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D. Authorities

John Dennis. His Life and Criticism. By Paul, H. G. New York, 1911. Dictionary of National Biography. Art. by Roberts, William.

Life of Richard Steele. By Aitken, G. A. 1889.

Works of Alexander Pope. Edd. Elwin and Courthope. 1871-89.
Retrospective Review. Vol. I. Art. by Talfourd, Sir T. N.

E. Adversaria

The Justice of the Peace: or, A Vindication of the Peace from several late pamphlets, written by Mr Congreve, Dennis, &c. 1697.

The New Association... Occasion'd by a late pamphlet entitul'd The Danger of Priestcraft. [By Charles Leslie.] 1702.

The Narrative of Dr R. Norris, concerning the frenzy of Mr J. Denn-. [By Pope.] [1713.]

The Critical Specimen. 1715.

A Critick no Wit: Or, Remarks on Mr Dennis's late Play, called, The Invader
of his Country. In a letter from a School-Boy to the Author. 1720.
An Answer to a whimsical Pamphlet call'd, The character of Sir John
Edgar, &c. 1720.

A free consideration and confutation of Sir John Edgar. By Sir Andrew
Artlove. (Applebee's Journal, 1720. Rptd in The Theatre, &c., 1791.)
The Life of Mr John Dennis, the renowned Critick. Not written by
Mr Curll. 1734.


A Supplement to Mr Warburton's edition of Shakespear, being the Canons of Criticism, and Glossary, collected from the notes in that celebrated work. 1747.

The Canons of Criticism, and Glossary, being a Supplement to Mr Warburton's edition of Shakespear, collected from the notes in that celebrated work, and proper to be bound up with it. 1748. [Often reprinted.] An Account of the Trial of the Letter Y alias Y. [Published with a design of settling the orthography of our language.] 1753. Free and Candid Thoughts on the Doctrine of Predestination. 1761. Sonnets by Edwards are in Dodsley's Collection, and in the last editions of the 'Canons of Criticism.' Letters will be found in vol. III of Richardson's 'Correspondence.' Akenside wrote an Ode to Edwards on his controversy with Warburton.


History of the Athenian Society. 1691.

The Postboy robbed of his Mail, or, the Pacquet broke open, consisting of 500 letters to Persons of several Qualities. 1692.

Nuncius Infernalis: or, a new Account from below. In two dialogues. 1692. A Letter to Mr D'Urfey, occasioned by his play called The Marriage Hater Matched. 1692.

Miscellany Poems upon several Occasions. 1692.

Miscellaneous Letters and Essays... in prose and verse... by several ladies and gentlemen. 1694.

Miscellaneous Works of the Deist, Charles Blount. 1695.

Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets. [See Langbaine, post.] 1699.

Examen Miscellaneum. 1702.

A Comparison of the Two Stages. 1702.

The Deists' Manual, or a rational enquiry into the Christian Religion. 1705.

The Life of Mr Thomas Betterton. 1710.

A New Rehearsal: or, Bays the Younger, containing an examen of Mr Rowe's plays, and a word or two on Mr Pope's 'Rape of the Lock.' 1714.

The Complete Art of Poetry. 2 vols. 1718.

The Life and Adventures of Mr D- De F-, of London, Hosier. 1719. The Laws of Poetry as laid down by ... Buckingham,

... Lansdowu, explained and illustrated. 1721.

The Roman Bride's Revenge. 1697.


Phaetan, or the Fatal Divorce. 1698.

Measure for Measure. [Adapted from Shakespeare.] 1700.

Love's Victim. 1701.

The Patriot, or the Italian Conspiracy. 1703.


A Vindication of the Church of England. 1720.

Presbyterian Prejudice displayed. 1722.

Roscommon and

A Pair of Clean Shoes for a Dirty Baronet, or an answer to Sir Richard Cox. 1722.

The Knight of Dumbleton foiled at his own weapon. 1723.

A Century of Presbyterian Preachers. 1723.

A Letter of Thanks to Mr Benjamin Bennet. 1723.

A Caveat against Mr Benjamin Bennet. 1724.

A Defence of our Critical and Modern Historians against the frivolous cant of a late pretender to Critical History. [Oldmixon.] 1724.

A Looking-Glass for Schismaticks. 1725.

The Ministry of the Dissenters proved to be null and void. 1725.

The Spirit of Infidelity detected. 1736.

