The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet;: Containing an Account of the Cruel Civil Wars Between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy; of the Possession of Paris and Normandy by the English; Their Expulsion Thence; and of Other Memorable Events that Happened in the Kingdom of France, as Well as in Other Countries. A History of Fair Example, and of Great Profit to the French, Beginning at the Year MCCCC. where that of Sir John Froissart Finishes, and Ending at the Year MCCCCLXVII. and Continued by Others to the Year MDXVI.

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Pater-Noster-Row ; and J. White and Company Fleet-Street., 1810

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I bought this in two separate volumes. The first volume I bought more recently from Forgotten Books reprints. The second volume I bought much earlier from Kissinger reprints. These chronicles continue ... Leer reseña completa

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Volume one of the 1840 translation of the Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. The translator was the same Thomas Johnes who did Froissart at about the same time. EM took up where Froissart stopped ... Leer reseña completa

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Página 147 - ... returned, and brought with them a treaty that had been agreed on between our fair cousin of Burgundy, and our fair cousin of Brabant, which treaty had been made in the absence, and without the knowledge of my mother, as she herself signifies to me, and confirmed by her chaplain, Master Gerard le Grand. My mother, most redoubted lord, has written to me letters, certifying the above treaty having been made ; but that, in regard to it, she knew not how to advise me, for that she was herself doubtful...
Página 240 - ... to a private chamber, and would not be visited by any but those of the family, except for a few moments. At the conclusion of his sermons, he earnestly admonished the audience on the damnation of their souls, and, on pain of excommunication, to bring to him whatever backgammon boards, chess boards, ninepins, or other instruments for games of amusement they might possess.
Página 148 - ... not how to advise me, for that she was herself doubtful how to act. She desired me, however, to call an assembly of the principal burghers of Mons, and learn from them what aid and advice they were willing to give me. " ' Upon this, my sweet lord and father, I went on the morrow to the town-house, and remonstrated with them, that it had been at their request and earnest entreaties that you had left me under their safeguard, and on their oaths that they would be true and loyal subjects, and take...
Página 6 - May God show mercy and pity to the soul of the late most puissant and most excellent Charles VI. king of France, our natural and sovereign lord ! " Immediately after Berry cried, " May God grant long life to Henry by the grace of God king of France and of England, our sovereign lord!
Página 250 - ... Rochechouart, d'Albret, and other French lords, shared their fate. The defeat was perfect: the French, who were on their horses, galloped from the field, upon which there remained about six hundred dead, nearly all Scots. Sir John Fastolfe then refreshed his men, and marched on to Rouvrai, and from Rouvrai they departed in handsome array, with their convoy and artillery, armed with all accoutrements becoming warriors ; and so they arrived in triumph before the walls of Orleans.* King Charles,...
Página 149 - ,&las ! my most dear and redoubted father, my whole hope is in your power, seeing, my sweet lord and only delight, that all my sufferings arise from my love to you. I therefore entreat, in the most humble manner possible, and for the love of God, that you would be pleased to have compassion on me and on my affairs; for you must hasten to succour your most doleful creature, if you do not wish to lose her for ever. I have hopes that you will do as I beg, for, dear father, I have never behaved ill...
Página iii - Houses of Orleans and Burgundy, of the possession of Paris and Normandy by the English, Their expulsion Thence, and of other memorable events that happened in the Kingdom of France, as well as in other countries...
Página 160 - GLOUCESTER. — OTHER MATTERS. THE duke of Burgundy lost no time in making his preparations, as well in armour as in housings for his horses, to be ready for the day of combat with the duke of Gloucester. The greater part of his armour he had forged within his castle of Hesdin. He also exercised himself with all diligence, and was very abstemious, the better to strengthen his breath ; for in truth he was very impatient for the arrival of the day, that he might combat his enemy, as he well knew that...
Página 241 - ... whatever backgammon-boards, chess-boards, ninepins, or other instruments for games of amusement, they might possess. In like manner did he order the women to bring their hennins, — and having caused a great fire to be lighted in front of his scaffold, he threw all these things into it. . . At his sermons he divided the women from the men by a cord ; for he said he had observed some sly doings between them when he was preaching. He would not receive any money himself, nor permit any of the preachers...
Página 4 - ... plays an important part. These practices look strange to us ; but a stranger thing is that we have so soon forgotten the like practices of civilized nations.

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