A tour through England: described in a series of letters, from a young gentleman to his sister. With copper plates

Printed for Tabart and Co. at their Juvenile and School Library, No. 157, New Bond-Street, 1806 - 200 páginas

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Página 127 - With gentle female tenderness combin'd, Her speech was the melodious voice of Love, Her song, the warbling of the vernal grove ; Her eloquence was sweeter than her song, Soft as her heart, and as her reason strong ; Her form, each beauty of her mind express'd, Her mind, was Virtue by the Graces dress'd*.
Página 90 - Yet Time has seen, that lifts the low, And level lays the lofty brow, Has seen this broken pile complete, Big with the vanity of state ; But transient is the smile of Fate ! A little rule, a little sway, A sun-beam in a winter's day, Is all the proud and mighty have Between the cradle and the grave.
Página 161 - Hail, awful scenes, that calm the troubled breast, And woo the weary to profound repose ! Can Passion's wildest uproar lay to rest, And whisper comfort to the man of woes ! Here Innocence may wander, safe from foes, And Contemplation soar on seraph wings. O Solitude ! the man who thee foregoes, When lucre lures him, or ambition stings, Shall never know the source whence real grandeur springs.
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Página 209 - BIOGRAPHY, consisting of authentic anecdotes and characteristic trails of the lives, manners, and economy of the whole animal creation, collected from several hundred of the best modern, voyages and travels, and from expensive and scarce works of natural history, in various languages, and arranged according to the system of Linnaeus. By the Rev, W. BiNGLEYi AB Fellowof the Linn&au Society, and late of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. In three volumes, 8vo. the third
Página 206 - Sex: combining, with the elements of all knowledge, a greater number of reading Exercises, from the best Authors, than are to be found in any other work of the same description : every lesson having a clearly defined object, and teaching some principle of science or morality, or some important truth.
Página 81 - Diffus'd its heavenly beam ; Think on the wretch whose distant lot This friendly aid denies ; Think how in some poor lonely cot He unregarded lies ! Hither the helpless stranger bring, Relieve his heartfelt woe, And let thy bounty, like this spring, In genial currents flow : So may thy years from grief and pain, And pining want, be free ; And thou from Heaven that mercy gain, The poor receive from thee.
Página 168 - And Margaret my feare. That I spent, that I had : That I gave, that I have ; That I left, that I lost. AD 1579. — ' Quoth Robertas Byrks, who in this world did reign threescore years and seven, and yet lived not one.

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