Book Review Digest, Volumen 9

H.W. Wilson Company, 1913

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Página 36 - IN this book I have sought to tell clearly and impartially the story of human achievement in what is now the United States, from the earliest traces of man's existence to the present time. Out of the multitude of facts which may be considered within the domain of American history, those have been recounted which seem best suited to explain the progress of the people as a nation.
Página 19 - Here lies our Sovereign Lord the King, Whose word no man relies on ; Who never said a foolish thing, And never did a wise one.
Página 315 - The body of this book consists of two articles by M. Le Roy which appeared. . .in the Re-,'ue des Deux- Mondcs . . .They aim at presenting, in as brief a form as possible. the general trend of M. Bergson's philosophy, which, the author strives to show, sets out to enrich intelligence by instinct, and demands an account of all the facts, its keynote being intuition. The present volume also contains, in the form of continuous notes. some additional explanations on points which did not come within the...
Página 187 - Pacific will be decided, in peace or in war, the next great struggle of civilisation, which will give as its prize the supremacy of the world. Shall it go to the White Race or the Yellow Race? If to the White Race, will it be under the British Flag, or the flag of the United States, or of some other nation? That is the problem of the Pacific.
Página 246 - Washington ; an account of the Corcoran gallery of art and of the National gallery and museum, with descriptions and criticisms of their contents ; including, also, an account of the works of art in the Capitol, and in the Library of Congress, and of the most important statuary in the city.
Página 69 - History of Old Sheffield Plate : being an Account of the Origin, Growth, and Decay of the Industry and of the Antique Silver and White or Britannia Metal Trade. With Chronological Lists of Makers' Marks and numerous illustrations of specimens.
Página 263 - Among the leading points which he seeks to establish in opposition to the contentions of the Commission are the following: Recent immigration has not increased unemployment; nor displaced native Americans in industry; nor provoked an increase of race suicide; nor set up inferior standards of living; nor underbid the native workers; nor prevented the reduction of the work day; nor hindered labor organization; nor given us our present labor problem.
Página 319 - A PREFACE TO POLITICS Cloth, $150 Net TJie Boston Transcript: " 'A Preface to Politics is its own complete and sufficient justification. In many respects it is the ablest brief book of its kind published during the last ten years. It has the supreme virtue of clearness aided by a style that is incisive and compelling.
Página 186 - The world is calling for religion ; but it cannot accept a religion if its theology is out of harmony with science, philosophy, and scholarship.
Página 80 - Mrs. Bryant has thoroughly sifted this material, personally investigated conditions in this and foreign countries, and made a comprehensive survey of the origin, methods of administration, and practical results of school meals in England, Germany. France, and other European countries, as well as in the United States.

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