The Works of Alexander Pope: Letters

A. Millar [and others], 1757

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Página 78 - I verily believe your Lordship and I are both of the same religion, if we were thoroughly understood by one another, and that all honest and reasonable Christians would be so, if they did but talk enough together every day; and had nothing to do together, but to serve God, and live in peace with their neighbour.
Página 79 - I communicate. I hope all churches and all governments are so far of God as they are rightly understood and rightly administered ; and where they are or may be wrong, I leave it to God alone to mend or reform them, which, whenever He does, it must be by greater instruments than I am.
Página 33 - ... an orbicular figure of thin alabaster) is hung in the middle, a thousand pointed rays glitter, and are reflected over the place.
Página 136 - It was but this very morning that he had obtained her parents' consent, and it was but till the next week that they were to wait to be happy. Perhaps...
Página 116 - ... our declining years, the drums and rattles of ambition, and the dirt and bubbles of avarice.
Página 135 - I am quite out of the world, and there is fcarce any thing that can reach me except the noife of thunder, which undoubtedly you have heard too. We have read in old authors of high towers levelled by it to the ground, while the humble valleys have...
Página 203 - And this for the very reason, which possibly might hinder you coming, that my poor mother is dead. I thank God, her death was as easy as her life was innocent ; and as it cost her not a groan, or even a sigh, there is yet upon her countenance such an expression of tranquillity, nay, almost of pleasure, that it is even amiable...
Página 204 - I am sure, if there be no very prevalent obstacle, you will leave any common business to do this ; and I hope to see you this evening, as late as you will, or tomorrow morning as early, before this winter flower is faded. I will defer her interment till to-morrow night. I know you love me, or I could not have written this — I could not (at this time) have written at all. Adieu ! May you die as happily ! "Yours," &c. * " Mr. Pope was with Sir Godfrey Kneller one day, when his nephew, a Guinea trader,...
Página 116 - I talk of dazzling or blazing ? it, was then that they did good, that they gave light, and that they became guides to mankind.
Página 79 - I have a due sense of the excellence of the British constitution. In a word, the things I have always wished to see, are, not a Roman Catholic, or a French Catholic, or a Spanish Catholic, but a true Catholic; and not a King of Whigs, or a King of Tories, but a King of England ; which God of his mercy grant his present Majesty may be, and all future majesties.

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