An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Volumen 1

Wiley, 1967 - 528 páginas
The nature of probability theory. The sample space. Elements of combinatorial analysis. Fluctuations in coin tossing and random walks. Combination of events. Conditional probability, stochastic independence. The binomial and the Poisson distributions. The Normal approximation to the binomial distribution. Unlimited sequences of Bernoulli trials. Random variables, expectation. Laws of large numbers. Integral valued variables, generating functions. Compound distributions. Branching processes. Recurrent events. Renewal theory. Random walk and ruin problems. Markov chains. Algebraic treatment of finite Markov chains. The simplest time-dependent stochastic processes. Answer to problems. Index.

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If you were to lock me up for a year and allow only one book for the whole time, this is the book I would take with me. The way each problem is treated is delightful. The book is slightly dated and so ... Leer reseña completa

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A really, reall dull mathematics text. An important book, but this one you will not be pleased with having to read, or at least I never came across anyone that was, when I had to use it. Highly detailed and quite complex look at the probability subject for the tertiary level beginner. Leer reseña completa


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The Sample Space
Elements of Combinatorial Analysis
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