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Favell & Co. 170, Fenchurch Street.
Fry's & Co. 4, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry.

Bolton le Moors, Sam. Wood & Co.
Brixham and Torbay, Hine and Co.
Burslem, Wood and Co.
Chichester, Old Bank, Ridge & Co.
Chippenham Bank, Gundry and Co.
Collumpton (Devon), Skinner & Co.
Godalmin, Moline and Co.
Hadleigh, Alexander and Co.
Harwich, Cox and Co.

Manningtree, Alexander and Co.
Newport (Salop), Parsons and Co.
Northwich (Cheshire), T.W. Williams
Oundle and Northampton, York and


Staines, Ashby and Co.

Whitchurch (Salop), Corser aud Co. Wincanton, Musgrave and Co. Woodbridge, Alexanders and Co, Fuller, R. & G. & Co. 84, Cornhill.

Sudbury, Fenn and Co.

Gill & Thomas, 42, Lombard Street.

Baldock, Williamson and Co.
Bideford, Ley and Co.
Cheltenham, Fisher and Co.
Chelmsford, Crickett and Co.
Colchester, Ditto
Dorking, Piper and Co.
Guildford, Sparkes and Co.

Glyn, Sir Richard, Carr

Alnwick, Ridley and Co.
Bainsley, Becket and Co.
Beverley, Machell and Co.
Blandford, Fryer and Co.
Bristol, Worrall and Co.
Camboyne, A. Vivian.
Carlisle, Graham and Co.
Clare, Ray and Co.

Coventry, Lant and Co.

Durham, Ridley and Co.

Ilfracombe, Lee and Co.

Lynn, Bagge and Co.

Norwich and Swaffham, Day & Co.
Rochford and Romford, Joyner and


Saffron Waldon, Searle and Co.
Woodbridge, Crickett and Co.
Yarmouth, Lacon and Co.

and Co. 12, Birchin Lane.
Newport (Isle of Wight), Basset and

Nottingham, Moore and Co.
Padstow, Rawlings and Co.
Paisley, Union Bank Company
Penrith, Atkinson and Co.
Poole, Fryer and Co.

Preston, Claytons and Co.
Ripon, Britains and Co.

Rochester and Chatham, Day & Co.

Edinburgh, Donald, Smith and Co. Sandwich, Emmerson and Co.

Leeds, Becket and Co.

Lewes, Wood and Co.
Merthyn Tydvil, Pierce and Co.
Newtown. (Montgomeryshire), Tils
ley and Co.

Newcastle (Tyne), Ridley and Co.
Newcastle (Line), Sparrow and Co.

Stratford on Avon, Whitehead and

[blocks in formation]

Goslings & Sharpe, 19, Fleet Street.

Doncaster, Yarborough and Co.

Grote & Prescott, 62, Threadneedle Street.

Cambridge, Forster and Co.
Bristol (Old Bank), Elton and Co.
Crennismount, M. and P. Wood
Crewkerne, Gray and Co.
Deal, Hulke and Co.

Feversham, Wreight and Co.
Henley (Oxon), Hewitt and Co.
Lynn Regis, Massey and Co.
Peterborough, Boultbee and Co.
Sturminster, Warry and Co.

Hammersleys & Co. 76, Pall Mall.

Oxford Old Bauk, Fletcher and Co.

Hanbury's & Co. 60, Lombard Street.

Birmingham, Taylor, Lloyd and Co.

Freer and Co.

Weymouth, Henuing aud Co. Wolverhampton, Sir J. Wrottesley and Co.

Hankeys, Messrs. 7, Fenchurch Street.

Nottingham, Fellows and Co.

[blocks in formation]
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Herries, Farquhar & Co. 16, St. James's Street.

Kilmarnock Bank, J. & W. Parker

Hoares, Messrs. 37, Fleet Street.

Hoare, Barnetts & Co. 62, Lombard Street.

Ashby and Measham, Fisher & Co.

Baldock, Williamson aud Co.

Bewdly, Pardoe and Co.

Bristol, Birch and Co.

Miles and Co.

Broseley, Vickers and Co.
Cambridge, Hollick and Co.
Diss, Taylor and Co.

Dover, Latham and Co.

Ipswich and Needham, Alexander and Co.

Loughborough, Thorpe and Co.
Milford, Rotch and Co.

Newark, Handley and Co.