English Presbyterian Eloquence. 1736.

Examination of Dr Chandler's 'History of Persecution.' 1736.

The True Picture of Quakerism. 1736.

A Caveat against the Dissenters. 1736.

An impartial Examination of Mr Daniel Neal's 'History of the Puritans.' 1736.

An Examination of the 14th Chapter of Sir Isaac Newton's 'Observations upon Daniel.' 1736.

An Attempt towards the Character of Charles I. 1738.

The Schismatics delineated. By Philalethes Cantabrigiensis. 1739.

A Vindication of the Government of the Church of England. 1740.

The Quakers and Methodists compared. 1740.

A Review of Mr Daniel Neal's 'History of the Puritans. 1744.

Hudibras, in three Parts, written in the time of the late Civil Wars, corrected and amended, with large annotations and a preface; adorned with a new set of cuts. [Edited by Grey, Z.] 2 vols. 1744.

A Serious Address to Lay Methodists. 1745.

A Word or two of Advice to William Warburton, a dealer in many words. By a Friend. With an Appendix containing a taste of William's spirit of railing. 1746.

Remarks upon a late Edition of Shakespeare... to which is prefixed a Defence of the late Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart., addressed to the Rev. Mr Warburton. [1748?]

A Free and familiar Letter to that great refiner of Pope and Shakespeare,

the Rev. Mr W. Warburton. 1750.

Critical, Historical, and Explanatory Notes upon Hudibras, by way of Supplement to the two editions published in 1744 and 1745. 1752.

Critical, Historical, and Explanatory Notes on Shakespeare. 1754.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of T. Baker, from the papers of Zachary Grey.... By R. Masters. 1784.


An Essay towards a demonstrative proof of the Divine Existence, Unity, and Attributes.


Notae sive Lectiones ad... Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis quae supersunt dramata deperditorumque reliquiae. 1762.

The Case of the County of Devon with respect to the consequences of the new Excise Duty on Cyder and Perry. 1763.

A Revisal of Shakespeare's Text, wherein the alterations introduced into it by the more modern editors and critics are particularly considered. [Anon.] 1765.

Annotations illustrative of the Plays of Shakespeare, by Johnson, Stevens, Malone, Heath, &c. 1819.


The Triumph of Peace, a Poem. 1698.

The Court of Neptune. 1699.

The House of Nassau, a Pindaric Ode. 1702.

An Ode in praise of Music. 1703.

A complete History of England. 3 vols. [Hughes collected materials, and translated a Life of Queen Mary in vol. 11.] 1706.

Advices from Parnassus.... All translated from the Italian by several Hands. Revised and corrected by Mr Hughes. 1706.

Fontenelle's Dialogues of the Dead... with two original Dialogues. 1708. Calypso and Telemachus, an Opera. 1712.

An Ode to the Creator of the World. 1713.

The Lay Monk. [With Sir R. Blackmore.] 1713-14. [Republished in 1714 as the 'Lay Monastery.']

The Works of Mr Edmund Spenser.... With a glossary explaining the old and obscure words. 6 vols. 1715.

Apollo and Daphne: A Masque. 1716.

An Ode for the birthday of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. 1716.

A Layman's Thoughts on the late treatment of the Bishop of Bangor. 1717.

Charon, or The Ferry-Boat. A Vision. Dedicated to the Swiss Count

[J. J. Heidegger.] 1719.

The Ecstacy: An Ode. 1720.

The Siege of Damascus: A Tragedy. 1720.

Letters of Abelard and Heloise.... Extracted chiefly from Monsieur Bayle. Translated from the French. 1722.

Poems on Several Occasions, with some select Essays in Prose. Ed. Duncombe, W. 2 vols. 1735.

[Hughes's Poems are in the ordinary collections, including Johnson's (with a Life).]

The Complicated Guilt of the late Rebellion. 1745. [Written in 1716.] Letters by several eminent Persons deceased, ed. by Rev. John Duncombe. [Contains Hughes's correspondence, some new pieces, and the original plan of the 'Siege of Damascus.'] 1773.


A. Collected Works

Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse. [1705.]

Remains of Dr William King. [Ed. Brown, J.] 1732.

Posthumous Works of Dr William King. Ed. Browne, Joseph, M.D. 1734. The Original Works of William King, LL.D., with historical notes, and memoirs of the Author. [By John Nichols.] 3 vols. 1776.

