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London : S. Bagster, Jur., Printer, Bartholomew Close. PREFACE.


"When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth ?"Luke xviii. 8.

Through the instrumentality of a.! discourse of which this text was the theme, I was snatched as a brand from the burning, and planted in the true vine, from which alone purity and truth are to be derived.

It is but a short time since I possessed no religion save that which I fancied to be Deism, or rather such a belief of God as would presume to scan the measures of his eternal wisdom by finite reason; and thus, in denying what I had not the spirit to comprehend, was I heedlessly neglecting the "one thing needful" which God imperatively demands that all his creatures should seek. For many years I rioted in those principles which unrestrained reason naturally suggests. At length, without the intervention of misfortune—without having been afflicted by sickness or pecuniary distress, but with a sound body, and a perfect mind, I, as one of those who composed the staff of a Governor in one of our Colonies, was obliged to attend church in my official capacity, and on that occasion, in the short space of an hour, became a convert to Christianity. With an exceeding degree of sorrow for my past offences of unbelief, and with a zeal for the cause of Christ which daily increased, T arrived in England about eighteen months ago,

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