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Roe, G: Koheleth. N. Y.. Dodge Pub. 83 p. il. 16, $1.25; ooze, $2. Rogers, Allen, and Aubert, Alfr. B., eds. Industrial chemistry; a manual for the student and manufacturer; 340 illustrations. N. Y., Van Nostrand. c. 14+854 p. O. $5 11. Rogers, Rob. W: The recovery of the ancient Orient. N. Y., Eaton & M. c. 61 p. S. 25 c. n.

Rolfe, J: Carew, and Dennison, Wa. A junior Latin book, with notes, exercises, and vocabularies. Rev. ed. Bost., Allyn & B. c. 6+396+164 p. col. pl. maps, plans, 12°, $1.25. Romance of Billy-goat Hill. Rice, Mrs. A. Č. Century Co.

H. $1.25 n.
Romanism. Crowley. J. J.

Rose Royal. Bland, E. N.

$2 n.

J. J. Crowley.

$1.30 n.

Rese ser. 16°.
-Hale. Man without a country.
Rosenberger, Jesse Leonard.

Dodd, Mead. Dodge Pub.


Real estate

decisions of the supreme courts of the various states, from March, 1910, to April, 1912, digested especially for the National Real Estate Journal. Chic., R. L. Polk & Co. c. 4-5-84 p. 8°, 50 c. Roses and rose gardens. Wright, W. P. $4.80 n. Stokes.

Ross, W: Horace. The extraction of potash from silicate rocks. [Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 10 p. tabs., 8°, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture. Bu. of Soils, cir.)

Rowena's happy summer.

60 c. n.

Robinson, C. M. Rand, McNally.

Royal auction bridge. Foster, R. F: $t n. Stokes.

Royds. Kathleen A. Coleridge and his poetry. N. Y., Dodge Pub. 121 p. 16°, (Poetry and life ser.) bds., 75 c. n.; 007e. $1.25.

Rucker. W. C. Sanitary advice for summer tourists and sanitary advice for keepers of summer resorts. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 7-5 p. 8°.

Rules of Pitman shorthand in a nutshell. N. Y.. Pitman. c. 58 d. D. pap.. 35 c. Rumball. Edn. Alfr. The Fourth ward survey. Rochester. New York. Rochester, N. Y.. Common Good Pub. 31 p. il, plan, 8°, gratis

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Rutledge, Caleb H. "Flashes from the furnace. [Mohawk, Mich., Keweenaw Pr.] c. 4-221 p. D. $1. Rutledge, J: J., and Hall, Clarence. The use of permissible explosives. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 34 p. il, pls. 8, (Dept. of the Interior, Bu. of Mines, bull.)

S. W. F. Club. Jacobs, C. E. $i n. Jacobs. Salesmanship and business efficiency. Knox, J. S: $1.50.

Red Wing Pr.

Salvage. Cardozo, E. C. $1. Badger. Salvation through atonement. Roberts, G. $1. Young Churchman. Salzmann, Maximilian, M.D. The anatomy and histology of the human eyeball in the normal state; its development and senescence. Chic., Chic. Med. Bk. c. 232 p. 4', $5 n.

Sammet, C: Fk. See Veith, Fletcher Pearre.

Sampson, Fs. Asbury. Bibliography of books of travel in Missouri. Columbia, Mo., State Hist. Soc. of Mo. 64-81 p. 8°. (Priv. pr.) Sanderson, Ezra Dwight, and Ja kson, C. F. Elementary entomology. Bost., Ginn. c. 7+ 372 p. il Ö. $2.

Sanderson, Marg. Love. Captain Becky's masquerade. Chic., Reilly & B. c. 240 p. front. D. (Captain Becky ser.) 60 c. Sandow, Eug. Strength and health; how disease may be successfully combatted by physical culture; il. with photographs. N. Y., R: K. Fox Pub. c. 175 p. pors. fold. pl. 16°, 25 c.

Sanitary advice for summer tourists. Rucker, W. C. Gov. Pr. Off. Saunders, C: Fs. The Indians of the terraced houses; with numerous il, from photographs mainly by C. F. and E. H. Saunders. N. Y., Putnam. c. 20+293 p. (5 p. bibl.) O. $2.50 n.