Norfolk and Norwich, Kett and Co.
Pembroke, Rotch and Co.
Plymouth, Elford and Co.
Saffron Walden, Searle and Co.
Sleaford, Peacock and Co.
Southampton, Harrison and Co.
Tavistock, Gill and Co.

Hodsoll and Stirling, 345, Strand.
Holt, William, 60, Old Broad Street.
Hopkinsons, G. C. C. and E., 34, Pall Mall.

Jones, Loyd & Co. 43, Lothbury.

Aberdeen, branch of Commercial Crieff, branch of Commercial Bank

[blocks in formation]

Banff, branch of Commercial Bank- Dunkeld, branch of Commercial

ing Company

Bath, Hobhouse and Co.

Banking Company
Darking, Piper and Co.

Beith, branch of Commercial Bank- Edinburgh, Commercial Banking

ing Company

Bideford, T. Burnard

Blackburn, Cunliffes, Brookes & Co.
Brighton, Hall and Co.

Cambridge, Sir John Mortlock and


Chester, Dixons and Co.

[blocks in formation]

Liverpool, Roscoe and Co.
Leith, br. of Com. Banking Co.
Llandovery, Jones, D. & E. and Co.
Macclesfield, Brocklehurst and Co.
Manchester, Wm. Jones, Loyds and


Narbeth and Pembroke, Saer, Tho-
mas and Co.

Saddleworth, Buckley and Co.
St. Neot's, Rix and Co.

Oxford and Woodstock, Cox and Co.
Peterhead, br. of Com. Banking Co.
Torrington, Cooke and Co.

Tain, brauch of Com. Banking Co.
Thurso, ditto ditte
Uttoxeter, Bell, James
Wells, Payne and Co.
Wivel's-combe (Somerset), Hancock
and Co

Jones, John, 18, West Smithfield.

G. T. Kinloch & Sons, 1, New Broad Street. Aberdeen, Com. Banking Company. Forfar, Dundee Banking Company Arbroath, br. of Dundee Bank. Co. Stirling, Banking Company Dundee, Banking Company

Ladbroke's and Gillman, Bank Buildings, Cornhill.

Portsmouth, Grant and Co.

Warwick (Old Bank), Tomes & Co.

Lees, Brassey & Co. 71, Lombard Street.

Andover, Wakeford, W. S.
Burry (Suffolk), Oak and Son
Chesterfield, Crompton and Co.

Derby, Crompton and Co.

Isle of Wight, Kirkpatricks and Co.
Knaresborough, Coates and Co.

Lubbock, (Sir John, Bart.) & Co. 11, Mansion House

[blocks in formation]

Marsh, Sibbald & Co. 6, Berner's Street.

Ludlow, Prodgers and Co.

Martin, Stone & Co. 68, Lombard Street.

Martin, Call & Co. 25, Old Bond Street.

Masterman & Co. 2,

Abingdon, Cripps and Co.
Andover, Heath and Co.
Basingstoke, Raggett and Co.
Bicester, Tubbs and Co.
Boston, Claypon and Co.
Brighton, Wigney and Co.

Bruton (Somerset), Prince and Co.
Chatham, Jeffreys and Co.
Chichester, Hack and Co.
Cirencester, Cripps and Co.
Crewkerne, Peckham and Co.
Dartford, Bugden and Co.
Dudley, Dixon and Co.
Dursley, Bloxams and Co.
Hitchin, Chapman and Co.
Hertford, Adams and Co.
Huddersfield, Dobson and Co.
Kendall, Wilson and Co.
Kettering, Keep and Co.
Kendall, Wakefield and Co.
Kingsbridge, Prideaux and Co.
Kirby Lonsdale, Gibson and Co.

White Hart Court.

Liverpool, Leyland aud Co.
Louth, Claypon and Co.
Manchester, Heywood and Co.
Newcastle (Stafford), Kinuersley, I,
Oswestry, Croxon and Co.
Oxford, Tubb and Co.
Petworth, Stoveld and Co.
Portsmouth, Godwin and Co.
Shrewsbury, Beck and Co.
Skipton, Chippendale and Co.
Stamford, Johnson and Co.
Swindon, Strange and Co.
Teignmouth, Langmead and Co.
Thrapstone, Johnson and Co.
Tonbridge,Beeching and Co.
Uxbridge, Hull, Smith and Co.
Wakefield, Wentworth and Co.
Watlington, Cozens and Co.
Wellington (Salop), Reynolds & Co.
Witney, Clinch and Co.
Woolwich, Bugden and Co.

Minett and Fector, Austin Friars.

