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Saffolk, and by her, who d. Ist January, 1715-16, had an only child, Johs, his successor. He wedded, secondly, 9th February, 1731, Anne, relict of Edward Spencer, esq. of Rendlesham, in Suffolk, but had no issue by that lady. Sir William sat in parliament for Ipswich in the reign of Queen Anne, and he was one of the knights of the shire for Suffolk, in the reigns of GEORGE I. and of GEORGE II. He d. 23rd July, 1731, and was s. by his son,

vi. Sir John BARKER. This gentleman m. 28th October, 1741, Alice, only daughter of Sir Comport Pytcb, bart. of Mount Marksall, in Kent, and heir of her brother, Sir William, who died a minor in 1736, by this lady he had

JOHN-FYTCH, his heir, b. 25th July, 1741. He d. 7th June, 1757, and was s. by his son,

vii. Sir John-FYTCH BARKER, who m. Lucy, daughter of Sir Richard Lloyd, of Hintlesham, in Suffolk, but d. s. p. 3rd January, 1766, when the BARONETCY became EXTINCT.

Arms-Party per fess nebule vert and sa. three martlets or; a canton erin.


Margery, m. to Thomas Clench, esq. son and heir

of Mr. Justice Clench, of the court of King's

Thomasine, m. to Sir Robert Gardiner, knt. of

the county of Suffolk, lord deputy of Ireland. He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of Mr. Alderman Herdson, of London, and widow of George Stod. dart, esq. by whom he had another daugbter, Abigail, m. to Sir Elward Waterbouse, knt. of Halifax, in the county of York. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Sir ROBERT BARKER, M.P. for Ipswich 35th ELIZABETH, who was made a KNICHT OF THE BATH at the coronation of King JAMES I. (1603). This gentleman fixed the seat of the family at Grimston Hall, in the parish of Trinley St. Martin, eight miles south-east from Ipswich, whither he removed. He m. first, Jndith, daughter of George Stoddard, esq. of Mottingham, in Kent, and by her had

John, his heir.
Robert, who d. s. p.
Anne, m. to Sir Arthur Jenney, kpt. of Knotis-

hall. Sir Robert wedded, secondly, Susanna, daughter of Sir John Crofts, knt. of Saxham, in Suffolk, by whom he had

Thomas (Sir), heir of his mother, was of Besford,

in the county of Suffolk, and marrying Penelope, daughter of Sir John Tasborough, knt. of

the same shire, bad several children. Edward, m. first, Mary, daughter and sole heir of

Edward Wigmore, esq. of Twickenham, and
widow of Sir Thomas Holland, knt. of Quidden-
ham, in Norfolk; and, secondly, a daugbter of

James Pooley, esq. of Boxted.
Willian, an alderman of London, from whom the

BARKERS, of Bocking Hall.
The eldest son and heir,

1. JOHN BARKER, esq. of Grimston Hall, in the county of Suffolk, was created a BARONET by King JAMES I. on the 17th March, 1621. He m. Frances, daughter of Sir John Jermy, knt. of Brightwell, in Suffolk, and had three sons,

John, his successor.
Thomas, m. a daughter of Sir Dudley Carleton,

knt. of Imber Court, in Surrey.

Robert, d. s. p.
Sir John d. in 1652, and was s. by his eldest son,

II. Sir John BARKER, of Grimston Hall, who wed ded Winifrid, daughter of Sir Philip Parker, knt. of Arwarton, in Suffolk, and left at his decease, in 1664, three sons, viz.

JERMY, his heir.
John, successor to his brother.
Robert, wbom. a daughter of Robert Marriot,

esg. of Bradfield, and had two sons and five
daughters: the song both fell in the service of
Queen Anne, one a naval officer, the other in

CREATED 9th Sept. 1665.- EXPIRED in 1708.

