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John, M.D. of Richmond, in the county of

York, and of London, d. in 1659, leaving
by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter and co-
heir of Bryan Williams, esq. of Clintz,
eight sons and three daughters. Of the
former all died s. p. but the fifth, Theo-
DORE, of whom presently. The daughters
Dorothy, m. to Moses Bathurst, esq.

uncle of Lord Bathurst.
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Richard Blake, knt.

of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, and left
two daughters, co-heirs of their father,
Elizabeth Blake, m. first, to Robert

Berkley, esq.; and, secondly, to
Dr. GileERT BURNET, Bishop of

Mary Blake, m. to Robert Dormer,

one of the judges of the Common

The eldest surviving son and heir of Dr.
Theodore Bathurst, esq. of Scutterskelf,

Clintz, and Arkendale, in Yorkshire,
m. Lettice, daughter of Sir John Re.
pington, knt. and was s. by his son,
Charles Bathurst, who wedded Fran.

ces, daughter and heir of Thomas Potter, of Leeds, and left issue, Charles, high sheriff of York.

shire, d. s. p. Mary, m. Wm. Sleigh, esq. and

was great grandmother of the present GEORGE WILLIAM SUTTON, esq. of Elton, in Durham. (See Burke's Common

ers, vol. ii. p. 63.) Jane, m. to Wm. Turner, esq. Frances, m. to C. F. Forster,

esq. 'The eldest son and heir,

John BATHURST, esq. having m. Mary,daughter of Edward Dodge, esq. of Wrotham, in Kent, became seised thereby of the manor of Leachdale, and dying in the lifetime of his father, left a son and heir,

ROBERT BATHURST, esq. of Leachdale, in the county of Gloucester, high sheriff of that shire in 1611. This gentleman m. first, Benetta, daughter of Roger Twisden, esq. of Roydon Hall, in Kent, but by her had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Ralph Waller, esq. and widow of Sir John Laurence, knt. lord mayor of London, by which lady he had

ROBERT, his successor.
EDWARD, heir to his brother.

d. unm. Elizabeth, This Robert, at the visitation of 1623, applied for an alteration in his coat of arms, and obtained it. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Robert BATHURST, esq. of Leachdale, who d. in minority in the 3rd of CHARLES I. and was s. by his brother,

1. Edward BATHURST, esq. of Leachdale, b. in 1615. who for his loyalty during the civil wars, having had his estate sequestered in the rebellion, and being obliged to compound for the same, was knighted in 1613, and created a BARONET on the 15th December, in the same year. Sir Edward m. first, Anne, daughter

of Thomas Morris, esq. of Great Coxwell, in Berks, and had issue, 1. LAWRENCE, who m. Susan, daughter of Thomas

Cook, esq. of Stanton, and by her (who wed-
ded, secondly, Sir John Fettiplace, bart.; and,
thirdly, Sir John Cutler, knt.) he left at his
decease in 1670, his father then living,

EDWARD, second baronet.
Susannah, d. unmarried.

ne, m. to Mr. John Greening, and d. s.p. Mary, m. to George Coxeter, esq.of the Midd e

Temple, and of Kennington, Berks, and
had issue,
Tuomas COSETER, who inherited even-

tually the manor of Leachdale from
his mother and aunt, it having de-
volved upon them at the decease of
his uncle Sir EdwarD BATHURST, in

minority, 21st May, 1677. 11. EDWARD, third baronet. 11. Robert, d. s. p. Iv. Mary, m. to John Cook, of London, merchant. v. Elizabeth, m. to Edward Gibbs, esq. of the county

of Gloucester, deputy governor of Chepstow

VI. Apne, d. s. p.
Sir Edward wedded, secondly, Susan, daughter of
Thomas Rich, esq. of North Cerney, in the county of
Gloucester, and widow of Thomas Cook, esq. of Stan-
ton, and by her had four other sons and four daugh-
ters, viz.
VI. Robert, who m. Mary, daughter of Robert Oat-

ridge, gent. of Leachlade, and had issue,
Robert, who left two sons,

Robert and Edward.

