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Walter Scott


a state where disappointment and indignation s for the mastery. In a few minutes he heard a cart out of the rugged courtyard, and made no doubt was now dispossessed, for a space at least, if not of the only documents which seemed to promi light upon the dubious events which had of late in his destiny. With such melancholy thoughts he beguile about four or five hours of solitude.

When this space was elapsed, the trampling was heard in the courtyard, and Colonel Stewa after made his appearance to request his guest some further refreshment before his departure. T was accepted, for a late breakfast had by no me our hero incapable of doing honour to dinner, w now presented. The conversation of his host of a plain country gentleman, mixed with some like sentiments and expressions. He cautiously any reference to the military operations or civ of the time : and to Waverley's direct inquiries some of these points, replied, that he was not to speak upon such topics.

When dinner was finished, the governor a wishing Edward a good journey, said, that h informed by Waverley's servant that his ba been sent forward, he had taken the freedom him with such changes of linen as he might fin till he was again possessed of his own. With ment he disappeared. A servant acquainted instant

ds, that his horse was ready. bint he descended into the co per holding a saddled horse, sallied from the portal of

t a score of armed men

appearance of regular s had suddenly assumed ar e of unexpected emergency. blue and red, an affected imita ri curs, was in many respects i wow 00 on those who wore it. MOM 00 moat a well-disciplined LI KU LI motions and habi

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