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preparing for their converts a renewal as aliens and criminals all persons of everything they had left. The who oppose his absolutism.

PersecuPapacy is saturated with the crimson tion, when possible, becomes a duty ; blood of ambition and the last of intolerance a part of the Gospel ; empire ; from its very cradle, it lisped Christian liberty of worship, of in the accents of an infant despot. thought, of speech-a devilry. If, Let us not be beguiled into the folly on the other hand, we regard the of supposing that the inheritor of so Papacy as false, it is then the most many absolutisms will ever stand on stupendous imposition in the world ; any pinnacle of the Vatican, and for an imposture the most injurious to the love of God and the good of man the world; for the deification of an renounce his imperial claims, and error which anathematizez even the like one who ought to be his Master, mental feeling after truth is an incarbut Whose name and prestige are

nated lie which no righteous man can utilized by the Pope as His pretended pretend to be indifferent to. Thus it Vicar, proclaim that Kingdom of is unworthy of any independent man God which cometh not with observa- to show


hozoir to the Pope as tion,' but is formed within the heart of Pope (of course to the man we should the humble and the just.

act as to any other supposable good In course of time the power of the man labouring under an illusion). Papacy will perish, as the power of We ought not to go and pay our rethe Cæsars has perished. In the spects to him. We can pay homage Roman Missal, one sovereign besides to a foreign sovereign who recognizes the Pope is alone prayed for, and that our independence, but if a foreign is the Emperor of Austria ; because sovereign ostentatiously claims to be he is regarded as the Cæsar, the Em- our sovereign, to render homage to peror of Rome and the West, and him becomes unfit. At a time when next to the Pope, in Europe supreme.

the Papal Court especially looks to His State is called 'the Holy Roman England for help, and boasts of the Empire, and yet its power, in that fidelity and increase of her British aspect, is nothing but a phantom, subjects, it is all the more incumbent. No Italian recognizes his sovereignty. on us not to countenance such preHis Greek orthodox and his Protestant tensions. If all Eaglish and American subjects, aided by liberal Catholics visitors at Rome stayed away from and liberated nationalities, have com- Papal services and Papal presentapelled him to become a constitutional tions, they would b: more consistent monarch and to grant immunities and more respected. Fortunately, condemned by the Syllabus : whilst now we can visit Rome without enhis imperial supremacy has been riching the Papal exchequer. transferred to the most Protestant What we say of the Pope applies potentate on the Continent of Europe. also in a lesser degree to the members. Thus absolutism will perish, but it of his Court, who, like all the Cardiwill be by no voluntary concession. nals, take an oath of allegiance to the

The grave question then arises : Pope, as temporal sovereign, and for How ought we to comport ourselves the extermination of all heresy. toward the Papacy? Religiously? Thus it ought to be a point of honour Politically? The Papacy admits of to every Englishman in no way to no compromise. If we believe the endeavour to show consideration to Papal claims to be true, our duty is Prelates who are established in Engclear : we are bound to humble our- land as Papal Prefects, to subject us selves and become for Christ's sake to a power hostile to our country, to the vassals of the Pope, and to treat our constitution, to our laws, rights

our conscientions

and liberties, and bound to extermi- It is time to treat people as enenate by force (when possible) every mies or as suspects when they have form of Christianity but her own. proved themselves to be such. More It is obvious that such a conscientious over, when that day arrives, some consistency does not require us, when remedy may unexpectedly arise, obliged to meet such persons, to show some cause of division of which we rudeness or unkindness, or to abstain can avail ourselves. Then there is from the use of titles so far as the that happy inconsistency causing 80 qualified recognition is necessary for often human nature to find excuse ordinary social courtesy.

for serving country and loving friends What befits the individual, reli- in defiance of ecclesiastical precepts giously and consistently, is obviously and threats. Strong States never show the line to which the statesman themselves frightened : just States should endeavour to conform. Indeed, deal with acts, not with theories

. the statesman is doubly bound, for On the other hand, concessions, he is in the presence of a usurper wrongfully and unwisely given to claiming rights over himself person- undeserving persons, obtain the rights ally, as also over the State whose in- of possession, dependence he ought to maintain. Then grave difficulties arise in But no question is more surrounded consequence of by practical difficulties ; difficulties maintenance of the rights of conon the side of principle, difficulties on science, and our rejection of persecuthe side of expediency. Amongst the tion and intolerance. It may seem latter, we might allude to such as trying to have to exercise these printhe following : the number of our ciples in defence of the most injurious Roman Catholic subjects in Lower and aggressive acts of persons who Canada, in Ireland and in our large anathematize us for teaching those cities ; and the fact that

at present very principles; we may feel this they are not only peaceable subjects, all the more aggravating when urged but even kept under by ecclesiastical upon us by men like Cardinal Manauthority. If it had been the Pope's ning, who have been striving to obtain interest to adopt an anti-English the infallible condemnation of liberty policy, Lower Canada would now of worship and liberty of conscience, have been one of the American States, and who would deprive us of all those and Ireland might have been under rights as soon as an evil day constithe protection of the French flag. tuted such men rulers backed by an The English and Scotch Roman imposing majority. On June 29th