John. vui. Lancelot, who went to Virginia, and his des

cendants settled in Jamaica. IX. Edward, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge,

d. unmarried. x. Charles, a draper in London, 1. s. p. XI. Susan, m. first, to Robert Jordan, esq. of Leach

lade; secondly, to the Rev. Mr. Orchard; and, thirdly, to Richard Parsons, LL.D. chancellor

of Gloucester. XII. Annabella, m. first, to William Goodenough,

esq. of Broughton Poggs, in the county of Oxford; and, secondly, to the Rev. Thomas

Kingdon, vicar of Burscote, Berks. XUT. Elizabeth, m. to Henry Willet, of Leachlade.

XIV. Maria, d, unmarried. He m. thirdly, Mrs. Dorothy Nash, but had no other issue. Hed. in August, 1674, and was s. by his grandson,

II. SIR EDWARD BATHORST, of Leachlade, who d. at the age of twelve in March, 1677, when the manor of Leachlade passed to his surviving sisters, Mrs. Greening and Mrs. Coxeter, and eventually devolved upon the son of the latter, Thomas Coxeter, esq. while the baronetcy reverted to his uncle,

111. Sır Edward BATHURST, who m. Mary, daughter of Francis Peacock, esq. of Chawley, in the county of Oxford, and had issue,

EDWARD. his successor.
Walter, d. s. p.
FRANCIS, successor to his brother.
Charles, d. unmarried.


• This lady wedded, secondly, Francis Champneys, esq.

He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

18. Sir EDWARD BATHURST, who d. unmarried, and was s. by his brother, - V. Sir Francis BATHU'RST. This gentleman wedded Frances, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Peacock, and had two sons and three daughters, viz.

LAURENCE, bis heir.
Robert, killed in an engagement with the Indians

at Georgia. Sir Francis and his lady, with part of his family, embarked for America with General Oglethorp to encourage the new settlement, and d. there about the year 17.8, when he was s. by his son,

F1. Sir LATRENCE BATHURST, who resided at Georgia, and died there. The title is stated by some accounts to be EXTINCT, but by other to be vested in a gentleman still resident in America.

Arms-Sa. two bars erm. in chief three crosses pattee or

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Charles, second Viscount Towns-
hend, K.G. and left a son,

created BARON BAYNING, of Fox.
ley, on the 27th October, 1797,
and was father of the present

Mary, m. first, to William Viscount Grandison ;

and, secondly, to Christopher, Earl of Anglesey,

Elizabeth, m. to Francis Leonard, Lord Dacre. The Viscount died “ at his own house in Mark-lane, within the city of London," on the 29th July, 1629, and was s. by his son,

II. Sir PAUL BAYNING, bart. second viscount, who m. Penelope, only daughter and heiress of Sir Robert Naunton, knt. master of the court of ward and liveries, by whom (who m. secondly, Philip, Earl of Pembroke) he left two daughters, viz.

ANNE, m. to Aubrey de Vere, Earl of Oxford.
PENELOPE, m. to the Hon. John Herbert, youngest

son of Philip, fourth Earl of Pembroke, and

first Earl of Montgomery. His lordship dying thus without male issue, all bis honours, including the BARONETCY, EXPIRED.

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Lineage. 1. Sie PACL BAYNING, of Bentley Parva, in the county of Essex, (son of Paul Bayning, esq. one of the sberitfs of London in the reign of ELIZABETH, anno 1513,) was created a BARONET 21th September, 1612, and elevated to the peerage on the 27th February, 1627, in the dignity of BARON BAYNING, of Horkesley-Bentley, in the county of Essex, and advanced to the rank of ISCOUNT BAYNING, of Sudbury, in the county of Suffolk, on the sth of March, in the same year. His lordship m. Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Glemham, Int. of Glemham, in the county of Suffolk, and had issue,

PAL!., his sticcessor.
Cecilia, ia. Henry Viscount Newark, who suc-
ceeded his father, in 1613, in the earldom of
Kingston, and was created MARQUESS OF Dor.
CHESTER in the following year, by whom she
had two surviving daughters, viz..
Apne, m. to John, Lord Ros, afterwards Earl

of Rutland, a marriage dissolved by parlia

ment in 1668.

