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1. A province in the south of Ind.
2. The lover of fair Rosalind.

3. A place whence came a famous stone.
4. 'Tis Nature's work, and hers alone.


Matin bells ring;
Priests us sing,

B. T.

White-robed choir boys answering.

1. Blue and white.

2. Sharp and light,

Off fly heads to left and right.

3. Mad as a hare-
Devil may care.

4. "Silken-sailed" in the breezy air.

5. Chased round and round.
6. Solemn, profound,

Sitting the famous chamber around,

7. Dusky and lean,

Active, I ween.

8. In children's mouths I'm often seen.


T. F. R.

My Last is often, very often, broken;

My First is sometimes-would 'twere oftener— spoken.

1. The gathering clouds portend a coming storm. 2. With many voices swift, I spread alarm. 3. The last, and last but one, of five we stand. 4. I shelter oft a wandering, dark-eyed band, 5. Who, weary and sore-footed, on my Last, Slumber in peace, the day's wild journeying past.




On the sad day when they were forced to part,
Damon to Sylvia said, "Upon my heart

To lay thy likeness, my sweet love, I crave."
With gentle modesty, my First she gave.

Said Julia to Tom Dashwood of the Blues, "Look here,

In my new book my partners all but you appear: You, in your uniform, I'd like to have."

"Well, you can get my Last," replied the guardsman brave.

1. "The friend of woe " it has been called ere


2. People and language of the Emerald Isle. 3. The fifth sign of the Zodiac here we see. 4. The woodman took it to cut down the tree. 5. That dread canal where net was never thrown. 6. For learning vast this Tartar prince was known. 7. Berry or flower? Either for wine will do. 8. The lovely fairy queen that Shakspeare drew. 9. 'Twas laid with skill, the thief was caught at last.

10. He rests upon her lap now life is past.


C. S.

"There is a glorious city in the sea."

"He whose boast it was,

That the grass grew not where his horse had trod."

1. A maid disguised; a stringed instrument.
2. An Irish rebel, and an insect small.
3. What we a liquor undiluted call.

4. A tribe to classic Spain a name that lent.
5. A foe to ships; an ornament of grace.

6. A holy cloistered maid, of royal Anglian race.


A city's assurance.

The country's allurance.

B. T.

We boast no brilliant colours, but one of us is


In gardens old and quiet fields you'll find us at your feet.

1. By a lady this house was defended.

2. The hero span wool at her feet.

3. By a nymph was this monarch befriended. 4. In an oak tree she made her retreat.

5. A duke, yet a suitor rejected.

6. A cousin-so Shakspeare has said.

7. A shepherd, by Beauty protected.

8. A bridge which no mortal may tread. 9. In North Devon a town by the water. 10. A shower of gold from the skies Finds its way to the king's prisoned daughter. 11. 'Tis little, they say, in our eyes.


H. C. H.


1. Home of the houseless.

2. Voice of a mighty monarch.

3. Sea king's daughter.

4. Nation whose identity is revived in acrostics. 5. Style of architecture belonging to the past.




Mutton and beef are dear and scarce, in this our present day,

But undertake of us the charge, you're sure to make it pay.

1. If to this suggestion you listen indeed,

To insure your success, to my First give great heed.

2. Nor deem me my Second because I thus dare, With you my experience and knowledge to share. 3. Whilst I make it my Third with much pleasure to you,

I trust you will my Third give me hearty and


4. Then visit my Fourth, if you e'er have a mind, In their own home my Last and my centre to find.

5. And fatigued should you be with your journey

and quest,

On an easy chair thus-I advise you to rest.

[blocks in formation]

Oh! wond'rous change of Nature, when its prison doors are burst,

And my Second springs triumphant from the bondage of my first.

1. An easy road to learning—a little place of rest. 2. An oft repeated question, by friend to friend addressed.

3. Many a noble-hearted champion for this has fought and died.

4. Spread her white sails to the breezes upon the flowing tide.

5. I ring across the frozen pool, or cleave the briny sea.

6. I'm everywhere around you, and your life depends on me.

7. I'm with you at your table, before you with your book,

And you see me in your garden, whene'er you chance to look.

8. It cannot help its votaries, nor hear them when

they pray.

9. Sensational or moral, told or written, grave or


Reality or fiction, to while the hours away.


T. L. P.

First my Second, if you can,

And you'll be more than mortal man.

1. Nay, if you won't believe at all, you won't. 2. Add nine, for it's not medicine if you don't. 3. And of your tongue you say you would it could.

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