British and Foreign Medical Review: Or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery, Volumen 15


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Página 437 - At first small gray specks or elevated gray spots (glanders-nodules), varying in size from that of a pin's head to that of a pea, make their appearance (Fig.
Página 581 - Asylum for the Relief of Persons deprived of the Use of their Reason.
Página 538 - SCHOOL BOTANY; Or, an Explanation of the Characters and Differences of the principal Natural Classes and Orders of Plants belonging to the Flora of Europe, in the Botanical Classification of DE CANDOLLE.
Página 439 - ... of the numerical system. Nor in this case could this system be usefully followed, unless with the greatest attention to the state of each case. It has appeared to me that we should not adopt the rule to give cordials, nor to withhold them, in every case. When a patient is induced to take cordials reluctantly, they seldom benefit him, and are often followed by injury. When he is greatly enfeebled, at a late stage of the disease, he may be safely asked if he wishes for them, and if he does, he...
Página 159 - ... carried on during the last few years, by some of the most celebrated anatomists now living; and it is with much satisfaction that we are enabled to place before our readers the highly interesting and valuable results at which they have arrived. In the present article we propose to examine, firstly, the structure, and secondly the development of the teeth. I. THE STRUCTURE OF THE TEETH. In a paper published in the Philosophical Transactions for the year 1678, Leeuwenhoeck announced that, having...
Página 221 - Report, p. 24. The author adds some remarks to show that the fatal influence of diseases of the lungs is not confined to the troops alone, but extends in a corresponding degree to the inhabitants. He refers to returns which prove that 6,664 deaths have occurred in 13 years from this class of diseases, constituting a mortality of 513 annually, which, upon an average population of 100,000 of all ages, is about 5£ per thousand of the strength, being scarcely one per thousand less than among the troops,...
Página 449 - a loud smart sound, produced by the abstract act of sudden jerking extension of the braced muscular walls.
Página 287 - Define the centre of Gravity. Give the General Laws of Motion, and describe the chief experiments by which they may be illustrated. State the Law of the motion of Falling Bodies. HYDROSTATICS, HYDRAULICS, AND PNEUMATICS : Explain the Pressure of Liquids and Gases, its equal diffusion, and variation with the depth. Define Specific Gravity, and show how the specific gravity of bodies may be ascertained. Describe and explain the Barometer, the Siphon, the Common Pump and Forcing-Pump, and the Air-Pump.
Página 353 - OF MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS; comprehending the Natural History, Preparation, Properties, Composition, Effects, and Uses of Medicines. By JON.
Página 497 - ... in the parts affected by the excretions, or in some other less obvious way, through the train of actions forming the paroxysm of the disorder. 6. " That there is an intimate relation between the condition of gouty habit and the functions of the kidneys and liver, both in health and disease. 7. " And that the same state of habit or predisposition which in some persons produces the outward attack of gout, does in others, and particularly in females, testify itself solely by disorder of internal...

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