Grace, died unmarried in 1703. Anne, m. to Henry Murray, esq. one of the grooms of the bedchamber to king CHARLES I. This lady was created VisCOONTESS BAYNINC, of Foxley, for life. Her ladyship d. in 1098, when the dignity of course expired. Mr. Murray's eldest daughter and co-heiress, by Lady Bay

Lineage. WILLIAM BEALE, son of John Beale, of Maidstone, who died in 1399, was portreve and one of the elder brethren of the fraternity of that borough. He died in 1429, and was buried in St. Faith's Church, leav. ing by Katherine his wife a son,

John BEALE, of Maidstone, who married twice, and was s. at his decease, in 1461, by his son,

Robert BEALE, of Maidstone, whose wife's Christian name was Agnes, but of what family she came is not recorded. He d. in 1490, and was s. by luis son,

WILLIAM BEALE, of Maidstone, who was twice portreve of that town. He m. Johanna

-, and dying in 1534, left issue, 1. John, whose son,

RICHARD BEALE, a merchant in London, pur

chased several estates in Kent, and resided at Whaddon, in Surrey. He m. Bersheba, daughter of Thomas Gilbert, but leaving no surviving issue at his decease, in 1636, he devised his estates to his grand-nephew, RICHARD BEALE, the son of Richard, and grandson of Alexander Beale, of Frit

The Honourable Elizabeth Murray, m. Randolph Egerton, esq. and had a daughter, ANNE EGERTON, (sole heiress of her fa

ther), who m. Lord William Paulet, second son of Charles, first Duke of Bolton, by whom she had an only daughter, HENRIETTA PAC LET, (heiress of her

father), who m. the Honourable William Townshend, third son of

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tenden. This gentleman resided at Hayle Place, and was in the commission of the peace for Kent. He m. Susan, daughter of Edward Bennet, deputy to the Hamburgh company, and dying in

1664, was s. by his son, RICHARD BEALE, a Hamburgh merchant,

b. in 1645, who d. without issue in 1703,

leaving his nephew, RICHARD BEALE, esq. the son of his brother

Alexander, his heir. This gentleman, who was a justice of the peace for Kent, m. in 1704, Mary, daughter of James Wittewronge, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, and by her (who wedded, secondly, the Rev. Thomas Taylor) left at his decease, in

1712, a daughter, MARY BEALE, 6. in 1705, who m. in 1728,

William Post, esq. of London, and d. in

1768, leaving a son,
William Post, esq. of Hayle Place, b. in

1738, who m. Mary, daughter of the Rev.
T. M. Jordan, rector of Barming and
Iden, and d. in 1806, leaving issue,
BEALE Post, in holy orders, LL.B.

curate of Milsted, near Sittingbourne,
b. in 1793, m. Mary-Jane, daughter
of J. Cousens, gent. of Westbourn,

and has issue. Mary Anne Post, m. to Rear-Admiral

George Montague Hamilton, of the

Russian navy.
Frances Post, m. in 1814, to the Rev.

Maurice Johnson, A.M.
11. William, d. in 1807.
111. THOMAS, of whom presently.

1. Margery, m. to John Clarke. The youngest son,

THOMAS Beale, was a jurat of the Maidstone Corporation and mayor in 1561 and 1574. He m. first, in 1547, Johanna Cobb, by whom he had one son and one daughter. He m. secondly, in 1553, Alice Wolgate, and by her, who d. in 1613, had with other issue,

Thomas, of Maidstone, b. in 1559, m. and d. in

1606, leaving issue. John, of whom presently. Ambrose, of Maidstone, mayor thereof in 1624 and

1637, m. twice, and left issue. The second son of the second marriage,

John BEALE, esq. a merchant of London, living in 1633, married Anne, daughter of Allan Ducket, and was father of

1. Sir John BEALE, of Farningham Court, in Kent, b. about the year 1621, who was created a BARONET in 1600, and served as high sheriff of kent in 1665. He m. first, in 1655, Anne, daughter of Sir William Culpeper, bart. of Aylesford, but by that lady, who d. in 1657, had no issue; and, secondly, Jane, daughter of Richard Duke, esq. of Maidstone, by whom he left four daughters, his co-leirs, viz.

JANE, m. to Sir Thomas Roberts, bart. of Glassen

bury, Kent.
ANNE, m. in 1688, to Sir George Hanger, knt. of

Driftield, Gloucestershire.
ELIZABETH, m. in 1691, to William Emmerton,

esq. of Chipsted House.
MARY, m. in 1695, to Thomas, eldest son of Wil-

liam Lambard, esq. of Seven Oaks. Sir John Beale d. 3rd October, 1681, when the BARO. NETCY became EXTINCT.

