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On Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children; by Dr. Merriman and Dr. Ley.

At the Royal College of Surgeons,

The Course of Lectures for the ensuing year will be commenced in May.

At the Anatomical Theatre, Blenheim Street, Great Marlborough Street,

Mr. Brooks Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery; and Dr. Ager on the Practice of Physic, Materia Medica, Chemistry, &c.

At St. Bartholomew's Hospital,

On Anatomy and Physiology, by Mr. Abernethy; the Demonstrations by Mr. Stanley.

On Surgery, by Mr. Abernethy.

On Chemistry and Materia Medica, by Dr. Hue.
On the Theory and Practice of Physic, by Dr. Hue.
On Midwifery, by Dr. Gooch.

At. St. Thomas's Hospital,

On Anatomy, and Operative Surgery, by Mr. Astley Cooper, and Henry Cline.

On the Principles and Practice of Surgery by Mr. Astley Cooper, and Mr. Travers.

On the Practice and Theory of Medicine, and on Materia Medica, by Dr. G. G. Curry.

Medical School of Guy's Hospital,

On the Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmondeley.

On the Theory of Medicine, comprising Pathology, Therapeutics, and Materia Medica, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmondeley.

On the Principles and Practice of Chemistry, by Dr. Mercet and Mr. Allen.

On Experimental Philosophy, by Mr. Allen.

On Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children, by Dr. Haighton and Dr. Blundell.

On Physiology, or Laws of the Animal Economy, by Dr. Haighton and Dr. Blundell.

On the Structure and Diseases of the Teeth, by Mr. Bell.

On Practical Botany, in the Spring, by Mr. Salisbury.
At the London Hospital,

On Anatomy and Physiology, by Mr. Headington.
On Surgery, by Mr. Headington.

On Chemistry, by Mr. Richard Phillips.

On the Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Yelloley.

On the Theory and Practice of Midwifery, by Dr. Ramsbotham.

At the London Infirmary, Charterhouse Square.

On the Diseases of the Eyes, by J. R. Warre, M.D. and William Lawrence, Esq.

Miscellaneous Lectures.

On the Practice of Physic; on the Laws and Operations of Chemistry, and on Materia Medica; with daily Examinations to facilitate the Acquisition of Medical and Chemical Knowledge, by Dr. Tuthill.

Dr. Badham, on the Theory and Practice of Physic. Mr. Taunton, on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Surgery, in Hatton Garden.

Mr. Carpue on Anatomy and Surgery.

Mr. C. M. Clarke, on Midwifery.

Mr. Hopkins, on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery, at the Westminster Lying-in Institution.

Mr. H. Gaulter, No. 10, Frith Street, Soho, on Physiology.

Dr. Uwins, No. 1, Thavies Inn, Holborn, on the Theory and Practice of Medicine.

John Mason Good, F. R. S. Crown and Rolls Rooms, Chancery Lane, on the Theory, Principles, and Practice of Medicine.

Dr. Clutterbuck, on the Theory and Practice of Physic, Materia Medica, and Chemistry, at his house, No. 1, Crescent, New Bridge Street.

Dr. Adams, on the Practice of Medicine, at his house, 17, Hatton Garden.

Mr. Curtis, on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Ear, at the Royal Dispensary for curing diseases of the Ear, Carlisle Street, Soho Square.

Mr. Guthrie, on Surgery, at the Royal Westminster Infirmary for diseases of the Eye, Mary-le-bone Street, Piccadilly.

At the Veterinary College, Mr. Coleman, on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Horse.


With the names of the Country Bankers who draw upon. them.

[The value of this List will be felt by all visitors in London, and by persons having money negotiations.]

Barclay, Tritton, Bevan & Co. 56, Lombard Street.

Alresford, Knapp, Son and Co.
Birmingham, Galtons and Co.
Bishop's Waltham, Fox, Steele & Co.
Braintree, Sparrow and Co.
Bungay, Gurney and Co.

Bury St. Edmunds, Sparrow & Co.
Bury St. Edmunds, Edmund Squire
Carmarthen, Waters and Co,
Chelmsford, Sparrow and Co.
Durham, Backhouse and Co.
Evesham, Oldaker and Co.
Exeter, Sanders and Co.
Fakenham, Gurneys and Co.
Godalmin, Mellersh and Co.

Liverpool, Moss and Co.
Liverpool, J. Hadwen.
Lidney, Waters and Co.
Newark, Godfrey & Co.

Norwich and Norfolk, Messrs. Gur

Richmond, Stapleton and Co.

Sheerness, Chalk and Co.

Stowmarket, Sparrow and Co.

Stockton, Skinner and Co.

Sunderland, Backhouse and Co.

Tewksbury, Hartland and Co.

Wellingborough and Northampton

shire, Morton aud Co.
Whitby, Simpson and Co.
Wigan, Thicknesse and Co.
Winchester, Kuappe and Co.

Leighton Buzzard, Basset, Grant & Wisbeach and Lincolnshire, Gur


neys and Co.

