfield.

Directors of the Bank of England.

Jeremiah Harman, Esq. Governor.

George Dorrien, Esq. Deputy Governor.

Blackman, George, Esq.

Bowden, John, Esq,

Buller, Cornelius, Esq.
Campbell, James, Esq.
Davidson, Henry, Esq.
Drewe, Samuel, Esq.
Haldimand, William, Esq,
Langley, Thomas, Esq.
Long Beeston, Esq.
Manning, William, Esq.
Mellish, William, Esq,

Palmer, John Horseley, Esq.

Best, Robert, Esq.

Pattinson, James, junior, Esq.

Pearse, John, Esq.

Pole, Charles, Esq.

Robarts, William Tierney, Esq.
Stainsforth, John, Esq.
Smith, Henry, Esq.

Thompson, Andrew Henry, Esq.
Thornton, Samuel, Esq.
Turner, Samuel, Esq.
Ward, William, Esq.
Wigram, Robert, Esq.
Whitmore, John, Esq.

Hase, Henry, Esq. Principal Clerk.

Directors of East India Company.

John Bebb, Esq. Chairman.
James Pattison, Esq. Deputy.

Allan, Alexander, Esq.
Astell, W. Esq.

Bosanquet, Jacob, Esq.
Cotton, Joseph, Esq.
Campbell, Robert, Esq.
Davis, Samuel, Esq.
Daniell, James, Esq.
Elphinstone, Hon. W. F.
Grant, C. Esq.
Inglis, John, Esq.
Jackson, Sir John, Bart,

Lindsay, Hon. Hugh Lumsden, John, Esq. Majoribanks, Campbell, Esq.

Morris, John, Esq.

Parry, Edward, Esq.
Reid, Thomas, Esq.
Smith, G. Esq.
Sooue, Sweeny, Esq.
Scott, David, Esq.
Taylor, J. B. Esq.
Wigram, William, Esq.


Army Agents.

Adair, Alexander, Pall Mall Court

Armit and Borough, Dublin

Ashley, James, 44, Charing Cross

Atkinson, Joseph and John, Ely Place, Holborn
Bownas, W. Whitehall

Brookesbank and Morland, 19, Craven street, Strand
Brent, Timothy, 5, Burlington street,

Burdett, Sir W. B. Dublin

Browell, Henry, Stable yard, St. James's

Campbell, Archibald, and Co. 18, Suffolk street

Cane, Richard, & Co. Dublin

Collyer and Son, Park Place, St. James's

Croasdaile, D. Silver street, Golden square

Disney, Wm. 26, Parliament street

Donaldson and Co., Whitehall

Fowlis, Thomas, New Basinghall street
Gilpin, Wm., 33, Villier's street, Strand
Gordon, John, 153, Oxford street
Graves, C., the King's Printing Office
Greenwood and Co. Craig's court

Hume and Furmidge, 35, Great George street

Hopkinson and Sons, 34, Pall Mall

Kirkland Nugent, 8, Bennet street

Lawrie, Andrew, 4, Robert street, Adelphi
Macdonald, Angus, 4, Pall Mall Court

Read and Fraser, Dublin

Watson. William, Poland street

Window, James, Craig's Court.

Navy Agents resident in London.

Abbott, H. 12, Clement's Inn

Atkin's, J. and Son, 7, Wallbrook

Barnett and King, 37, Essex street, Strand

Birt, John, 10, John street, Adelphi

Brine, Robert, 3, Clifford's Inn

Brothers and Leith, 43, King street, Covent Garden

Channon, John, Clement's Inn

Clementson, J., 2, Adelphi Terrace

Cook, Halford and Co., 41, Norfolk street, Strand
Collier, Thomas, Brick court, Temple
Evans, Maurice, 22, George street, Adelphi
Goode and Clarke, 15, Surrey street, Strand
Hunt and M'Adams, 37, Southampton street, Strand
Jackson, Sir John, and Co., Broad street Buildings
Lark, Henry, 22, Essex street, Strand

Levy, J., Commercial Chambers, Fenchurch street
McInerheney, 1, James street, Adelphi
Marsh, William, 23, Norfolk street
Maude, J. F. 13, Great George street
Ommaney and Druce, 22, Norfolk street
Page, John, 70, Great Russell street
Peyton and Grenfell, Upper Thames street
Strange and Leathes, 13, Clement's Inn
Stillwell, Thomas, 22, Arundel street
Toulmain and Copland, 23, Surrey street
Holmes, William, Lyon's Inn

Woodhead, John, Lyon's Inn.


