The Committed Enterprise: How to Make Vision and Values Work

Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002 - 335 páginas
The Committed Enterprise represents Hugh Davidson's major statement on what makes a sustainable and excellent organization. It is based on over a year of intense fieldwork during which the author interviewed in person the most senior executives in 126 organizations in the US and Europe.

It is much easier to describe vision and values than implement them. Vision and values management is in the dark ages compared with that of Marketing, Finance or Operations. It is often derided and all too often just doesn't work.

The Committed Enterprise takes a hard approach to this 'soft' topic and describes how to build unstoppable organisations, whether businesses or charities, hospitals or orchestras, by managing vision and values scientifically yet creatively. It shows how to lay the foundations for success by understanding the conflicting needs of stakeholders and uniting them through the right vision and values. These forge uncompromising commitment, and transform organizations, teams and countries.

Hugh Davidson details Seven Best Practices for making vision and values work every day, at every level, based on analysis of his interviews with leaders of 125 high calibre enterprises in USA and UK. These include:

· Design and timing
· Linkage to key success factors
· Communicating through action
· Embedding via appraisal and rewards
· Branding the organization
· Rigorous measurement

Using a unique fast track / scenic route format, the book includes hundreds of examples, quotes and checklists from enterprises as diverse as PepsiCo, Caltech, Tesco, Mayo Clinic, BP, New York Police Department, DuPont, Save the Children, UPS, New York Philharmonic, and many others.

The Committed Enterprise brings a new dimension to managing organisations. It is designed for leaders and managers of every kind of enterprise.

So buy it, read it, then make it happen!

Access to the latest thinking on building employee commitment - from the author of the 100,000 selling Offensive Marketing and Even More Offensive Marketing
Exclusive interviews with leaders of 125 organizations provide the "seven best practices" for delivering vision and values
The innovative structure of the book means you can choose a fast track read by using the left hand pages only

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