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Debrett, ib. remarks on tranfla-
tions in general, 18, 21.
Stationers, their infamous practices to
enhance the price of paper, exposed,


fitions of Bonaparte rejected by the
Emperor of Germany, 114-obfer-
vations on the revolutionizing inten-
tions of Bonaparte, 115-mifunder-
ftanding at the Court of Petersburgh,
ib. fingular opprefsion fuffered by
the French Emigrants, lately return-
ed, 116-remarks on the late dif-
turbances in London, ib -strictures
on the conduct of the Chief Magi-
ftrate, ib.-wisdom of the populace
on the above occafion, 116, 117-
reflections on the high price of pro-·
vifions, 235, 237-ftrictures on the
proceedings at the Common Hall,
237-conduct of the Methodists on
this occafion, 238-patriotic ardour
of the House of Auftria, 354-curi-
ous fact respecting provifions, 355-
characters of the new Lord Mayor
and theriffs, 356-interefting pro-
ceedings at Paris 357-infolence of
the French Generals, ib.-inftances
of the Liberty of the Prefs, 358.
Sunday Schools, on the abufes and ad-
vantages of, 214, 217.

-, reflections on, and their
perverfion by the Methodists, 416.
Suworow, Marshal, biographical anec-
cotes of, 391, 393.

Swallows, curious account of the sub-
merfion of, 110.

Swift, anecdote of 73.
Swifs, their laws and cuftoms defcrib-
ed, 379, 380.
Switzerland, interesting description of,
377, 379.


Temper, a paffionate, anecdote of, 71.
Thieves, a new class of, defcribed, 279
Tippoo Sultaun, his late treacherous

conduct towards the English expofed
and animadverted upon, 119.
Tranflations, fpecimens of modern, 18.
Turner's Hiftory of the Anglo Saxons

-probability of the irruption of fe
veral German nations into England,
befides the Cimbric Saxons, 2-over-
fight of the author noticed, 5-his.
account of the wars of Arthur, 5-

proceedings of the Saxons, on the
eftablishment of Chriftianity, 8-13
obfervations on the work, 14
Tyranny, its origin accounted for, 94.

Von Hamelberg, Chev. his Letter to
Dr. Robifon, 308.


Upholsterer, a French, petition of, 470:
Uterus, opinions concerning its descent,
obliquity, and action, 51.

Waithman, Citizen, his pamphlet ori
the prefent fcarcity examined, 410——
his excellent and confiftent embel-
lifhments, 411-his three grand fpe-
fics for decreafing the price of corn,
412-his abfurd plans for relieving
the poor, ib.

Walpoliana, account of, and felections
A from that work, 70-74.
War, policy of France in beginning
it, 209.

→, its effects proved to reduce
the price of Wheat, 227-230.
Washington, General, his anfwer to a
letter of the French Minister, in 1794,
339, 340.

Welth, their general fpirit of loyalty
noticed, 405.

Wheat, caufes which produced the late
undoubted failure, ftated, 320.
Winter perfonified, by Cowper, con
trafted with the fame, by Hurdis,

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248, 249.

Woman, a masculine, defined, 155.
Women, obfervations on their relative

fituation in fociety, 152-arguments
in favour of the fex, 152, 153.
Worship, public, its importance to the
interefts of civil government, 68, 69.


Zenobio, Count, fuppofed to be a writer
in the pay of Buonaparte, 337.



P. 449. 1. 26. after Scriptures, add-"there is gold, and the gold of that land is
good."-P. 457, laft line but two, for herein, read wherein.-P. 458. 1. 4. instead
of the time of my departure is at hand, being in the body of the Letter, it fhould
be in a note.Line 5, and following, his friend, &c. to righteousness inclufive
fhould likewise be in a note at the bottom of the Letter.


The Portrait of Mr. Jones to be placed oppofite pagé 439.

T. Crowder, Printer, at the Anti-Facobin Prefs, Peterborough-Court, Fleet-Street.

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