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ACADEMY, female, account of

one in America, 400.
Addington's Affinity beween Painting
and Writing (in MSS.) extracts
from, 251.
Africa, its prefent internal appearance
defcribed, 272.

Allies, total lofs of, during the cam-
paigns of 1799, 387-389.

American juftice, fpecimen of, 398.
Anderson, Dr. and Gen. Washington,
ftrictures on, 337-350.

Andrewes, Rev. Mr. his pathetic fer-
mon in behalf of the, Endeavour So-
ciety, noticed, 86, 87.
Anglo-Saxons, account of their firft
irruption into Britain, 3, 4.
Anticipation epitaphs, 462.
Archduke Charles, contrafed as a ge-

neral, with Buonaparte, 241.
Architecture, Egyptian and Grecian,

judicious obfervations on, 274, 275.
Arthur, remarks on the wars of, 5-8.
Affociations in Africa, account of two
curious, 268.

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fiege, 123, 124-reftoration of the
Myfore family, 125-importance of
our late acquifitions in India, 127.
Bell's Memorial on the prefent State of
Military and Naval Surgery, 293--
his opinion of the army and navy
furgeons, ib-his propofition for
removing the evils, 294-296—fin-
cerity and fenfibility of the author,
296-298-remarks on his projects,

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Bellows-blower, unacquainted with the
alphabet, demands a license, to act
as a qualified preacher! 168.
Benfon's Vindication of the Methodists,
a compotition of virulence and in-
vective, 166-matter of thankfulness
to the author, 167-an anecdote of
fome journeymen methodists quated,
167, 168-increafe in the number
of preachers in the metropolis during
the last three years, 168-evil con-
fequences thereof, 169.
Berne, treasure found at, how difpofed
of by the French Republic, 464.
Bevan's Refutation of Modern Mifre-
presentations, 34-various points
confidered and refuted, 34, 39-fa-
cility of the author at Quaker
'making, 37-obfervations on the
Life of James Nayler, 158-his real
life and character quoted from re-
fpectable authorities, 159-a curi
ous anecdote, 160-blafphemous
and idolatrous paffages of Fox, Tom-
linfon, and others quoted, 161-
proof of Nayler's courage, 162-anec-
dotes of his blafphemous condu&
andthat of other Quakers, 163.
Bible, admonitions refpecting the, 23.
Bilious Fever and Cholera Morbus,
contraft between, 438.

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Bishop of Lincoln, his excellent Charge

to his Clergy, 128-his remarks on
the prefent general infidelity, 129-
fuggefts the necellity of a particu
lar attention to Sunday schools,


Buonaparte, his inclination to


operate with Tippoo, in the late
war in India, proved by his own
bombaftic letters, 121, 122.



his plan of the campaign of
1797, conclufions drawn from,


artifices of, in his propofals
to open a negociation for peace, ex-
pofed, 259-his reafons for prevent-
ing a general peace, 260.
Books, bad effects of their fupera-

bundance at the prefent day, 91.
Bourbon, House of, proofs of the obli-
gation on Great Britain to restore it,


Bread, probable caufes of its present

high price, 319-its confumption
at prefent greater than when the
loaf coft nine pence; and the causes
which produce this confumption,


Burglary and robbery in England, the
frequency of, accounted for, 139.
Burke's Thoughts on Scarcity, 280-
: his opinion refpecting the act for re-
- pealing the Statutes againft fore-
ftallers, diffented from, 281-argu-
ments of the author, Dr. A. Smith
and others controverted, 282-the
new company for fupplying the me-
tropolis with flour, &c. defended
by the Reviewer, ib.-difference be-
tween two friends respecting the ne-
ceffity of an advance in wages, 283.
-obfervations on the prefent ftate of
labour, ib.the author's remarks on
the impolicy of legislative interfer-
ence, to regulate the price of provi-
fions, on farmers, on middle men
&c. &c. refuted, 283-285.

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of Police objected to and improved,
138-his chapters on punishments,
and female Proftitution objectiona
ble, ib.-remarks on the frequency
of robberies, 139-profits of the fe-
male banking fyftem, 140-mea-
fures of the author for fuppreffing
proftitution cenfured, 143-fallacy
of his calculations, 145-general
obfervations on the work, 147.

on the Commerce and Po-
lice of the River Thames, obferva-
tions on, 276-principal contents of
the work ftated, 277.

on the commercial aggran-
dizement of this country, 278-re-
marks on the fallacy of the author's
calculations, &c. 280.

Commanders of the Auftrian and
French armies, their portraits con-
trafted, 241.

Cooper's Letters on the Irish Nation,
173-gives a decided preference to
the Irish, over the English, orators,
174-his diftinction between the
origin of government and the origin
of political fociety unintelligible, 175
-grofs errors of the author pointed
out, 176.
Corn, common-place observation that
its dearness is to be attributed to the
war examined and refuted, 220-
amazing amount of the importation
of, from Sept. 1799 to Sept. 1800.
Correfpondents answered, 238, 358.
Cortes, Hernando, his attempts at the

@onqueft of Mexico, defcribed, 360
effects a landing near Tobafco, and
defeats an army of 12,000 Indians;
his entering into Mexico, on an ac-
count of that capital, 363-his cru-
elty an hypocrify, 365.
Cottages, new and curious plan for
the erection of, 412.

Cow-pox, obfervations on the, 53.
Critical and Monthly Reviews, ftric,
tures on the, 429-437.


