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THE EDITORS of "Acrostics in Prose and Verse" have met with so many entreaties to provide a new supply for the amusement of the approaching winter evenings, that, though rather afraid of exhausting the patience of the public, they venture to issue another volume, which they hope may meet with as kind a reception as its predecessors. They have this time to thank several new contributors for their valuable assistance, but some apparently new initials are those of old friends, who have now begun to use their real signatures.

A. E. H.

November 1866.



Third Series.


No need of the Wholes, to teach your kind souls
For writing these verses the reason,

For clearly 'tis merely, to wish you sincerely
The compliments, friends, of the season.

1. Oh! list to the chime, as it rings in the time
Which in England is merriest reckoned.
2. Send down, if you're able, to furnish our table,
From Fortnum and Mason, my Second;
3. And take every care that my Third mayn't


The mirth of the day to be breaking ;

4. But summon at once, whether genius or dunce, All our friends to our gay merry-making. 5. Plum-pudding and pies will both prove so nice, As my Fifth o'er them blazing is poured; 6. Not the pleasantest spot my Sixth can allot Should detain any Briton abroad.


7. And when dinner is over, my Next we'll discover, To set all couples dancing together;

8. While my Eighth overhead throws a delicate shade,

To protect from the stress of the weather. 9. And when everything's done, may all have such fun,

Prince, nobleman, gentry, or peasant,

That they all of them say, at the close of the day,
No party was ever so pleasant.

H. C. M.


I ask;
You reply.

1. A circle.

2. Proposal.

3. No colour.

4. To frighten.

5. A scion.

6. Quite frothy.

7. A deluge.

8. To lighten.

9. A soldier's aversion,

When forced to attend it.

10. Don't do this to your egg.

Now "I thank you" should end it.

F. S. B.


My First has reference to the soil,
My Last to manufacturing toil;
With action more or less direct,
Commerce to either pays respect.

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