Lineage. NICHOLAS BEAUMONT, esq. M. P. for the county of Leicester temp. ELIZABETH, (a member of the very ancient family of Beaumont, which deduces its pedigree paternally from the old monarchs of France, and maternally from HENRY 111. King of England. See BURKE's Peerage and Baronetage), married Anne, daughter of William Saunders, esq. of Welford, in Northamptonshire, and by her, who d. 7th Septemb 1552, and was buried in Christ Church, London, had four sons and two daughters, viz.

1. HENRY, his heir.
11. Francis, master of the Charter-house, d. s. p.

in 1624. TII. THOMAS (Sir), knt. of Stoughton Grange, in

Leicestershire, ancestor of the present Sir
bart. of Stoughton Grange, who now resides at
Cole Orton Hall, the seat of the extinct baro-

nets. iv. Huntington, who married and had issue. 1. Dorothy, m. to William Read, esq. of Barton,

in Berkshire. 11. Catherine, m. to Sir Henry Berkeley, bart. The eldest son,

Sir HENRY BEAUMONT, knt. of Cole Orton, M.P. for Leicestershire 31st ELIZABETH, and high sherifi of the county in the 36th of the same reign, presented a petition to JAMES I. but without success, praying for the revival in his favour of the Viscountcy of Beaumont, forfeited by the attainder of John, Viscount Beaumont, who was slain at the battle of Northampton fighting under the banner of Lancaster. Sir Henry m. Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Thomas Lewis, and dying 31st March, 1607, was s. by his only son,

1. Sir Thomas BEAUMONT, of Cole Orton, M.P. and high sheriff' for Leicestershire, who was created a BARONET 17th September, 1619, and subsequently elevated to the peerage of Ireland as VISCOUNT BEAUMONT, of Swords, During the troubled period in which he lived, his lordship strenuously supported the Royal cause, and had in consequence to compound for his estates. He wedded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Henry Sapcote, esq. of Elton, in Huntingdonshire, and left a son and successor,

N. SIR SARCOTE BEAUMONT, second viscount Beaumont, who like his father suffered deeply by his fide. lity to the king, and d. before the Restoration. His lordship m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Monson, knt. of Burton, in Lincolnshire, by Margaret his wife, daughter of Sir Edmond Anderson, knt. lord chief justice of the court of Common Pleas, and had issue,

Thomas, his heir.
John, who attended CHARLES II. in exile, and

held after the Restoration under that monarch
and his brother JAMES II. several honourable

Arms-Sa, on a chev. or between three griffins' heads erased arg. as many estoiles gu.

upon Trent.

appointments, but on the landing of the Prince Vere, only daughter of Sir William Tufton, bart. of
of Orange, joining the new king, he was consti Vintners, in Kent, and by her (who m. secondly,
tuted governor of Dover Castle and colonel of a George Lane) had issue,
regiment, with which he served for many years
abroad. He m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir

CICELY, m. to Robert Beaumont, esq. of Barrow
Halton Fermor, knt. of Easton Neston, in

VERE, m. to Sir John Rayney, bart.
Northamptonshire, and relict of the Hon. Sir

Mary, m. to George Morton, esq. of Sileby.
Charles Compton, knt.; and, secondly, Philipe,

JANE, m. to Charles Byerly, esq. of Belgrave. daughter of Sir Nicholas Carew, knt. of Bed

ANNE, m. to Robert Pawley, esq. dington, in Surrey, but d. s. p. 3rd July, 1701.

Sir Thomas died without male issue 7th July, 1686, Elizabeth, m. to Sir Jobn Hotham, bart. of Scar

aged sixty-six, when the BARONETCY EXPIRED. The borongh.

site of the priory of Grace-Dieu was inherited by The elder son,

Cicely, wife of Robert Beaumont, esq. of Barrow-onIH. Sir THOXAS BEAUMONT, third viscount Beau Trent, and from that gentleman was purchased by Sir mont, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Erasmus Fountain, Ambrose Phillipps, knt. of Garendon. kat. of Kerby Bellers, in Leicestershire, but had no issue. His lordship founded at Cole Orton an hospital

Arms--As BEAUMONT, of Cole Orton. for six widows and a free school, and endowed them bountifully, appointing for trustees his heir, the rector of the parish, and two others. Dying s. p. 11th June,

BEAUMONT, OF WHITLEY. 1702, the peerage, together with the BARONETCY, became EXTINCT, while all the estates passed, under his will, to his lordship's heir male, Sir GEORGE BEAU. MONT, bart. of Stoughton. Arms-Az. semée of fleurs-de-lys, a lion rampt. or.