, Catholic gentry are really loyal in 1867, Archbishop Manning assisted spirit to the British Crown, as well as at the canonization of a new patron outwardly peaceable. All the English and saintly model, it was Peter de and Scotch Roman Catholic Bishops, Arbues, the Spanish inquisitor : and and probably nearly all the Irish, at the Vatican Council he assisted in except Archbishop McHale, are worth proclaiming the infallibility of the to the English Government a troop Syllabus and its anathemas; and yet dragoons. Granted that the same that man has the audacity to claim power which now makes them act as

liberty for his sect, hostile' as it is to Government constables may hereafter every sacred and human possession, cause them to be ranged against and to claim it because, though he is England on the side of rebellion, bound to denounce the threefold let us nevertheless avail ourselves liberty of speech, thought and worof present advantages, and leave ship, we are as heretics bound by our the rest to the men of the future. damnable opinions' to admit and pro


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claim it. This is irritating ; but the in reality such regards their colour irritation does not invalidate the more than their religion. All the truth. We declare persecution to be difficulty of the question of wrong; we even say that, on the tion has reference to the Neowhole, it does not answer its object: Catholics. that a feeble persecution irritates and Previously to the decree of Infallifails; that & destructively severe bility the difficulty had been surpersecution indirectly injures the mounted, in consequence of the long persecutor whilst it crushes the


habit of comparative freedom amongst cuted.

Roman Catholics and the silence of Persecution can be political, social, the Popes as to their ancient claims. interior. Interior persecution is, But now it is all changed. The when we indulge in all bad suspicions grounds on the strength of which and mental condemnations of persons

equal rights were conceded have been whom we dislike, in consequence of declared to be untenable, heretical opinions held by them which we deem and criminal. The Neo-Catholic no false. Social persecution is, when we longer claims equality-he demands refuse to visit them, to hold inter- supremacy ; a supremacy not even to course with them, to deal with them. be vested in a native, but to be posPolitical persecution is, when we try sessed by a foreign sovereign to whom to force them out of their opinions, entire allegiance is to be given : nay, by depriving them of political privi- it is distinctly and prominently taught leges they would otherwise possess. that national laws are worthless unless We reject persecution in its threefold approved by the Papacy. What renaspect. But the rejection of perse- ders the position more embarrassing, cution does not require us to reject

is the fact that all Roman Catholics the ordinary safeguards of our own who approach the Sacraments are independence, of our own consistency, bound to believe that all other forms of our own honour as citizens and as of religion, all anti-Catholic literature, men. We must not claim


civil all non-Catholic places of Worship, of political advantages in consequence should be exterminated as soon as or of religious truths we possess; but it this can be accomplished without a is our duty to guard that inde- convulsion calculated to endanger the pendence, consistency and honour interests of the Pope and his subjects. which is the recognized heritage of a We now know that all Roman Cathoman, a citizen and a child of God. lic ecclesiastics are working on toWe have now discovered that there wards not merely our conversion, is really no practical difficulty in the but, failing that, our violent extermiway of this entire avoidance of all nation. If we cannot be exterminated, persecution as to any Protestant sect, we are to be oppressed. It is folly as to the Greek orthodox, as to Free

for the Press to speculate as to as to Mohammedans and as whether this or the other Pope or to Buddhists. In the United States of

be more or less “irreconAmerica, no practical difficulty has cilable.' If we were at war with arisen, except when the Mormonites France or Austria, we should not waste claimed the religious right to practise time in considering which sovereign polygamy. In India, with our mil- or general uses the pleasantest lanlions of Brahmanical and Moslem guage; whether he might compliment

no question of persecution or denounce us—we should know arises; and we all condemn the social that it meant just the same thing. persecution exercised by English resi- Our position as to the Papacy candents toward the native races, though not, however, be accurately likened to


Prelate may


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any other form of hostility. The lously as to his nationality, whether
Papacy has declared that we must be or not he had been naturalized as an
crushed, that we must be deprived of Englishman; we should let him take
everything we care for ; but—that it part in ordinary municipal and public
is a question of time, of plans to be matters, and if quite convinced that
long and carefully matured; that war he was a Russian in full sympathy
and treason and prison, exile and with England, and only nominally a
executions, all must be resorted to; vassal of the Czar, we might even
but not just yet—events are not ripe trust him in some office of national
for such weapons : that it is possible importance. Whether or not we are
we may be brought to capitulate and compelled to find an analogy in the
hand ourselves over into bondage, Papal Empire with its subjects dis-
and in that case, it would be pleasanter persed throughout many nations, can
to have been enabled to avoid violent be better decided if we consider the
remedies : that, anyhow, the Papal facts as thus summarized by Mr.
schemes are not yet ready for such Arthur :
remedies. The Papal Cardinals and