Schaffer, W: I., rep. See Pennsylvania. Superior ct. Repts.

Schwartz, Joost Marius Willem Van der Poorten, ["Maarten Maartens," pseud.] Eve; an incident of Paradise regained. N. Y., Dutton, 6+360 p. 12°, $1.35 n. SCIENCE.

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Lang, A. Short history of Scotland. $2 n.
Dodd, Mead.
Scott, Sir Wa. The fortunes of Nigel; re-
told for boys and girls by Alice F. Jackson; il.
[in col.]. by Murray Urquhart. Phil.,
Jacobs. 200 p. O. (Scott for boys and girls.)
bds., 75 c. n.

Redgauntlet; retold for boys and girls by
Alice F. Jackson; il. [in col.] by Monro S.
Orr. Phil., Jacobs. 197 p. O. (Scott for
boys and girls.) bds., 75 c. n.
Scott for boys and girls. O. 75 c. n. Jacobs.
-Scott. Fortunes of Nigel.-Redgauntlet.
Scout master of Troop 5. Thurston, Mrs. I.
T. $1 n.

Screws, W: B: The Bethany scribe. Co-
lumbus, Ga., Gilbert Pr. c. 4-+98 p. 4°, 50 c.
Scribner, Fk. K. The secret of Frontellac;
with a front, by Leon V. Solon. Bost.,
Small, Maynard. c. 420 p. D. $1.25 n.

Osborne, D. Engraved gems. $6 n. Holt.
Seawell, Molly Elliot. The son of Colum-
bus. N. Y., Harper. c. 236 p. pls. D. $1.25.
Secret of Frontellac. Scribner, F. K. $1.25.
Small, Maynard.

Secret of Lonesome Cove. Adams, S: H.
$1.25 n.
Secret of prayer. Byrum, E. E. $1. Revell.
Secrets of Sunday school teaching. Pell, E:
L. $1 n.

Seed-corn situation. Hartley, C: P.


Gov. Pr. Off.
Seegmiller, Wilhelmina. See Van Sickle,
Ja. H.

Seltzer, C: Alden. The coming of the law;
front. in color. by R. W. Amick. N. Y.,
Outing Pub. c. 378 p. D. $1.35 n.
Sergio, Arturo. Logical method for learn-
ing the French language. First book. N.
Y.. Italian Sch. of Languages, 315 5th Ave.
138 p. D. $1.


Cook, S. A. Quest of truth. $1.25 n.
Jennings & G.
Jones, S. Revival sermons. $1 n. Revell.
Maclean, D., ed. Famous sermons. $2.
Young Churchman.

Mysteries for the meek. 80 c.

Young Churchman.
Severance, H: Ormal. Books for farmers
and farmers' wives. Columbia, Mo., Univ.
of Mo. 22 p. O. (Univ. of Mo. bull., library
ser.) pap., gratis.
Sewage-polluted water supplies. McLaughlin,
A. J.
Gov. Pr. Off.
Sewall, Ja. Wingate. Applied forestry;
written particularly for owners and man-
agers; explaining certain methods of forest-
ers toward conserving property values and
providing maximum returns from current
operations. Old Town, Mo., [The author.]
36 p. front, il. O. pap., gratis.

[blocks in formation]

N. Y., Van Nostrand. 8+


330 p. D. $2.50 n.
Shaggy coat. Hawkes, C. $1.50.
Shakespeare, W: Works: The Ben Greet
Shakespeare for young readers and amateur
players. vs. 5-6. Garden City, N. Y., Dou-
bleday, Page. 8+166; 8+239 p. il. D. ea.,
60 c. n.; leath., 90 c. n.

Shakespeare, W:

Contents: v. 5, The comedy of errors; v. 6, Julius.
Works: the comedies,
histories, tragedies, and poems of William
Shakespeare; with memoir, introductions,
and notes by R: Grant White: rev., supple-
mented and annot. by W: P. Trent and
others. In 12 v. Bost., Little, Brown. c. '11.
pls. S. leath., $18 n., bxd.; ea., $1.50 n.