B. Single Works

Reflections upon Mons. Varillas's History of Heresy. [With Edward Hannes.] 1688.

A Dialogue showing the Way to Modern Preferment. [1690.]
Animadversions on a pretended Account of Denmark. 1694.

A Journey to London in the year 1698. After the ingenious method of that made by Dr Martin Lister to Paris in the same year. Written originally in French, by Monsieur Sorbière, and newly translated into English. 1698.

A short Account of Dr Bentley's Humanity and Justice. 1699.

Dialogues of the Dead, relating to the present controversy concerning the Epistles of Phalaris. 1699.

The Furmetary. A very innocent and harmless Poem. 1699.

The Transactioner, with some of his Philosophical Fancies, in two Dialogues. 1700.

Molly of Mountown. 1704.

The Fairy Feast. Written by the Author of A Tale of a Tub. [This is the same piece as 'Orpheus and Euridice.'] 1704.

The Art of Cookery, in imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry: with some Letters to Dr Lister and others, occasioned principally by the title of a book published by the Doctor, being the works of Apicius Caelius, concerning the Soups and Sauces of the Ancients. [1708.]

The Art of Love: In Imitation of Ovid de Arte Amandi. 1709.

Useful Transactions in Philosophy and other sorts of Learning, to be continued monthly, as they sell. [3 parts.] 1709.

A friendly Letter from honest Tom Boggy to the Rev. Mr Goddard, Canon of Windsor. 1710.

A second Letter to Mr Goddard, occasioned by the late Panegyric given him by the Review. 1710.

A Vindication of the Rev. Dr Sacheverell. 1711.

Mr Bisset's Recantation. 1711.

An Answer to a second scandalous Book that Mr Bisset is now writing. 1711. Historical Account of the Heathen Gods and Heroes. 1711. [Fourth edn, 1727.]

Rufinus, or an Historical Essay on the favourite Ministry under Theodosius and his son Arcadius. 1711.

Useful Miscellanies, Part the First. 1712.

Britain's Palladium, or Lord Bolingbroke's Welcome from France. 1712.
Apple Pye. [Printed in The Northern Atlantis.] 1713.
An Essay on Civil Government. 1776.

C. Appendix

A Letter to Dr W. King, occasioned by his Art of Cookery. [An attack.]

A Pindarick Ode to the memory of Dr William King. [A eulogy.] 1712.


The Hunter: A discourse of Horsemanship. Oxford, 1685.

Momus Triumphans, or the Plagiaries of the English Stage exposed. 1688. A new Catalogue of English Plays. 1688.

An Account of the English Dramatic Poets, or some observations and remarks on the lives and writings of all those that have published either comedies, tragedies, tragicomedies, pastorals, masques, interludes, farces, or operas, in the English Tongue. Oxford, 1691.

The Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets: First began by Mr Langbain, improved and continued down to this time by a careful Hand. [Gildon.] 1699.

JAMES PUCKLE (1667 ?-1724)

The Club, or A Dialogue between Father and Son, in vino veritas. 1711. New edns, 1834 and 1890.


See bibliographies to vol. vIII, chapters VI B and VII, also to chapters VII and VIII of the present volume


Epicteti quae supersunt dissertationes ab Arriano collectae.... Recensuit
notisque illustravit J. Uptonus. 1739. [Another edition, 2 vols. 1744.
Upton's notes were used by Schweighäuser in his edition of 1799-1800.]
Critical Observations on Shakespeare. 1746. [Second edition, 1748.]
A new Canto of Spenser's 'Fairie Queene.' [? by Upton.] 1747.

A letter concerning a new Edition of Spenser's 'Fairie Queene.' To Gilbert
West, Esq. 1751.

Spenser's 'Fairie Queene'... With a glossary and notes by John Upton. 1758. [In An impartial Estimate of the Reverend Mr Upton's Notes on the Fairy Queen, 1759, Upton is charged with copying from Warton without acknowledgment.]




A. Collections

The principal works of the writers treated in this Chapter will be found in the following Collections of British Poets:

The Poets of Great Britain from Chaucer to Churchill. (Bell's edn.) 109 vols. Edinburgh, 1777-92.

The Works of the English Poets: With prefaces biographical and critical by Johnson, S. 68 vols. 1779-81.

The Works of the British Poets. Ed. Anderson, R. 14 vols. Edinburgh, 1793-1807.

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