• The stupendous scope of the ends Bishops in each country are therefore

might well demand as means measurte preparing ; they are quietly develop- exceptionally great, and the magnitude of ing their plans for our destruction. the measures already carried as means may Thus Neo-Catholicism is an enemy

now well excuse, if not justify, confidence organized and organizing, but not as

that the ends after they shall have been

steadily pursued for ages will also be atyet physically fighting. If we were tained. Those ends were not less, when in a position of undeclared but proxi- united into one, than the dominion of the mate war with Russia ; and Russian

world. They would not be attained till

the voice of the Church in her tribunals military spies were stationed in our

gave forth sentence of plenary authority towns, fortresses and Legislature; on all affairs into which entered any moral such a state of things would be essen- eloment, whether those affairs were pertially analogous to our present rela

sonal, social, national or international

• The Internal Tribunal, seated in every tion to the Papacy ; but to make the

church, in every palace, in every castle, analogy closer, we ought to suppose and at ceed in every private chamber, Russia to be a State advancing per

would always in point of authority take manent claims against the integrity

precedence of any local law, and would and liberty of our nation, and yet not

rule bed, board, purse, family and all ac

tion which conscience determines. in a position perhaps for some years • The External Tribunal, seated in every to carry out her plans to the full. city, would maintain the headship of the Thus an armed truce might endure

bishop over the civil magistrate, and the throughout a long period, each nation

supremacy of spiritual over civil law and

authority, as sacredly as we should mainshowing courtesy to the other, but one

tain the supremacy of our civil law and bent on the subjection of the other. authority over military law and authority. What should we do in that case ?

We do not call the civil authority military, We should not quarrel and scold and

any more than Rome will call her spiritual

authority temporal, but we make, as she call names and do mean, ungenerous does, the higher order of authority include acts : we should adopt a marked control over the affairs of the lower order. difference as to our treatment of the

The External Tribunal wonld make the Russian officials resident in our coun

Internal an establishment of the law.

Every man, every woman, ay, every child try, and the quiet Russian families

of a certain age, who should not appear at amongst us for the purposes of trade least once in the year in that tribunal, or interwoven with us by life-long would run into a punishable offence. ties. Thus if a Russian resident

* The Supreme Tribunal in the person of qualified as a ratepayer, we should let

the Pope, acting either directly or through him vote, without enquiring scrupu

any Court or Congregation he mighat ap-
point, would be the final bar at which


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would appear contending kings, contending ists-that can either be just and nations, or other appellants whatever, as charitable to the men who move for these also all whom he might, for any cause, be ends, or can arrive at any reasonable estipleased to cite. From that judgment-seat mate of the amount of future force in would fall the sentence that only the their movement of which such ideas are Almighty could challenge. According to the motive power. Mere politicians, say the well-known formala, the Supreme some, who have no religious feeling? Yes, Jadge would carry all rights in the shrine many such ; but these politicians well know of his own breast.

that their power is proportioned to the Sach a universal dominion was the end, amount of religious feeling which they can the ultimate end in view. The end was create and make ready to be acted upon. hallowed to the mind of those proposing it It is by putting together the political skill by the persuasion that this dominion of the of the one set of men and the religious priest of God is the veritable kingdom of feeling of the other, that we obtain means Christ. It is only by realizing how con. of judging as to the quality of the directing scientious is this view of the spiritual em. and the amount of the impelling forces to pire, or the Roman Empire in a spiritual be developed in the future struggle.' form-a view which, founded on a historic (Vol. ii., pp. 448, 449.) ideal, fascinates the imagination of Roman

(To be continued.)



'Is Methodism adapted to meet the least adapted to meet such demands. intellectual and spiritual wants of With this reply we are, naturally, this restless and speculative age ?' not inclined to be satisfied. Indeed, The like question other Churches are having the courage of our convicasking in respect of themselves, and tions, we are prepared to traverse the are answering it in various ways. indictment, and to show cause why it Some of them are reconstructing should be quashed in the court of their creed, in the hope that the public opinion. introduction of an element of un- First, we wish to ask the candid finished enquiry will lend a charm to critics what they understand by beliefs whose previous rigidity was • Methodism'? Many answers are repellent; others, after glancing over given, but in them all we discover a their bases of doctrine and seeing fatal mistake. The assertions of nothing to alter, are once more graving uneducated and excited persons are deep their boundary lines, and setting viewed as possessing an authority up into a severer perpendicularity which belongs only to the welltheir ancient landmarks.

phrased and diligently guarded exWhat answer has the Methodist pressions of Wesley. This, we submit, Church to give to this important is hardly fair. We English would be question ? Can Methodism meet the alarmed if an eminent German philointellectual and spiritual demands of logist should ground his opinions of the nineteenth century ?

Some of the structure and refinements of our our critics have already replied to language on the utterances of a these queries. They tell us that in country boor; not less astonished their opinion, that is, in the opinion are we when the heated declarations of "the most cultured, the most of some narrow Methodist are asserted acute and the most profound thinkers to be the veritable beliefs of the of the day,' the Methodist Church is Church to which we belong. It must of all ecclesiastical organizations, the ever be remembered that in John

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