Lineage. Baldwin BARKER, who died in 1603, married two wives: by the first wife he had a large family, and by the second, Elizabeth Taylor, he had two sons, namely,

ABEL, his heir.
Samuel, of South Luffenham, who m. Dorothy
Dixey, and was father of
Samuel, who m. Elizabeth Wildbore, widow

of -- Chaloner, esq. of Daffield, and died in

1676, when he was s. by his son, Augustin, of South Luffenham, who m. Tho

masin Tryst, of Maidford, Northampton

shire, and d. in 1689, leaving a son, Samuel, 6. in 1686, who m. in 1717, Sarah,

daughter of the Rev. William Whiston, well known to the philosophers and controversialists of his time, and dying in 1759, was

s. by his son, Thomas, b. in 1722, who m. in 1751, Anne,

daughter of John White, esq. of Salborn, Hants, and dying in 1809, left (with four daughters, Sarah, m. to Edward Brown, esq. of Walcot, Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth, who

all died unmarried), a son, Samuel, of Lyndon, in Rutlandshire, b. 21st

January, 1757, who served the office of high
sheriff for that county in 1815. He m. 7th
October, 1786, Mary, daughter of the Rev.
George Haggitt, rector of Rushton, North-
amptonshire, and had one son and two
daughters, viz.

Thomas, who d. in 1802, aged nine years.

The elder son,

ABEL BARKER, esq. of Hambleton, in the county of Rutland, m. Elizabeth Wright, and was s. by his son,

1. AnkL BARKER, esq. of Hambleton, b. in 1618, who was created a BARONET oth September, 1665. He m. first, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Burton, bart. of Stokerston, in Leicestershire; and, secondly, Mary, daughter of Alexander Noel, esq. of Whitwell, in Rutlandshire. By the latter he had no issue, but by the former he had a son, T'HOMAS, his heir. Sir Abel

the army:

The eldest son and heir,

III. SIR JERMY BARKER, died unmarried about the year 1665, and was s. by his brother,

IV. Sir JOHN BARKER. This gentleman wedded Bridget, daughter of Sir Nicholas Bacon, K. B. of Shrubland, and had a son and daughter, namely,

WILLIAM, his successor.
Grace, m. to Philip Bacon, esq. of Ipswich, grand-

son of Sir N. Bacon, of Shrubland. Sir John returned back to Ipswich, and again made that the place of abode of the family. He represented the borough in several parliaments, in the reigns of CHARLES II., JAMES II., and William and Mary. He d. in 1696, and was s. by his son,

v. Sir William BARKER, who m. first, Mary, only daughter of John Bence, esq. of Heveningham, in

parchased the estate of Lyndon, in the county of Rut

Abbey, in the county of Tipperary, who land, soon after the Restoration, and erected the pre

assumed the additional surname of snt mansion, which was completed in 1675. He d.

BARKER. He m. in 1791, Lady Henrietta in September, 1679, and was s. by his son,

Taylor, eldest daughter of Thomas, first 11. Sir Thomas BARKER, of Hambleton and Lyndon,

Earl of Bective, and dying in 1834, left, who d. issueless in 1708, when the BARONETCY became

with other issue, a son, the present EITINCT, and the estate passed to the descendants of

William-PONSONBY BARKER, Esq. of his grand-uncle, Samuel Barker, of South Luffen

Kilcooley Abbey. ham.

2. Frances, widow of George Lowther, Esq.

3. Sarah, d. at Llangollen, 8th Dec., 1831. Arms—Party nebulé or and az. three martlets coun

Mrs. Ponsonby wedded, secondly, Sir Robert terchanged.

Staples, Bart., of Dunmore, and had a son,
Robert, and a daughter, Anne-Maria, m. to

Ralph Smyth, esq. of Gaybrook.

1. Hannah-Maria, m. to Eland Mossom, Esq.

Sir William d. 20 March, 1770, and was s. by his son, CREATED 29th Mar. 1676.— EXTINCT 22nd Oct. 1818. IV. SIR WILLIAM BARKER, of Bocking Hall, who m.

Miss Lane, only daughter and heiress of William Lineage.

