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attainment : The Rest of Faith ; The begin with a person who has already Higher Life; Holiness ; A Clean become a child of God a new Heart ; The Renewal of the Holy creature.' In his case pardon has Ghost; and by Methodists more par- been granted, he is justified, is 'a new ticularly, Christian Perfection ; Entire creature' in Christ Jesus ; regeneraSanctification ; Perfect Love; Full tion has been accomplished and Redemption.

sanctification has begun. In other There is an element of truth in all words, he is delivered from the guilt

, these names: some referring to the state the pollution and the punishment of itself, some to the way by which it is at- sin ; he is restored to the favour tained, and others to a particular grace of God. But we can scarcely say which is highly exemplified. In the that he has been entirely delivered Scriptures, phrases denoting this bless- from the power of sin, or that he is ing occur in such profusion, that there completely restored to the image of is a difficulty in selecting those which God; both of which, however, are are most appropriate for our purpose ;

included in Full Redemption.' this is, indeed, the fulness of the There is a tendency, in some modern blessing' of the Gospel of peace;'and teachers, to make Christian Perfection there is no part of the Christian the entrance into a new order of life, estate which has such an extensive rather than the completing of the life class of terms to illustrate and exhibit already begun. This theory tends it. Here are a few : “pure in heart,' to lessen the value of Regeneration, by blameless,' unreproveable,' 'the which we already live a life ‘hid with sons of God, without rebuke," "sin- Christ in God.'' The following verse cere and without offence,' sanctify illustrates the relationship : you wholly,...spirit and souland body My aim is to show the relative bear

* Finish then Thy new creation,

Pure and spotless let us be ; ing of some of the names given to this attainment in grace to the one

Let us see Thy great salvation,

Perfectly restored in Thee.' grand truth of which they all form a part.

I. Full Redemption is complete It is worthy of notice that while restoration to the image of God.

have Hymns “For Believers Can He not, and will He not, restore Rejoicing – Fighting - Praying

us? Working, etc.,' we have none entitled,

• Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 'Seeking Entire Sanctification, or Whom one all-perfect God we own,

Christian Perfection.' The term Restorer of Thine image lost, used is ‘Full Redemption.' We Thy various offices make known ; may be sure the Wesleys had a good

Display, our fallen souls to raise,

Thy whole economy of grace.' reason for the words they used ; and, I think, we shall find in this instance Wemust not measure ourselves by oura beautiful example of the definite- selves : : our lives by the lives of others. ness, consistency and harmony of One great hindrance to moral protheir teaching ; for which we who gress is that we judge of our charachave come under their influence can- ter by standards which make us

feel not be too thankful.

satisfied, rather than convince us of What,

then, is Redemption ? sin. But we dare not make ourselves “Redemption is the deliverance of of the number, or compare ourselves man from the guilt, power, pollution with some that commend themselves; and punishment of sin and his resto- but they measuring themselves by ration to the favour and image of themselves, and comparing themselves God.' In our enquiry, therefore, we among themselves, are not wise.' On

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the other hand, the aim of Full restless activity, we all need, in Redemption : to be like Christ. This spiritual matters, to remember is the Higher Life in its grandest, the Apostle's injunction, 'Be not most enduring and truest aspect. slothful, but followers of them who

Our Hymns are very rich in through faith and patience inherit stanzas on this subject :

the promises. In a jubilant song, let

us ask for this : Maker, Saviour of mankind,

• A patient, a victorious mind, Come, and now reside in me,

That life and all things casts behind, Never, never to remove ;

Springs forth obedient to Thy call ; Make me just and good, like Thee, A heart that no desire can move, And full of power and love.

But still to adore, believe, and love,

Give me, my Lord, my life, my all!' * Bid me in Thy image rise, A saint, a creature new,

Finally, brethren, whatsoever True, and merciful, and wise,

things are true, honest, just, pure, And pure, and happy too.'

lovely, whatsoever things are of Again :

good report; if there be any virtue,

and if there be any praise, think on Obedient faith, that waits on Thee, these things.' So does the religion Thou never wilt reprove :

of Christ ennoble life in every But Thou wilt form Thy Son in me, And perfect me in love.'

aspect, furnishing the highest mo

tives and the strongest incitations to : Take the 355th Hymn :

diligence in the pursuit of science,

learning and commerce, converting Plant, and root, and fix in me

all into means of grace, and opporAll the mind that was in Thee, etc.'

tunities of attaining acquainta nce * A gentle mind,' all unholy anger

with likeness to our Lord.

There is one verse which sums up gone; 'a

patient mind,' fully resigned to our Father's gracious will ; 'a

all with almost overwhelming force : noble mind,' all servile fear cast out;

Thy nature be my lan, 'a spotless mind,' where sin finds no

Thy spotless sanctity, response;' a loving mind;'“a constant And sweetly every moment draw mind;' ' a perfect mind,' what a lofty My happy soul to Thee. attainment this is !

Soul of my soul remain !