Subscription or Club Houses to which the Members are elected by close ballot.

Albion, St. James's street.

Arthur's, in same street.

Alfred, Albermarle street.

Boodle's, St. James's street.

Brooke's, in same street.

Cocoa Tree, ditto.

General Service Club, ditto.

Royal Guard, ditto.

United Service Club, Albermarle street.

Union St. James's square.

White's, St. James's street.

Chambers, or Houses, divided into, and let in Floors or sets of Apartments.

The City Chambers, near the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate street. The old City Chambers, Bishopsgate street.

East India Chambers, Leadenhall street.

Langbourne Chambers, Fenchurch street.

Buckingham street Chambers, 19, Buckingham street, Strand.
Bury Chambers, St. Mary Axe.

Covent Garden Chambers, the end of King street, Covent Garden.
Green Park Chambers, Piccadilly.

Hotels for Families or Single Gentlemen.

The Albany, Piccadilly, on the site of the gardens belonging to the House formerly the property of the Duke of York and Albany, whence its name. They contain upwards of 70 complete and distinct apartments, besides the Mansion House, and those situated in the court yard. They are inhabited by many of the unmarried nobility and gentry, and by officers and professional men. There is a Secretary's office in the court yard, where, at certain hours, information may be obtained of Apartments that are to be disposed of.

Bailey's hotel (late Thomas's) Berkley square, is the principal hotel in
London, both for situation as well as accommodation.

Bath and Oxford hotel, corner of Arlington street, Piccadilly.
Bedford hotel, Great Piazza, Covent Garden.

Batt's hotel, Dover street.

Blake's hotel, 57, Jermyn street.

Blenheim hotel and coffee house, New Bond street.

British Imperial hotel, Tavistock Row, Covent Garden.

British hotel, 88, Jermyn street.

Brown's hotel, Russell street.
Brunet's hotel, Leicester square.
Barnett's hotel, Spring gardens.
Bates's hotel, John street, Adelphi.

Clarendon hotel, New Boud street.

Coulson's hotel, 45, Lower Brook street.

Collins's hotel and coffee house, 19, Conduit street.

Cecil street hotel and coffee house, 84, Strand, and 1, Cecil street.

Craven street hotel and coffee house, Craven street, Strand.

Caledonian hotel, Royal Terrace, Adelphi.

Cooper's hotel, Bouverie street, Fleet street.

Eastey's hotel, Southampton street, Covent Garden.

Fenton's hotel, 63, St. James's street.

Fladong's hotel, 144, Oxford street.

Frank's hotel and coffee house, 3 and 4, Lower Brook street.
Freemason's Hall, Great Queen street, Long Acre.

Gordon's Hotel, 1, Albemarle street.

Grillon's hotel, 7, in the same street.

Grove's hotel, 49, in same street.

Grand hotel, Covent Garden.

Hatchett's hotel, Dover street.

Holyland's hotel, 12, Cecil street, Strand,

Hudson's hotel, Adelphi

Hummums, New, Covent Garden.

Hummums Old, Covent Garden.

Horseman's hotel, Charing cross..

Ibbotson's hotel, Vere street, Oxford street.

Imperial hotel, 21, Suffolk street, Charing cross.

Jordan's hotel, 57 and 58, St. James's street.

King's Arms hotel and coffee house, Bridge street, Westminster.
Kirkham's hotel, 48, Lower Brook street.

London hotel, 44, Albemarle street.

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