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tention, that they may, with much candour and ingenuity, pursue the cause of God and the king. Sanctify all the means and instruments of their purposes, that they may not, with cruelty, injustice, or oppression, proceed towards the end of their just desires : and do thou crown all their endeavours with a prosperous event, that all may co-operate to, and actually produce, those great mercies, which we beg of thee; honour and safety to our sovereign, defence of his just rights, peace to his people, establishment and promotion to religion, advantages and encouragement to learning and holy living, deliverance to all the oppressed, comfort to all thy faithful people, and from all these, glory to thy holy name. Grant this, O King of kings, for his sake, by whom thou hast consigned us to all thy mercies and promises, and to whom thou hast given all power in heaven and earth, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer to be said by Kings or Magistrates, for

themselves and their People. O my God and King, thou rulest in the kingdoms of men; by thee kings reign, and princes decree justice: thou hast appointed me under thyself [and under my prince y] to govern this portion of thy church, according to the laws of religion and the commonwealth. O Lord, I am but an infirm man, and know not how to decree certain sentences without erring in judgment: but do thou give to thy servant an understanding heart to judge this people, that I may discern between good and evil. Cause me to walk, before thee and all the people, in truth and righteousness, and in sincerity of heart, that I may not regard the person of the mighty, nor be afraid of his terror, nor despise the person of the poor, and reject his petition ; but that, doing justice to all men, I, and my people, may receive mercy of thee, peace and plenty in our days, and mutual love, duty, and correspondence; that there be no leading into captivity, no complaining in our streets ; but we may see the church in prosperity all our days, and religion established and increasing. Do thou establish the house of thy servant, and bring me to a participation of the glories of thy kingdom, for his sake,

y These words to be added by a delegate or inferior.

he put that I may terror, nor as

doing justic

who is my Lord and King, the holy and ever blessed Saviour of the world, our Redeemer, Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer to be said by Parents for their Children.

O almighty and most merciful Father, who hast promised children as a reward to the righteous, and hast given them to me as a testimony of thy mercy, and an engagement of my duty; be pleased to be a Father unto them, and give them healthful bodies, understanding souls, and sanctified spirits, that they may be thy servants and thy children, all their days. Let a great mercy and providence lead them through the dangers and temptations and ignorances of their youth, that they may never run into folly, and the evils of an unbridled appetite. So order the accidents of their lives, that, by good education, careful tutors, holy example, innocent company, prudent counsel, and thy restraining grace, their duty to thee may be secured in the midst of a crooked and untoward generation : and if it seem good in thy eyes, let me be enabled to provide conveniently for the support of their persons, that they may not be destitute and miserable in my death ; or if thou shalt call me off from this world by a more timely summons, let their portion be, thy care, mercy, and providence, over their bodies and souls: and may they never live vicious lives, nor die violent or untimely deaths; but let them glorify thee here with a free obedience, and the duties of a whole life; that, when they have served thee in their generations, and have profited the Christian commonwealth, they may be coheirs with Jesus, in the glories of thy eternal kingdom, through the same our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer to be said by Masters of Families, Curates, Tutors,

or other obliged Persons, for their Charges. O Almighty God, merciful and gracious, have mercy upon my family (or pupils or parishioners, &c.] and all committed to my charge : sanctify them with thy grace, preserve them with thy providence, guard them from all evil by the custody of angels, direct them in the ways of peace and holy religion by my ministry and the conduct of thy most Holy Spirit, and consign them all, with the participation of thy

Wurstody of angels: nistry and then the particip

blessings and graces in this world, with healthful bodies, with good understandings, and sanctified spirits, to a full fruition of thy glories hereafter, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