Who didst for all fulfil,

In me, O Lord, fulfil again,
* I shall fully be restored
To the image of my Lord,

Thy Heavenly Father's will!'
Witnessing to all mankind,

How are we to attain to this ? Can
Jesu's is a perfect mind.'

we ourselves effect it by any amount Full Redemption is the exemplifying of self-discipline, or working on our of every virtue which can be ex- feelings and emotions ? Immediately hibited in the human soul :

preceding the prayer for entire sancti

fication in the Epistle to the Thes• What! perer speak one evil word, salonians we have this exhortation :

Or rash, or idle, or unkind !
O, how shall I, most gracious Lord,

*Prove all things ; hold fast that This mark of true perfection find ? '

which is good. Abstain from all

appearance of evil; ' in other words, If any man offend not in word, the human exertion and human prudence same is a perfect man, and able also are stimulated to the utmost, but to bridle the whole body.' (James there is a power needed above and ii. 2.) Though this is an age of behind all these efforts. "And'

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live, ye


while you are doing all you can to But how and in what sense does carry out the exhortation-may "the Christ become our life? He is in very God of peace sanctify you wholly heaven. How can he then make our It is God alone that sanctifieth. Upon hearts His home? Before He left this mark the Christian fixes his eye, His disciples He said : ‘I will not and as he advances finds Christ ever leave you comfortless ; I will come on before him. He is happy in the to you.' "The world seeth Me no progress he makes; and, while more; but ye see Me ; because I humbled by the sense of his imper

shall live also. This was fections, he knows that his labour fulfilled when the Holy Ghost, the after conformity to the Divine image promise of the Father, was given. is not in vain in the Lord.

Yet the believer, filled with the II. Full Redemption is entire Spirit, is not led to think so much of deliverance from the power of sin. the Spirit and His agency as of the Hitherto we have been considering person and work of Christ. The the aim of the Christian life. Now Comforter takes of Christ; and shous worldly men and even infidels admire Him unto us : the loveliness of His this manifestation of the life of character, His mercy, His sufferings, Christ. They admit that Christianity

His life in all its aspects. The Spirit is a beautiful ideal : that its precepts awakens and illumines the soul ; and are perfect. How true it is that to then introduces the Saviour. The admire the truth is not always to personality which the soul sees is love it! The unsaved man who is that of Jesus Himself : “Jesus Himstriving to do right, has to tell of the self imparts, He comes in man to wretchedness which springs from the live. One characteristic of this conflict between his judgment and Higher Life is the freshness, the his will :

beauty and the force with which the Thou hidden love of God, whose height,

simple truth is set before the mind : Whose depth unfathomed, no man knows, some promise is brought to our I see from far Thy beauteous light, remembrance ; we see, we love, we

Inly I sigh for Thy repose ; My heart is pained, nor can it be

yield ; and our soul is changed into At rest, till it finds rest in Thee. the same image from glory to glory,

even as by the Spirit of the Lord.' • Thy secret voice invites me still

The Hymns descriptive of this The sweetness of Thy yoke to prove ;

agency of the Holy Spirit are very And fain I would ; but though my will Seems fixed, yet wide my passions rove ;

numerous and well known. Hymns Yet hindrances strew all the way ; 351, 367, 374, 376, are all worthy I aim at Thee, yet from Thee stray.' of careful study, with the 770th in

the New Supplement. We need Life, and the sayings of the Saviour come to our mind : “I * Refining fire, go through my heart, am the Way, the Truth, and the

Illuminate my soul ; • He that hath the Son hath

Scatter Thy life through every part, Life;'

And sanctify the whole.' life. And so the Hymn : '

Four other names remain to be • When Jesus makes my heart His home, My sin shull all depart.'

considered: Entire Sanctification ;

A Clean Heart ; The Rest of Faith; The Christian's

is ever for Christian Perfection.-Sanctification:

Two ideas are involved in this word : • A heart resigned, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer's throne,

purification from sin and consecration Where only Christ is heard to speak,

to God. The first is found in senWhere Jesus reigns alone.'

tences of this kind : That He might

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sanctify and cleanse it with the in heart with Him; we feel the washing of water by the word.' The energy of love; and all is done with second idea, consecration, is very conscious or instinctive aim to familiar, and needs no Scripture quo- glorify God. 'Entire Sanctification, tations; the thought is that of separa- then, is the state of being entirely tion from unholy purposes and dedi- cleansed from sin so as to love God cation to sacred purposes, e. g., the with all our heart and mind and soul holy oil, the holy temple. Holiness and strength, and to love our neighis the combination of the two : a bour as ourselves.' It includes a holy man is one who is entirely clean heart' and entire consecration. cleansed from sin and wholly devoted Again : This attainment is called to God. There are some beautiful The Rest of Faith; and very approHymns illustrative of this phase of priately. This name expresses one the doctrine. With reference to of its most important features. What purification from sin, or 'a Clean , does Faith rest upon ? Promises : Heart,' we at once think of Hymn promises 'exceeding great and pre346:

cious,' and given for the express “My dying Saviour, and my God,

purpose that by them we may be Fountain for guilt and sin,

made'partakers of the Divine nature.' Sprinkle me eren with Thy blood, See also Ezekiel xxxvi. 25-27. And cleanse, and keep me clean.' After the prayer for entire sanctifica

tion, in the Epistle to the ThessaloDoes God so cleanse the heart abso

nians, comes the guarantee on which lutely and at once, that it needs no

we must rely for its realization : more for ever the cleansing blood ? • Faithful is He that calleth you, No! that · blood cleanseth us': “The

