The Ingoldsby Legends, Or, Mirth and Marvels: Second series

Richard Bentley, 1852 - 288 páginas

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Página 56 - The charge is prepared, the lawyers are met, The judges all ranged ; (a terrible show !) I go undismayed, for death is a debt — A debt on demand, so take what I owe.
Página 238 - He was a wight of high renown, And thou art but of low degree. 'Tis pride that pulls the country down; Then take thine auld cloak about thee.
Página 157 - Don't take too much of double X! — and don't at night go out To fetch your beer yourself, but make the pot-boy bring your stout ! And when you go to Margate next, just stop, and ring the bell, Give my respects to...
Página 277 - Barest thou confront that fearful form, That rides the whirlwind and the storm In wild unholy revel ? The terrors of that blasted brow, Archangel's once, though ruin'd now — Ay, — dar'st thou face THE DEVIL ? "
Página 154 - I peep'd beneath the table-cloth — beneath the sofa too — I said, " You little vulgar boy ! why what's become of you?
Página 114 - Down with the nests, and the rooks will fly !' Down ! down they come — a fearful fall — Arch, and pillar, and roof-tree, and all, Stained pane, and sculptured stone, There they lie on the greensward strown — Mouldering walls remain alone. Shaven crown, Bombazeen gown...
Página 154 - I rang the bell for Mrs. Jones, for she was down below, " — Oh, Mrs. Jones! what do you think? — ain't this a pretty go? — That horrid little vulgar Boy whom I brought here tonight, — He's stolen my things and run away!! " — Says she,
Página 113 - And I said to myself, as I heard with a sigh, The poor lone victim's stifled cry,* " Well, I can't understand How any man's hand Could wall up that hole in a Christian land ! Why, a Mussulman Turk Would recoil from the work, And...
Página 139 - True History' to my beloved AUNT FANNY A LEGEND OF A SHIRT Virginibua, Puerisque canto. — Hon. Old Maids, and Bachelors I chant to !— TI I UNO of a shirt that never was new ! In the course of the year Eighteen hundred and two, Aunt Fanny began, Upon Grandmamma's plan, To make one for me, then her
Página 151 - I meant to scoff, And when the little heart is big a little " sets it off;" He put his finger in his mouth, his little bosom rose, — He had no little handkerchief to wipe his little nose ! " Hark ! don't you hear, my little man ? — it 's striking Nine," I said, " An hour when all good little boys and girls should be in bed. Run home and get your supper, else your Ma...

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