A concise new gazetteer of the world

H. Mozley, 1824 - 261 páginas

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Página 82 - IRELAND ; a large and fertile island of Europe, in the Atlantic ocean, lying to the west of Great Britain, from which it is separated by the Irish sea, or St.
Página 226 - ... shirt Tunis ; one of the Barbary states in Africa, bounded north by the Mediterranean, east by the Mediterranean and Tripoli, south by Tripoli and the deserts, and west by Algiers. It consists chiefly of a large peninsula, stretching into the Mediterranean in a north-east direction, and coming within a hundred miles of the coast of Sicily. It has an extent of about 500 miles of coast on the Mediterranean ; and the cultivated part reaches 200 or 250 miles into the interior, till it terminates...
Página 82 - CORFU is the principal of the Ionian Islands, which consist of seven principal islands and a number of islets extending along the southwest coast of Greece. The seven principal ones are Corfu, Cephalonia, Zante, Santa Maura, Ithaca or Thiaki, Cerigo, and Paxo. Corfu is the most northerly, and lies opposite to Albania, from which it is separated by a channel that varies in width from two to six miles. Paxo, Santa Maura, Ithaca, Cephalonia, and Zante, follow each other in...
Página 61 - LEMAW, a celebrated lake of Switzerland, extending in the form of a crescent between that country and Savoy, and occupying a part of the great valley which separates the Alps from the Jura ridge.
Página 157 - WALL, a celebrated barrier in England, raised by the Romans against the incursions of the Picts and Scots, and of which some remains are yet visible in Northumberland and Cumberland. It extended across the island, from the Solway frith, by Carlisle and Newcastle, to the mouth of the Tyne.
Página 81 - To that prodigious chain of islands which extend in a curve from the Florida shore on the northern peninsula to the...
Página 99 - This river, one of the largest in the world, is the outlet by which the waters of the great lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario are poured into the ocean through the gulf of St. Lawrence. In different parts of its course, it is known by different names. From the sea to lake Ontario, it is called St.
Página 112 - Monada of Ptolemy); an island belonging to Great Britain, in the Irish sea, nearly equidistant from the coasts of England, Scotland and Ireland ; 30 miles long, and 12, where widest, broad ; 70 in circumference ; square miles, 220 ; population, in 1821, 40,084 ; chief towns, Castletown (the capital), Douglas, Peel and Ramsay; Ion. 4° 30

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