EXTINCT 19th Aug. 1628.

28th Oct. 1631.

Lineage. 1. Sır RICHARD BEAUMONT,knt. of Whitley Beaumont, b. 2nd August, 1574, son of Edward Beaumont, esq. of Whitley, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Ramsden, esq. was knighted by James I. on the 23rd July, 1609, and in 1613 had a commission to command two hundred of the train-band soldiers. In 1625 Pontefract returned him to parliament, and in three years after he was created a BARONET. He d. unm. 28th October, 1631, when the BARONETCY became EXTINCT, and the estates devolved, under his will, upon his cousin, Sir Thomas BEAUMONT.

Arms-Gu. a lion rampant, arg. langued and armed az. between eight crescents.

CREATED 29th Jan. 1627-EXTINCT 7th July, 1680.

Tomas BEAUMONT, of Tringston, a scion of the
Cole Orton family, m. Anne Harcourt, and dying 22nd
Hexey VIII. left two sons, viz.

Johx, his heir.
Edward, who settled at Barrow upon Trent, and

founded the branch of the family there seated,
and now represented by John BEAUMONT, esq.
of Barrow upon Trent. (See BURKE's Com.

moners, vol. iv.) The elder son,

Joan BEACMONT, master of the Rolls in 1550, pur. chased the site of the priory of Grace-Dieu, in 1539, and by Elizabeth, his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir William Hastings, knt. left a son and heir, Sir FranCIS BEAUMONT, knt. of Grace-Dieu, judge

the Common Pleas, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir George Pierrepoint, of Home Pierrepoint, in Nottinghamshire, and relict of Thomas Thorold, esq. and had three sons, viz.

HENKY (Sir), of Grace-Dieu, whose only daughter
and heir,
BARBARA, m. first, John Harpur, esq.; and

secondly, Sir Wolstan Dixie, bart. Joax, of whom presently.

Frascis, the celebrated DRAMATIC POET. The second son,

L. Joux BEAUXONT, esq. of Grace-Dieu, was created & BARONET in 1827. Hem. Elizabeth, daughter of John Fertescue, esq. and great-granddaughter of Sir Richard Pele, K.G. by whom he left at his decease, in 1628, a ma and successor,

IL Sis Joxx BEAUMONT, of Grace-Dieu, colonel in the royal army, who gallaotly distinguished himself the cause of his ill-fated prince, and was slain at Glaucester in 1644. His brother and successor, IL SIR Thomas BEAUMONT, of Grace-Dieu, married

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For details of the family of BEAUMONT OF WHITLEY, refer to BURKE's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 321.

CHAMBER LAYNE, his successor.
Justus, third baronet.

Rachel Sir Justus d. 15th December, 1722, and was s. by his eldest son,

11. Sır CHAMBER LAYNE BECK, who d. unmarried in August, 1730, and was s. by his brother,

III. Sir Justus Beck, who d. unmarried 12th January, 1764, when the BARONETCY became EXTINCT.

Arms—Quarterly; first, or, a blackbird ppr.; second and third, sa, a mullet or ; fourth, az, a dolphin hau. rient or.

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Lineage. This was a very ancient family, and it bore origi. nally the name of Malbie, or Maleysse. Its pedigree was entered in the visitation of Yorkshire by Sir Wil. liam Dugdale at Doncaster, 9th April, 1666.

Sir Symon MALBLE, knt. lord of Cawton, in Craven, m. the daughter of John, lord of Methley, and had three song, viz. 1. John, bis heir, who wedded a daughter of Sir

Alan Zouch, knt, and had a son,
Sir John MALBIE, knt. lord of Cowton, who

m. the daughter of Sir John Aldburgh, of
Aldburgh, and had a son and heir,
John Maleje, or MALBYSSE, lord of

Malbie, who wedded the daughter of
Sir Edward Willstrope, and had three
daughters, of whom MARGARET, who
eventually became sole heir, m. Tho-
MAS Fairfax,of Walton, and had issue,
William Fairfax, of Walton, from

whom the Fairfaxes of Gilling Castle. (See BURKE's Commoners,

vol. ii. page 113.) Anne Fairfax, m. to – Maston. Claricia Fairfax, m. to William

Palmes, of Naburn. (See BURKE'S

Commoners, vol. i. page 611.)
11. Roger, m. the daughter of Sir Hugh Haigh,

and had a son,
Ambrose Malbie, who wedded Timothea,

daughter of Sir John Pensux, knt, and
had a son and heir,
Edward Malbie, who m. the daughter of

Sir Hugh Coyney, knt. and d. s. p.

