Memoirs of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, and of the Court of Queen Anne, Volumen 1


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Página 34 - He had no share of what is commonly called parts ; that is, he had no brightness, nothing shining in his genius. He had, most undoubtedly, an excellent good plain understanding, with sound judgment. But these, alone, would probably have raised him but something higher than they found him; which was page to King James the Second's Queen.
Página 83 - ... religion. In all things but this the king may command me; and I call God to witness, that even with joy I should expose my life for his service, so sensible am I of his favours. I know the troubling you, sir, with thus much of myself, I being of so little use to your highness, is very impertinent, but I think it may be a great ease to your highness and the princess to be satisfied that the princess of Denmark is safe in the trusting of me; I being resolved, although I cannot live the life of...
Página 134 - For whatever necessity there was of deposing King James, he was still her father, who had been so lately driven from that chamber and that bed ; and if she felt no tenderness, I thought she should at least have looked grave, or even pensively sad at so melancholy a reverse of his fortune.
Página 226 - I am just told by pretty good hands that as soon as the wind turns westerly there will be a guard set upon the Prince and me. If you hear there is any such thing designed, and that 'tis easy to you, pray let me see you before the wind changes, for afterwards one does not know whether they will let one have opportunities of speaking to one another. But let them do what they please, nothing shall ever vex me, so I can have the...
Página 207 - Which though my kindness would make me never exact, yet when I see the use you would make of it, I must tell you I know what is due to me and expect to have it from you. "Tis upon that account I tell you plainly Lady Marlborough must not continue with you in the circumstances her Lord is.
Página 67 - If you will not let me have the satisfaction of hearing from you again before I see you, let me beg of you not to call me your highness at every word, but to be as free with me as one friend ought to be with another. And you can never give me any greater proof of your friendship, than in telling me your mind freely in all things, which I do beg you to do ; and if ever it were in my power to serve you, nobody would be more ready than myself. " I am all impatience for Wednesday, till when, farewell.
Página 96 - London, who in that critical time absconded, if her Royal Highness should have occasion For a friend. The Princess on this alarm immediately sent me to the Bishop. I acquainted him with her resolution to leave the Court and to put herself under his care. It was hereupon agreed that when he had advised with his friends in the city, he should come about midnight in a hackneycoach to the neighbourhood of the Cockpit, in order to convey the Princess to some place where she might be private and safe.
Página 372 - It is impossible to express with what a heavy heart I parted with you when I was by the water's side. I could have given my life to have come back, though I knew my own weakness so much that I durst not, for I knew I should have exposed myself to the company. I did for a great while, with a perspective glass, look upon the cliffs, in hopes I might have had one sight of you.
Página 175 - I am pleased with the children, for they having nobody but their maid, they are so fond of me that when I am at home they will be always with me, and kissing and hugging me. Their heats are quite gone, so that against you come home they will be in beauty. If there be room I will come on Monday, so that you need not write on Sunday. Miss is pulling me by the arm that she may write to her dear mama...
Página 59 - My promotion to this honour was wholly owing to impressions she had before received to my advantage ; we had used to play together when she was a child, and she even then expressed a particular fondness for me. This inclination increased with our years. I was often at Court, and the Princess always distinguished me by the pleasure she took to honour me, preferably tojothers, with her conversation and confidence. In all her parties for amusement I was sure by her choice to be one...

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