Contents: v. 1, The tempest; Two gentlemen of
Verona; Merry wives of Windsor; Measure for meas-
ure; Comedy of errors; v. 2. Much ado about noth-
ing; Love's labour's lost; Midsummer night's dream;
Merchant of Venice; v. 3, As you like it; Taming of
the shrew; All's well that ends well; Twelfth night;
v. 4, The winter's tale; King John; Richard II.; v. 5,
Henry IV., Part I.; Henry IV., Part II.; Henry V.,
v. 6, Henry VI., Part I.; Henry VI., Part II.; Henry
VI., Part III.; v. 7, Richard III.; Henry VIII.; Troi-
lus and Cressida; v. 8, Coriolanus; Titus Andronicus;
Romeo and Juliet; v. 9, Timon of Athens; Julius
Cæsar; Macbeth; v. 10, Hamlet; King Lear; Othello;
V. 11, Antony and Cleopatra; Cymbeline; Pericles;
V. 12. Poems and sonnets; Memoirs.

Shakespeare, W: Shakespeare's wit and
humor; [comp.] by W: A. Lawson. Phil.,
Jacobs. c. 315 p. O. $1.25 n.

[blocks in formation]


Henderson, A. George Bernard Shaw. $5
Stewart & Kidd.
Shaw, Roscoe H. A new method for deter-
mining the fat and salt in butter, especially
adapted for use in creameries. Wash., D. C.,
Gov. Pr. Off. 8 p. figs. O. (U. S., Dept. of
Agriculture, Bu, of Animal Industry cir.)
Shelley, H: C: Old Paris; its social, his-
torical, and literary associations; including
an account of the famous cabarets, hôtels,
cafés, salons, clubs, pleasure gardens, fairs
and fêtes, and the theatres of the French
capital in bygone times. Bost., L. C. Page.
c. 12+354 p. pls. O. $3 n., bxd.
SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe.

Edmunds, A. W. Shelley and his poetry.
75 c. n.; $1.25 n.
Dodge Pub.
Shelton, W: Arth. The Lakes to the Gulf
deep waterway; a study of the proposed
channel, terminals, water-craft freight move-
ment, and rail and boat rates. Chic.. [The
author.] c. 133 p. fold, map, tabs. O. $1; pap.,

Sheriff and constable manual, 1912. Nash-
ville, Tenn., Marshall & Bruce Co. c. D.
leath.. $1.

Ship mathematics. Norris, E. B. pt. 1. $1.50.

Short cut. Flint, G: E. 75 c.
Short history of English law. Jenks, E: $3.
Little, Brown.
Sibree, Rev. Ja. Our English cathedrals.
2 v. Phil., Lippincott. il. 12°, $2.50 n.

Sickels, D: Banks. Flowers from the wayside [poems]. [Paterson, N. J., G: Layton.] 73 p. D. $1. Sidgwick, Ethel. Herself. Bost., Small, Maynard. c. 4+3-438 p. front. D. $1.35 n.

Le gentleman; an idyll of the quarter. Bost., Small, Maynard. 282 p. D. $1.25 n. Promise. Bost., Small, Maynard. 436 p. D. $1.35 n. Sign (The).


Fedden, Mrs. K.

W. D. $1.25 Dodd, Mead.

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Skinner, Joshua J:, and Beattie, Ja. H. City street sweepings as a fertilizer. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 8 p. 8°, (U. S., Dept. of Agriculture, Bu. of Soils cir.) Skrine, Rev. J: Huntley. Problems of hope and love. Milwaukee, Wis., Young Churchman. 60 c.

Smith, Alb. L. See Hessler, J: C: Smith, Anna Tolman. The Montessori system of education; an examination of characteristic features set forth in Il metodo della pedagogia scientifica. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 30 p. (2 p. bibl.) 8°, (U. S., Bu. of Education bull.)

Smith, Mrs. Eliz. Thomasina, [formerly L. T. Meade.] Stories from the old, old

Bible. Phil., Lippincott. 410 p. il. 12°, $1.25 n. Smith, Fs. A., and Walker, Alb. Perry. Pu

pils' notebook and study outline in English history. N. Y. Am. Book Co. c. 141 p. maps, O. pap, 25 c.