David the Painter, anecdote of, 213.
Daubeney, Mr. attacked by a young

ftudent, and defended by the re-
viewer, 305-309.

Dead, curious cuftom of interrogating
the, in Africa, 270.
Democratic governments, the una-
voidable defects of, accounted for,

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DEVIL miftaken for God!!! 160.
Drew's Obfervations in behalf of the
Methodists examined and refuted,

Edwin, his conduct on admitting
Chriftianity into his kingdom, 8, 9.
Egypt, merits of the different writers
on that country contrafted, 273,

Endeavour Society, account of its pro-

ceedings, 86-oppofed by the Lec-
turer of St. George's, 86-88.
Evangelical Magazine, its partiality
expofed, 413-418.


Face painting, anecdote of, 73.
Fafters, anecdotes of fome extraordi-
nary, 36.

Female education, a private preferable
to a public, 135.

preaching, cautions against,
on fcriptural authority, 256, 257.
Fever, the Bilious defcribed, 48, 49.
Field-preaching defended, 66.
Fox, Mr. his political conduct respect-
ing the laft treaty with France, ex-
pofed, 265.

(the Quaker) anecdote of, 37.
France, its excellent regulations re-
fpecting provifions, under the anci-
ent government, 284.

Frederic II of Pruffia, his character
by a late French writer, 475.
French language, reflections on the
modern attempts to improve it, 211.
Republic, total amount of its
revenue in Sept. 1797, 463-account
of fome fingular new taxes impofed
for its fervice in 1798, ib.-enor-
mous arrears of, in 1798, and the
new taxes levied, 464-miferable
hifts of its financiers, 465.

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ftrictures, on fome leading cha-
racters in Atheism, on their conduct
towards their clergy, &c. by the
Bishop of Rochester, 287.

troops, number of, in Serin-
gapatam, at the time of the fiege,



Gaming, reflections on that vice, 141.
George I. anecdote of, 73.
GOD. See the DEVIL!!!

Godwin, the philofopher, account of,
the Baptifmal ceremony performed
on him by a foi-difant Bishop!

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tranflating Prof. Robifon's Proofs of
a Confpiracy, 109.
Korfakow, Gen. remarks on his inju-
dicious conduct, 385.
Kray, Gen. biography of, 389.

Labour, and wages, obfervations on the
prefent ftate of, 283.
Lavoifier, his artful conduct towards
Dr. Black, 186.

Lecturer of St. George's, his oppo-
fition to the views of the Endeavour
Society, 86,-his virulent Sermont
reported, 87, 88,-his attack on the
regular clergy, 89.

Letters, modern philofophical, on Love,
and other fubjects, 369-371-374.
Licenfes, evil of granting them to igno-
rant preachers, 169.

Light, experiments on, as fpontane-
oufly emitted from various bodies,
197, 198.

Lotus, method of preparing food from
its berries, in Africa, 270, 271.
Lowth's elegant effay on Architecture,

extract from, 252.

Lucifer, the father of Philofophy! 24.
Luxury, the fatal effects of, 134.


Macdonald, Gen: biography of, 390
Marine Police Office, remarks on, and
the extenfive power of its Magif-
trates, 280.
Medical Publications, their principal
merit confifts in a correct noiological
defcription, 46.

Memoirs of Modern Philofophers, ac-
count of, 39-the principal charac-
ters in that admirable novel delineated,
Methodit Preachers, rewards received,
by fome, for their fervices, 167
one in particular, recommended to
notice, 167, 168-names and ref-
pectable profeffions of fome lately li-
cenfed, 468.
Methodists, ftrictures on their conduct,

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Mexico, account of the capture of that
city by the Spaniards in 152, 365,
Monarchy, a limited, preferable to all
other forms of government, 93.
, an abfolute, its partial in-
fluence, a matter of neceffity, 93.

"2" the Pruffian, account of
the fift eftablishment of, 475.
Monarchs, curious manner of depofing

in Africa, 271.

Monopolizers and Foreftallers; proof
of their existence in the time of So-
lomon, 324.

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Radcliffe's (Mrs.) Italian, account of,
27-her delineation of guilt com-
mended, 28-defective in her por-
traits of virtue, ib.

Rank and Titles, the Reformers' rea-
fons for the abolition of, 96.
Reflections, Moral and Political, 90, 91

-reasons why well-difpofed people
become difcontented, 91-nature of
human happiness defined, 92-ob-
fervations on monarchical and demo-
cratic governments, 93-a limited
monarchy preferable to all other
forms, 94-the origin of power in
the people controverted, ib. re-
marks on the valuable works of Sir
John Fortefcue, 98.
Reflections on a ftormy night, by Cow-

per, contrafted with the fame, by
Hurdis, 248.
Refolutions of Common Sense, for pre-

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Satire, comparative effects of, general
and particular, 202.
Saxon Parliament, behaviour of fome
of its members, on the abolition of
Heathenifm 12, 18.
Scherer's Introduction to the Know-
ledge of Gafeous Bodies, 181-ob-
fervations and ftrictures on the au-
thor's arrangement, 182-fome gr
errors detected, 183, 184.
Schifm, the fin of, explained, 255.
Schifmatics, caution to, 257.
Scott's Differtation on the Progrefs of
the Fine Arts contrafted with the
elegant effays of Addington and
Lowth, 251, 253.
Seduction, remarks on the trivial
punishment for, 406.

Serrurier, Gen biographical account
of, 389.

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