: A Prayer to be said by Merchants, Tradesmen, and

Handicraftsmen. O eternal God, thou fountain of justice, mercy, and benediction, who, by my education and other effects of thy providence hast called me to this profession, that, by my industry, I may, in my small proportion, work together for the good of myself and others; I humbly beg thy grace to guide me in my intention, and in the transaction of my affairs, that I may be diligent, just, and faithful: and give me thy favour, that this my labour may be accepted by thee as a part of my necessary duty : and give me thy blessing to assist and prosper me in my calling, to such measures, as thou shalt, in mercy, choose for me : and be pleased to let the Holy Spirit be for ever present with me, that I may never be given to covetousness and sordid appetites, to lying and falsehood, or any other base, indirect, and beggarly arts; but give me prudence, honesty, and Christian sincerity, that my trade may be sanctified by my religion ; my labour, by my intention and thy blessing ; that, when I have done my 'portion of work thou hast allotted me, and improved the talent, thou hast intrusted to me, and served the commonwealth in my capacity; I may receive the mighty price of my high calling, which I expect and beg, in the portion and inheritance of the everblessed Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer to be said by Debtors, and all Persons obliged

whether by Crime or Contract. O Almighty God, who art rich unto all, the treasury and fountain of all good, of all justice, and all mercy, and all bounty, to whom we owe all that we are, and all that we have, being thy debtors by reason of our sins, and by thy own gracious contract, made with us in Jesus Christ; teach me, in the first place, to perform all my obligations to thee, both of duty and thankfulness; and, next, enable me to pay my duty to all my friends, and my debts to all my creditors, that none be made miserable or lessened in his estate by his


kindness to me, or traffic with me. Forgive me all those sins and irregular actions, by which I entered into debt further than my necessity required, or by which such necessity was brought upon me: but let not them suffer by occasion of my sin. Lord, reward all their kindness into their bosoms, and make them recompence, where I cannot; and make me very willing in all that I can, and able for all, that I am obliged to: or, if it seem good in thine eyes to afflict me by the continuance of this condition, yet make it up by some means to them, that the prayer of thy servant may obtain of thee, at least, to pay my debt in blessings. Amen.

v. Lord, sanctify and forgive all, that I have tempted to evil by my discourse or my example: instruct them in the right way, whom I have led to error, and let me never run further on the score of sin: but do thou blot out all the evils, I have done, by the spunge of thy passion, and the blood of thy cross : and give me a deep and an excellent repentance, and a free and a gracious pardon, that thou mayest answer for me, O Lord, and enable me to stand upright in judgment; for in thee, O Lord, have I trusted : let me never be confounded. Pity me and instruct me, guide me and support me, pardon me and save me, for my sweet Saviour, Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

A Prayer for Patron and Benefactors. - O Almighty God, thou fountain of all good, of all excellency both to men and angels, extend thine abundant favour and loving kindness to my patron, to all my friends and benefactors : reward them and make them plentiful recompence for all the good, which, from thy merciful providence, they have conveyed unto me. Let the light of thy countenance shine upon them, and let thein never come into any affliction or sadness, but such as may be an instrument of thy glory and their eternal comfort. Forgive them all their sins; let thy Divinest Spirit preserve them from all deeds of darkness. Let thy ministering angels guard their persons from the violence of the spirits of darkness. And thou, who knowest every degree of their necessity by thy infinite wisdom, give supply to all their needs by thy glorious mercy, preserving

their persons, sanctifying their hearts, and leading them in the ways of righteousness, by the waters of comfort, to the land of eternal rest and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Of Christian Religion. Religion, in a large sense, doth signify the whole duty of man, comprehending in it justice, charity, and sobriety : because all these being commanded by God, they become a part of that honour and worship, which we are bound to pay to him. And thus the word is used in St. James, “ Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” But in a more restrained sense, it is taken for that part of duty, which particularly relates to God in our worshippings and adoration of him, in confessing his excellences, loving his person, admiring his goodness, believing his word, and doing all that, which may, in a proper and direct manner, do him honour. It contains the duties of the first table only; and so it is called godliness a, and is by St. Paul distinguished from justice and sobriety. In this sense I am now to explicate the parts of it.

Of the internal Actions of Religion.

Those I call the internal actions of religion, in which the soul only is employed, and ministers to God in the special actions of faith, hope, and charity, Faith believes the revelations of God : hope expects his promises: and charity loves his excellences and mercies, Faith gives us understanding to God : hope gives up all the passions and affections to heaven and heavenly things : and charity gives the will to the service of God. Faith is opposed to infidelity, hope to despair, charity to enmity and hostility : and these three sanctify the whole man, and make our duty to God and 2 James, i. 27.

* Tit. ii. 12.

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