Gosport, J. Goodeve and Co.

Halesworth, Gurneys and Co.

Harleston, Gurneys and Co.

Lancaster, Dilworth and Co.

Bath, Clement and Co.

Shaftsbury, William Storey

Bristol, Worral and Co.

Settle, Birkbecks and Co.

Ross (Herefordshire), Newman & Co.

Barnard, Dimsdale & Co. 50, Cornhill.

Biddulph, Cocks, Ridge & Co. 48, Charing Cross.

Chepstow, Buckle and Co.

Lidbury, Webb and Co.

Newmarket, Eaton and Co.

Birch and Chambers, 160, New Bond Street.
Bond, Sons & Co. 2, 'Change Alley.

Scarborough, Listers and Co.

Bosanquet, Pitt & Co. 73, Lombard Street,

Denbigh, Jankey and Co.

Holywell, ditto ditto

Isle of Wight and Hants Bank, Rogers and Co.

Wincanton, Messrs. Messiters

Bouverie & Co. 35, Craven Street, Strand.

Brooks & Dixon, 25, Chancery Lane.

Bodmin, J. Wallis

Helestone, Grylls and Co.

Browne & Co. 25, Bucklersbury.

Stoney, Stratford, and Buckinghamshire, Oliver, Langhorne and Co..

Chatteris & Co. 24, Lombard Street.

Child & Co. Temple Bar.

Dartmouth, Harris and Co.
Newport Pagnell, Oliver aud Co.

Macclesfield, Daintry and Co.

Royston, Fordham and Co.

[blocks in formation]

Cox, Merle & Co. 2, Cox's Court, Little Britain.

Bristol Bullion Bank, Brown and Co,

Dorchester, Cox and Co.

Haverfordwest, Phillips & Co.
Lancaster, Worswick and Co.

Curries, Raikes & Co. 29, Cornhill.

Kingston, Shrubsole and Co.

Cambridge, Thomas Fisher and Son. Manchester, Greaves and Co.

Beverley, Bower and Co.

Exeter, Russell, Cole and Co.

Hull, Raikes and Co.

Malton, Bower and Co.

Trowbridge, Ludlow and Co.

Curtis, Sir Wm., Robarts & Curtis, 15, Lombard Street.

Banbury, Haydon and Co.
Boston, Gee and Co.
Cheltenham, Fisher and Co.
Exeter, Milford and Co.
Galloway, Sir Wm. Douglas
Kidderminster, Wakeman and Co.
Leeds (New Bank), Field and Co.
Newbury, Bunny and Co.
Newcastle on Tyne, Ridley and Co.
Nottingham, Wright and Co.
Ramsgate, Austin and Co.

Burton, Clay and Co.

Cardiff, Wood and Co.
Shrewsbury, Eyton and Co.
Tewkesbury and Upton, Lechmere
and Co.

Winchcomb, Fisher and Co.
Whitby, Richardson and Co.
Worcester (Old Bank), Berwick and

Ditto, Fairley and Co.

Denison and Co. 106, Fenchurch street.

Doncaster, Leatham and Co.

Liverpool, Heywood and Co.

Pontefract, Leatham and Co.

Preston, Pedders and Co.

Wakefield, Leatham and Co.

Dorrien, Magens & Co. 22, Finch Lane.
Drummonds, & Co. 49, Charing Cross.
Esdaile, Sir James & Co. 21, Lombard Street.

Abergavenny, Hill and Hopkins
Aberystwith, Davis and Co.
Barnstaple and S. Moulton, Drake

and Co.

Bideford, Ley, Wilcock and Co.
Birmingham, Smith, Gray, Cooper

and Co.

Blandford, Dansey and Co.

Harborough, Inkersoles and Co.
Huntingdon, Messrs. Pashellers
Ipswich, Cricket, Bacon and Co.
Lewes, Hurley, Molineaux aud Co.
Lyme Gundry and Co.
Lynn, Bagge and Co.
Maldon, Crickett and Co.
Margate, Cobb and Co.

Bradford (Yorkshire), Peckover and Northampton, Percival and Co.

[blocks in formation]

North Walsham, Lacon and Co.
Poole, Dansey and Co.
Ripon, Coates and Co.
Ross, Turner and Co.
Romford, Joyner and Co.
St. Ive's, Pashellers and Co.
Stafford, Birch and Co.
Stourbridge, Hills and Co.
Stone, Birch and Co.

Sunderlaud, Backhouse and Co.

Taunton, Woodford and Co.

Tetbury, Wood and Co.

Wellington (Somerset), Fox and Co.

Woodbridge, Cricket and Co.

Yarmouth, Lacon and Co.

Everett, Walker & Co. 9, Mansion House Street.

[blocks in formation]

Romsey, Sharp and Co.

Rotherham, Walker and Co.

Sarum, Everett and Co.

Shetfield, Walkers and Co.
Warminster, Everett and Co.

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