Morland, Ransom & Co. 56, Pall Mall.

Buckingham Old Bank, Box and


Dundee, New Bank

Dublin, Benjamin Ball and Co.
Fife, Banking Company
Glasgow, Banking Company

Penzance, Bolitho and Co.
Redruth, Priye and Co.
Sheffield, Parker and Co.
Taunton, J. and D. Badcock
Wincanton, Whitmarsh and Co.
Meragissey, Philip Ball aud Sou

Nicholson & Co. 32, Abchurch Lane.

Leeds, Nicholson and Co.

Pares and Heygate, 25, Bridge Street, Blackfriars.

Leicester, Pares, Paget and Co.

Rugby, Butlin and Sou.

Paxton, Cockerell & Co. 57, Pall Mall.

Malmsbury, Robins and Co.

Perring (Sir J.), Shaw & Co. 72, Cornhill.

Hereford, Bodenham and Co.
Luton, Hampson and Co.

Bury St. Edmunds, Willetts and Co. Modbury, Perring, Richard

[blocks in formation]

Canterbury, Baker and Co.

Croydon, Harman and Co.

Eastbourne, Michell and Co.

Gravesend, Miller and Co.

Hailsham, Michell and Co.

Newmarket, Willetts and Co.
Norwich, Bignold and Co.

Dolgelly (Merioneth.), Jones & Co. Plymouth Dock, St. Aubin and Co.

Plymouth (Gen. Bank), Husband &


St. Albans, Greaves and Co.

Sittingbourne, Bradley and Co.
St. Columb (Pyder), Norway & Co.
Stretford, Willett and Co.

Pocklington and Lacy,

Ware, Cobham Jones
Westerham (Surry), Harman & Co.
Wotton Basset, Large and Co.
60, West Smithfield.

Pole (Sir Peter, Bart.) and Co. 1, Bartholomew Lane.

Aberdeen, Banking Company
Alnwick, Reed and Co.
Abergavenny, Jones and Co.
Ashbourne, Gisborne and Co.
Brecon, Wilkins and Co.
Berwick, Batson and Co.
Bristol, Amos and Co.

Bengough and Co.

Carlisle, Forster and Co.
Chapel in-le-Frith, Gisborne & Co.
Chesterfield, Graham and Co.
Coventry, Goodall and Co.
Edinburgh, Royal Bank of Scotland
Ramsays and Co.

Falmouth, Banfield and Co.

Glasgow, Royal Bank of Scotland

Hexham, Reid and Co.

Hinckley, Jervis and Co.

→, Jansome and Co.

Hull, Pease and Liddell

Maidstone, Edmeads and Co.
Monmouth, Jones and Co.
Morpeth, Reed and Co.
Newcastle (Tyne), ditto

Newport (Monmouth.), Foreman &

Penrith, Forster aud Co.

Richmond (York), Hutton and Co.
Scarborough, Woodall and Co.
Seven Oaks, Jardine, Edward
Shields, Reed and Co.
Southampton, Trim and Co.
Stockton, Hutchinson and Co.
Stroudwater, Martin and Co.
Totness, Wise and Co.

Prideaux and Co.

Uley, Sheppard and Co.
Wallingford, Wells and Co.
Ware, Adams and Co.

Winchester, Wallers and Co.
Wirksworth, Arkwright and Co.

Praeds, Mackworth & Co. 189, Fleet Street.

Leyburn, Hutton aud Co.

Lutterworth, Goodacre and Co.

[blocks in formation]

Price (Sir Charles, Bart.) Kay & Co. 1, Mansion House


Bedford, Barnards and Co.
Christchurch (Hants), Dean & Co.
Greenock, Banking Company
Guildford, Haydon, Wm. Thos. and

Hull, Pease, Harrison and Co.
Meksham (Wilts), Freeman and Co.

Peterborough, Squire and Co.
Ringwood, Tunks Stephen
Thornbury, Yates and Co.
Swansea, Haynes and Son
Whitehaven, Hartleys and Co.
Winborne, Dean and Co.

Puget and Bainbridge, College of Physicians, Warwick


Rogers, Towgood & Co. 29, Clement's Lane, Lombard

Chirstchurch, Sleat and Co.
Crewkerne, Sparks and Co.

Bridgewater, Stuckeys and Co.
Sealey and Co.

Bristol, Stuckeys and Co.


Bristol, Savery and Co.
Langport, Stuckey and Co.
Manchester, Thomas Mortram
Sherborne, Preter and Co.

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