Iu. HERCULES. The youngest son, (in whose descendants the representation of the family eventually merged),

HERCULES DE MALBIE, wedded a daughter of Sir John Ferrers, of Tamworth Castle, and had a son and heir,

HERCULES DE MALBIE, who m. Beckwith, one of the daughters of Sir William Bruce," lord of Uglebarby, descended from Sir Robert Brus, lord of Skelton Castle, in Cleveland, a noble Norman knight, ancestor of the BRUCES, of Scotland, and had a son and heir,

Nicholas BECKWITH, who changed his name in pursuance of the marriage contract between his father and Beckwith Bruce, wherein it was stipulated that he should do so, or adopt the coat armour of that family, and it appears by the following documents that he preferred the former.

“ Be it known to all nobles where this present writing shall come, be seen or heard : whereas Hammon Beckwith, esq. son and heir of Nicholas Beckwith, was warned by the Earl Marshal of England, by a process that was dated from the aforesaid Earl Marshal's manor of Ryseing Castle, in the county of Norfolk, January 18th, in the thirteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord the king, in the year of our Lord 1339, that the said Hamon Beckwith should usurp, and take unto him, a coat of arms, which was appertaining unto John, Lord Malbie; for which better use, by virtue of this process, we charge you, that you will appear at the now mansion-house, and manor of Say. mor, before us, and bring with you all such evidence and records of arms, that we may allow, grant, and set our hands, to your teste and posterity for ever. And also that your appearance shall be the 14th day of October next coming, in the aforesaid year above written.

“ And the said Orator did appear at the said day appointed, and did bring with him such evidence; whereof one piece, bearing date from the 10th year of HENRY III., which was in the year of our Lord 1226, from one Hercules Malbie, the third son of Sir Simon Malbie, knt. which married the Lady Dame Beck with Browse, one of the daughters of Sir William Browse, lord of Uglebarby, and certain lands in Pickering, that the said Hercules should change his name, or else his coat, and his posterity for ever; and so it was that the said Hercules changed his name from Malbie to Beckwith, and did hold his coat: whereof I, the said Earl Marshal, Peter Mawlam, lord of de Luke, lord cham. berlain to our sovereign lord King Edward III. and Henry, Lord Percy, Sir Robert Boynton, knt. and Sir William Acton, did see and allow of it in due proof, and the aforesaid coat to be his own, lineally descended; whereof we have set our hands and seals to the aforesaid teste, the day and year above written, in the presence of many."

This Nicholas Beckwith m. the daughter of Sir John Chaworth, knt. and was s. by his son,

Hamon BECKWITH, esq. who was seised of the lordship of Clint, bounding of the north side of Nid juxta Hampesthwait, and of Uglebarby, in Whitby-strand, certain lands in Pickering and Roxbie, with the manor of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw, 13th Edward III. A. D. 1339. He m. the daughter of Sir Philip Tilney, knt. and had, with a daughter Anne, the wife of William Frevile, esq. a son and successor,

This Sir William de Bruce appears to have inhe. rited a considerable portion of the lands granted by WILLIAM the Conqueror to his ancestor, Sir Robert de Bruce, for we find that his danghter was heiress of Ugglebarby and Roxby, both of which places are mentioned amongst the possessions originally granted to Sir Robert de Bruce. Amongst those possessions are also named lands in “ Leverton," or " Levinton,” which must also have formed

part of the inheritance of Sir William de Bruce which was conveyed by his daughter's marriage to Sir Hercules de Malbie, and is now possessed by the lineal descendant of Sir Hercules, the present Colonel BECKWITH, of Trimdon. This estate is held by a feudal tenure, viz. that the eldest son of the possessor should hold the king's stirrup whenever bis majesty may come into the North Riding of Yorkshire.

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