Smith, G. F. Herb. Gem-stones and their distinctive characters; with many diagrams and 32 plates, of which 3 are in colour. N. Y.. Fott. 13+312 p. D. $2 n.

Smith, Kenneth B. See Norris, Earle B. Smith, Percey Franklyn, and Gale, Arth. Sullivan. New analytic geometry. Bost., Ginn, c. '04-'12. 10+342 p. D. $1.50. Smith. Theodate L. The Montessori sysin theory and practice; an introd. to the pedagogic methods of Dr. Maria Montessori; with some reports of American experience; 31 from photographs taken for this book. N. Y, Harper. c. 8+77 p. D. 60 c. n.

Smith, Rev. W: Wa. The elements of child study and religious pedagogy in simple and practical form fully illustrated; with a foreword by the Rev. Rob. P. Kreitler. Milwaukee, Wis., Young Churchman. c. 13+ 271 p. O. 90 c. n.

Social center features in new elementary
school architecture. Perry, C. A. 25 c.
Sage (Russell) Found., Dept. of Recreation.
Social service ser. D.
Am. Bapt.
-Bemies. Church in the country town.

c. n.

-Chase. Disruption of the home. IO C. n. -Horsman. One rest day in seven. IO C. n. -Kennedy. Housing problems. IO C. n. -Lovejoy. Child labor. 10 c. n.



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[blocks in formation]

Solomon, Jos. Bergson: the philosophy of change. N. Y., Dodge Pub. 126 p. 16°, (Philosophies ancient and modern.) 50 c. n. Some immigrant neighbors. Henry, J: R. 40 c. n.; 25 c. n. Revell. Some moral reasons for belief in the Godhood of Jesus. Mains, G: P. 35 c.

Eaton & M. Son of Columbus. Seawell, M. E. $1.25.


Soul of the world. Dearmer, Mrs. P. 40 c. Young Churchman. South Dakota. News Printing Co.'s Revised township manual for the state of South Dakota; comp. by Ja. F. Kelley. Aberdeen, S. D., News Pr. c. 152 p. 8°, $1. Southwestern reporter. vs. 146-147. Perm. ed. St. Paul, Minn., West Pub. c. O. (National reporter system, state ser.) ea., $4. Sowerby, Githa. Rutherford and son; a play in three acts. N. Y., Doran, c. 123 p. D. $1 n.

Soyer, N: Soyer's standard cookery; a complete guide to the art of cooking dainty, varied, and economical dishes for the household. N. Y., Sturgis & W. c. 10+436 p. pls. D. $1.50 n.

Spalding's athletic lib. 16. Am. Sports Pub. Warman. Physical training simplified. 25 c. SPANISH LANGUAGE,

Spanish language in Univ. of N. M. Elementary Spanish Ginn. The mountain

Gray, E: D. M.
New Mexico. gratis.
Harrison, E. S.
reader. 50 c.
Spearman, Fk. Hamilton.

divide; il. by Armand Both. N. Y., Scribner. c. 319 p. D. $1.25 n. Spiders. Warburton, C. 40 c. n. Putnam. Spirit mediumship. Sprague, E. W. $1.25. E. W. Sprague. Spirit of Christmas. Gleason, A. H., 50 c. n. Stokes.

Spiritual healing. Reade, R. C. S. 60 c. Young Churchman. Spiritual studies in St. John's gospel. v. 3. Ritchie, A. 75 c. n. Young Churchman. Spiritual values. Guth, W: W. $1 n.

Jennings & G. Sprague, Rev. Eli Wilmot. Spirit mediumship: its various phases; how developed and safely practiced; a compendium of psychic science; for seances, circles and individual use the medium's companion and guide. Detroit, Mich., E. W. Sprague. c. 4+137 p. por. 12°, $1.25.

Spyri, Mrs. Johanna Heusser. Heimatlos; two stories for children, and for those who love children; tr. by Emma Stelter Hopkins; with il. by R. F: Richardson. Bost., Ginn. 6+231 p. S. 40 c.

