A Dictionary of Terms Used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences

Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper, 1844 - 394 páginas

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Página 114 - A' made a finer end and went away an it had been any christom child; a' parted even just between twelve and one, even at the turning o' the tide: for after I saw him fumble with the sheets, and play with flowers, and smile upon his fingers...
Página 388 - A TREATISE on DIET; with a view to establish, on practical grounds, a System of Rules for the Prevention and Cure of the Diseases incident to a disordered state of the Digestive Functions. By JA PARIS, MDFRS Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, ice.
Página 240 - Sesquih. Sesquihora, an hour and a half. Si n. val. Si non valeat, if it does not answer. Si op. sit. Si opus sit, if there be occasion. Si vir. perm. Si vires permittant, if the strength will bear it.
Página 89 - For children under twelve years, the doses of most medicines must be diminished in the proportion of the age to the age increased by 12 ; thus, at two years to 4, viz.: -^ — = 4- At 21 the full dose may be given.
Página 389 - PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE SKIN. Arranged with a view to their Constitutional Causes and Local Characters ; including the Substance of the Essay to which the Royal College of Surgeons awarded the Jacksonian Prize, and all such valuable Facts as have been recorded by continental Authors on these Subjects to the present time.
Página 164 - ... object seen through them in certain directions ; so that instead of seeing one object we see two, side by side, when such a crystal or spar is interposed between the object and the eye ; and if a ray or small sunbeam be thrown upon a surface of either of these substances, it will be split into two, making an angle with each other, and each pursuing its own separate course, — this is called double refraction. Now, of these images or doubly refracted rays, one always follows the same rule as...
Página 117 - A fracture is termed traniverte, longitudinal, or obligue according to its direction in regard to the axis of the bone. It is called complicated if accompanied with dislocation, severe contusions, wounded blood-vessels, or any disease which prevents the union of the bones and causes them to be very easily broken.
Página 359 - Boil them to a proper thickness, then add a quarter of a pound of sugar, and two spoonfuls of yeast. Set the whole in a warm place near the fire for six or eight weeks, then place it in the open air, until it become a syrup : lastly, decant, filter, and bottle it up, adding a little sugar to each bottle.
Página 284 - Under the true skin. Sublimation. A process by which volatile substances are raised by heat, and again condensed in a solid form, — differing from evaporation only in being confined to solid substances.
Página 295 - In graduating a Centigrade thermometer, the freezing point is marked 0°, or zero, and the boiling point 100° ; the distance between the freezing and boiling points is divided into 100 equal parts; these equal divisions are carried as far below the freezing point and above the boiling point as desired.

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