Who also will do it.' IIabitual faith, atonement of Thy blood, apply, habitually working by love, sustained Till faith to sight improve.' The

by habitual hope, brings the exceedHymns of Consecration

ing greatness of the Divine power · numerous, and are found chiefly in into the individual believer's life. the division For Believers Saved ; but

We must commit ourselves to Christ the last verse of Hymn 769, by the for sanctification as we did for justifilate Rev. T. T. Lynch, combines the

cation : putting our whole being into two ideas :

His hands, trusting Him to save us * Holy Spirit, dwell with me!

from all our filthiness' and all our I myself would holy be,

idols.' Separate from sin, I would

Further : Full Redemption is rest, Choose, and cherish all things good ; And whatever I can be,

not only upon God, but in God. He Give to Him Who gave me Thee.' is jealous of His prerogative to be the

only blessedness of His people; and What can we be ? Sir T. Fowell

as long as any creature, especially Buxton said : 'I am

so long as self, the worst of all the creayoung man may be very much what

tures, is the source whence happiness he pleases. This is fully true

is sought, so long is there a restraint of the young believer. Such must on the fruition of God.' be our consecration that we can honestly sing : My all is on the I would be Thinc, Thou knowest I would,

And hare Thee all my own ; altar ; I'm waiting for the fire.' God will then accept the offering, and

Thee, O my all-sufficient Good!

I want, and Thee alone.' show His acceptance by sending

us the Holy Spirit into our hearts, baptizing Lastly : Christian Perfection. It us with fire. We now become one behoves us clearly to understand this

are very


that a



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term, as it is very obnoxious in some weft of their lives. Sincerity of circles. Methodists have been taunted heart and purity of intention, form, with it ; but the desirableness of a as George Herbert says, ' The famous clear apprehension of the name arises stone that turneth all to gold.' They mainly from the fact that it is in this are the wings on which the soul flies direction that the doctrine is liable to to heaven,' said Jeremy Taylor. The be abused, and so lead to error. The perfect Christian, again, is blameless

. word 'perfect ’ is Scriptural, and in allegiance to God. The precious therefore we cannot reject it; and blood of Christ and the power of His there is certainly no other word that Spirit avail, removing that which can replace it. It isour duty to under- alone is hateful in God's sight, sin; stand it. To be perfect, is to possess removing the seed of sin's disease;' everything that is requisite to the "erasing' from the soul the original nature of the subject. As in nature, offence.' so in grace, a man's capacities extend. Not perfect in knowledge,' as many Who shall fix the limit? Hence no as are perfect' in love make earnest Christian thinks himself absolutely efforts to advance even in the former. perfect ; but, in fact, the more per- Not free from mistakes, they learn fect a man is, the more conscious is wisdom from past failures. Not free he of his imperfection. Growth is an from bodily or mental infirmities; attribute of spiritual life. There are

not free from temptation, they endure two ideas in the Scripture use of the

and overcome.

Still but dust;' word perfect : Soundness and matur- God pities their frailties and forgives ity of individual

graces ;

their errors. pleteness and harmony of the character This blessing is obtained only by as a whole. For a very clear exposi

faith in God. The old Methodists tion of this thought see Dr. Waddy's

had a formula : 'We must expect it sermon : The Charge of God to Abra- by faith, expect it as we are, and ham. By this perfection, the possi- expect it now.' bility of sinning is not eradicated. "Now unto Him that is able to The necessity for diligence and watch- keep you from falling, and to present ing remains; and a soul in this high you faultless before the presence of state of Christian experience is only His glory with exceeding joy, to the safe in self-distrust and reverence : only wise God our Saviour, be glory 'perfecting holiness in the fear of the and majesty, dominion and power, Lord.'

both now and ever. Amen.'

Holiness is the best thing God • The guard of all Thy mercies give, Himself can bestow upon us, either

And to my pardon join
A fear lest I should ever grieve

in this world or in the world to come. The gracious Spirit Divine.'

Grace is holiness militant, holiness

encumbered with many enemies and Christians, then, may be perfect : difficulties, which it still fights against sincere; no admixture of evil in their and manfully quits itself of. And designs : whatsoever they do, they do Glory is holiness triumphant, holi

all to the glory of God.' Pure ness with a palm in her hand and in heart: the all-searching Sunshine

a crown upon her head.'-Dr. Cuddetecting no fatal flaw in the warp and worth.


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