Squire's daughter. Marshall, A. $1.25 n.
Dodd, Mead.
Stanley, Mrs. Caroline Abbot. The master
of "The Oaks"; a novel. N. Y. and Chic.,
Revell. c. 389 p. pls. O. $1.25 n.
Stapp, Emilie Blackmore. Uncle Peter-
heathen; il. by Harriet Macy. Phil., Mc-
Kay, c. 285 p. D. $1.25.

Starling, Ernest H:, M.D. The principles of human physiology. Phil., Lea & F. 1423 p. il. 8°, $5 n. Starling, Sydney G. Electricity and magnetism for advanced students. N. Y., Longmans. 6+583 p. diagrs., O. $2.25 n. State and municipal regulations for the quality, distribution and testing of illuminating gas. U. S. Bureau of Standards.

Gov. Pr. Off. Steiner, Rudolf. The occult significance of the blood; an esoteric study. Bost., Occult and Modern Thought Book Center. c. 47 p. S. pap., 25 c. STENOGRAPHY.

Estate agents, architects, and surveyors; an adaptation of Pitman's shorthand. 75 c. Pitman. Fraser, De V. T. Civil service and secretarial dictation. $2.50. J. Haarstick & Co. Ireland, W. S. Stenotype. $2. Universal Stenotype Co. Rules of Pitman shorthand. 35 c.

Pitman. Stenotype for the use of students. Ireland, W. S. $2. Universal Stenotype Co. Stevenson, Burton Egbert. The young apprentice; or, Allan West's chum; il. by J: Goss. Bost., L. C. Page. c. 6+371 p. O. (Boys' story of the railroad ser.) $1.50. Stevenson, Rob. L: Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin. N. Y., Longmans. 229 p. por. D. $1.75 n.

Stevenson birthday book; comp. by Ja. F. Mason. N. Y., Dodge Pub. 122 p. 16°, 75 c.; leath.. $1.25.

Stimson, Arth. M. See Lumsden, Leslie L. Stiness, E: C:, rep. See Rhode Island. Supreme ct. Repts.

Stokes, Katharine. The motor maids by rose, shamrock and thistle; with il. by C: L. Wrenn. N. Y., Hurst. c. 302 p. 12°, 50 c. Stone, Stuart Basham. The nonsensical U. S. A.; being an explosion of hitherto unsuspected statistical bombshells purloined from the latest and most inaccurate noncensus bulletins, the archives. of the Spoils and Grafts Guild, the Infantile Industries Protective Society, the Old-storage, Immunity, Octopian, Muck-raked and Acquisitive combinations, and the officious reports of the departments of investigation, conservation and upward and downward revision; with an appendix worth $1000 to any aspiring doctor of literature; defaced and sideswiped with numerous artistic perpetrations by H. Boylston Dummer. Bost., Caldwell. c. 173 p. D. 75 c. n.

Storage of water for irrigation purposes. For-
tier, S:
Gov. Pr. Off.
Stories from the old, old Bible. Smith. Mrs.
E. T. $1.25 n.
Stories in prose and rhyme. McKeen. F. 50 c.
Am. Sch. for the Deaf.
Stories of Indian days. Powers, E. M. 10 C.
Educ. Pub.
Stories of some shoots. Drain, J. A. $1.25.
Arms and the Man Pub.

[blocks in formation]

Streets of Ascalon. Chambers, R. W: $1.40


Appleton. 25 c. R. K. Fox Co. Structural reinforced-concrete in the new cathedral. Reinforced-Concrete Co. gratis. Reinforced-Concrete Co. Stuart, Gordon. The boy scouts of the air at Eagle Camp; il. by Norman P. Hall, Chic., Reilly & B. c. 247 p. pls. D. (Boy scouts of the air books.) 60 c.

Strength and health. Sandow, E.

Studies in education from the Dept. of Edu-
cation of the State University of Iowa. 8°.
Univ. of Ia.
--Miles. Comparison of elementary and high
school grades. 25 c.
Success in salesmanship. Woodworth, S. $2.
Am. Sch. of Commerce.
Such is life. Wedekind, F. $1.25 n.

Brown Bros. Suffering with him. Debenham, A. $1. Young Churchman. Sugar machinery. Wallis-Taylor, A. J. $2 n. Van Nostrand.

