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And I laughed as I drove from the station, but the mirth died out on my lips

As I thought of the fools like Pagett who write of their "Eastern trips,"

And the sneers of the travelled idiots who duly misgovern the land,

And I prayed to the Lord to deliver another one into my hand.


A much-discerning Public hold
The Singer generally sings
Of personal and private things,
And prints and sells his past for gold.

Whatever I may here disclaim,

The very clever folk I sing to
Will most indubitably cling to
Their pet delusion, just the same.


HAD seen, as dawn was breaking
And I staggered to my rest,
Tara Devi softly shaking

From the Cart Road to the crest.
I had seen the spurs of Jakko

Heave and quiver, swell and sink.
Was it Earthquake or tobacco,

Day of Doom or Night of Drink?

In the full, fresh, fragrant morning
I observed a camel crawl,
Laws of gravitation scorning,
On the ceiling and the wall.
Then I watched a fender walking,
And I heard grey leeches sing,
And a red-hot monkey talking

Did not seem the proper thing.

Then a Creature, skinned and crimson,
Ran about the floor and cried,
And they said I had the "jims" on,

And they dosed me with bromide,
And they locked me in my bedroom—

Me and one wee Blood Red MouseThough I said: "To give my head room "You had best unroof the house."

But my words were all unheeded,

Though I told the grave M.D.
That the treatment really needed

Was a dip in open sea
That was lapping just below me,

Smooth as silver, white as snow-
And it took three men to throw me
When I found I could not go.

Half the night I watched the Heavens
Fizz like '81 champagne—
Fly to sixes and to sevens,

Wheel and thunder back again;
And when all was peace and order
Save one planet nailed askew,
Much I wept because my warder
Would not let me set it true.

After frenzied hours of waiting,

When the Earth and Skies were dumb,

Pealed an awful voice dictating

An interminable sum, Changing to a tangled story

"What she said you said I said-"

Till the Moon arose in glory,

And I found her

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in my head;

Then a Face came, blind and weeping,
And It couldn't wipe Its eyes,
And It muttered I was keeping
Back the moonlight from the skies;
So I patted It for pity,

But It whistled shrill with wrath,
And a huge, black Devil City
Poured its peoples on my path.

So I fled with steps uncertain
On a thousand-year long race,
But the bellying of the curtain

Kept me always in one place,
While the tumult rose and maddened
To the roar of Earth on fire,
Ere it ebbed and sank and saddened
To a whisper tense as wire.

In intolerable stillness

Rose one little, little star, And it chuckled at my illness,

And it mocked me from afar; And its brethren came and eyed me, Called the Universe to aid, Till I lay, with naught to hide me, 'Neath the Scorn of All Things Made.

Dun and saffron, robed and splendid
Broke the solemn, pitying Day,
And I knew my pains were ended,

And I turned and tried to pray;
But my speech was shattered wholly,
And I wept as children weep,
Till the dawn-wind, softly, slowly,
Brought to burning eyelids sleep.


EYES of grey-a sodden quay,
Driving rain and falling tears,
As the steamer puts to sea
In a parting storm of cheers.
Sing, for Faith and Hope are high-
None so true as you and I-
Sing the Lovers' Litany:-
'Love like ours can never die!"

Eyes of black-a throbbing keel,
Milky foam to left and right;
Whispered converse near the wheel
In the brilliant tropic night.

Cross that rules the Southern Sky!
Stars that sweep, and turn, and fly
Hear the Lovers' Litany:-
"Love like ours can never die!"

Eyes of brown-a dusty plain
Split and parched with heat of June.
Flying hoof and tightened rein,
Hearts that beat the ancient tune.

Side by side the horses fly,
Frame we now the old reply
Of the Lovers' Litany:-
"Love like ours can never die!"

Eyes of blue-the Simla Hills
Silvered with the moonlight hoar;
Pleading of the waltz that thrills,
Dies and echoes round Benmore.

"Mabel," "Officers," "Good-bye,"
Glamour, wine, and witchery-
On my soul's sincerity,
"Love like ours can never die !"

Maidens, of your charity,
Pity my most luckless state.
Four times Cupid's debtor I-
Bankrupt in quadruplicate.

Yet, despite my evil case,
An a maiden showed me grace,
Four-and-forty times would I
Sing the Lovers' Litany:-
"Love like ours can never die!"


“Saint Praxed's ever was the Church for peace."

IF DOWN here I chance to die,
Solemnly I beg you take

All that is left of "I"

To the Hills for old sake's sake. Pack me very thoroughly

In the ice that used to slake Pegs I drank when I was dryThis observe for old sake's sake.

To the railway station hie,

There a single ticket take For Umballa-goods-train-I

Shall not mind delay or shake. I shall rest contentedly

Spite of clamour coolies make; Thus in state and dignity

Send me up for old sake's sake.

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