Sugar schedule. Lodge, H: C. Gov. Pr. Off. Suggested plan for monetary legislation. Aldrich, N. W. Gov. Pr. Off. Suggestions for banking reform. Laughlin, J. L. gratis. Nat. Citizens' League. Sully, Ja. Italian travel sketches: with il. by P. Noël Boxer. N. Y., Scribner. 10+ 326 p. (6 p. bib'.) O. $2 n.

Sunderland, Edson R. Sunderland's selected cases on trial practice in civil actions at law with annots. Chic., Callaghan. $4.50. Sundwall, J: Tissue proliferation in plasma

medium. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 64+4 p. (6 p. bibl.) pls. 8°, (U. S., Hygienic Lab. bull.)

Sunshine sketches. Leacock, S. B. $1.25,
J: Lane.

Denslow. Surgical treatment of locomotor
ataxia. $1.25 n.
Chic. Med. Bk.
Sutton, Rev. Xavier. The life of blessed
Gabriel for boys and girls. St. Louis,
Herder. 56 p. front. 16°, pap., 10 c. n.
Svenska-Amerikanska studies. Person, J. 75
Augustana Bk. Concern.


Bigelow, J: Bible that was lost. $1.
New Ch. Bd. of Publication.

Book of worship. $1: $1.25.

New Ch. Bd. of Publication.

[blocks in formation]

Swift, H: Walton, rep. See Massachusetts. Supreme judicial ct. Repts.

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels; ed. by Anna Tweed; il. by Dan. Sayre Groesbeck. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, Page. c. 18+304 p. D. (Golden books for children; ed. by Clifton Johnson.) $1.20 1. SWITZERLAND.

Auvergne, E. B. d'. Switzerland. $3 n. Little, Brown. Symon, Ja. John Ruskin. N. Y., Dodge Pub, 79 p. 12°, (Pilgrim books.) bds., 75 c. n.

Symptoms and their interpretation. Macken-
zie. J. $3 n.
Chic, Med. Bk.
SYNGE, John Millington.

Bickley, F. J. M. Synge. 75 c. n.

Houghton Mifflin. Synoptic problem. Hayes, D. A. 35 c. n. Eaton & M. Taft, W: Howard. Cost of occupation of Philippine Islands; message from the President of the United States, transmitting statement relative to the cost which has accrued to the United States as a result of the occupation of the Philippine Islands. [Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off.] 3 p. 8°.

Taggart, Marion Ames. Six girls grown up; a story; il. by W: F. Stecher. Bost., W. A. Wilde Co. c. 343 p. D. (Six girls ser.) $1.50. Tait, G. W. Gold mine accounts and costing; a practical manual for officials, accountants, bookkeepers, etc. N. Y., Pitman. 85 p. 8°, $2.

Talbot, Marion, and Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston. The modern household. Bost., Whitcomb & Barrows. c. 93 p. (bibls.) D. $1 n.

Tales of the untamed. Pergaud, L. $1.25 n. Outing Pub.

Talker, The. Hornblow, A. $1.25 n.

Dillingham. Tarr, Ralph Stockman, and Martin, Lawrence. The earthquakes at Yakutat Bay, Alaska, in September, 1899: with a preface by G. K. Gilbert. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 135 p. il. pls. (partly fold.) maps, (partly fold; I in pocket) diagrs., 4o, (U. S., Dept of the Interior, U. S. Geological Survey, Professional pap.)

Task of social hygiene. Ellis, H: H. $2.50 n. Houghton Mifflin. Taussig, Fk.W: Wooi and woolens; article entitled "The report of the Tariff Board on wool and woolens." Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. II p. 8°. ΤΑΧΑΤΙΟΝ.

Lodge, H: C. Sugar schedule. 'Gov. Pr. Off. Taylor, A. J. Wallis-. See Wallis-Taylor, A. J. Taylor, Bayard. Boys of other countries. Enl. ed., including The robber region of southern California; il. by F: S. Coburn and others. N. Y., Putnam. c. '76-'12. 6+260 p. O. $2, bxd.

Taylor, Duncan. The composition of matter and the evolution of mind; immortality

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