Lane, esq. of Dublin, but dying without issue, 220

October, 1818, the BARON ETCY expired, while the estates S18 ROBERT BARKER, K. B. of Grimston Hall, in the

devolved on his nephew, Charles-Brabazon Ponsonby, county of Suffolk, married for his second wife Su

esq., father of the present Mr. PONSONBY BARKER, sanna, daughter of Sir John Crofts, of Saxham, and

of Kilcooley Abbey. by her had three sons, viz. THOMAS (Sir), who became heir to his mother, and Arms--See Barker of Grimston Hall.

was of Besford, in Suffolk. He m. Penelope, daughter of Sir John Tasborough, knt. and had several children.

BARKER, OF BUSHBRIDGE. Edward, m. first, Mary, daughter and sole heir of

CREATED 24th Mar. 1781.-Extinct 14th Sept. 1789. Sir Edward Wigmore, knt. of Twickenham, and widow of Sir Thomas Holland. knt. of Quid

Lineage. denham, in Norfolk; and, secondly, a daughter of James Pooley, esq. of Boxted.

1. Sir ROBERT BARKER, knt. M.P. for the borough WILLIAY.

of Wallingford, and a general officer in the East InThe youngest son,

dies, where he performed eminent service as comWILLIAM BARKER, esq. who was an alderman of mander in chief of the artillery at the capture of London, m. Martha, daughter of William Turnor, of Manilla in October, 1762, was created a BARONET 24th Highworth, Wilts, and of London, merchant (relict of March, 1781. He purchased of the widow of PhilipDaniel Williams, also a merchant of London), by

Carteret Webb, esq. the estate of Bushbridge, in Surwhom he left a son and heir,

rey, and was thence designated. He m. in September, 1. WILLIAM BARKER, esq. of Bocking Hall, in the 1779, Ann, daughter of Brabazon Hallows, esq. of county of Essex, who was created a BARONET by King Glapwell, in Derbyshire, but had no issue. CHARLES II. 29th March, 1676. He m. Elizabeth, six Sir Robert d. 14th September, 1789, and was buried teenth child of Sir Jerome Alexander, knt. one of the at Hammersmith, when the BARON ETCY became EXjustices of the court of Common Pleas in Ireland, by

TINCT. In 1791, the estate of Bushbridge was sold, whom he acquired an estate of 1500l. per annum, and

under a decree of chancery, to Nathaniel Webb, esq. had issue,

but he subsequently sold it to Henry-Hare Townsend, WILLIAM, his successor.

esq. Jerome, d. unmarried. Robert, of Everley, in Wiltshire, who m. a daughter and one of the co-heirs of Samuel Keck,

BARKHAM, OF SOUTH ACRE. est of the Middle Temple. Sir William died in Ireland, and was s. by his eldest son,

11. SIR WILLIAM BARKER, of Bocking Hall. This gentleman m. Catherine-Teresa, daughter and co-heir


EXTINCT of Samuel Keck, esq. of the Middle Temple, and had

28th June, 1623.

in Dec. 1695. issue,

WILLIA, his heir.
Eleanor, m. to Thomas Vokes, esq. barrister-at-


Lineage. Grace.

The family of Barkham was, for a long period, of He d. Sth May, 1746, and was s. by his eldest son, influence and fortune, in the counties of Norfolk and

11. Sie WILLIAM BARKER of Bocking Hall, and Kil. Lincoln. cel y Abbey. This gentlemau wedded Mary, daughter 1. Sir EDWARD BARKHAM, of South Acre, in Nor

Valentine Quin, Esq. of Adare, in the county of folk, the first baronet of the family, m. Frances, daughLiserick, and had issue,

ter of Sir Thomas Berpey, knt. of Redham, in that L WILLIAM, bis heir.

county, and was s. by his son, 1. Mary, who m. first, Chambre-Brabazon Pon. 11. Sir Edward BARKHAM, of South Acre, who m.

sonby, Esq., grandson of the first Viscount first, Grace, daughter of Lewis, first Lord Rocking. Besborough, and had issue,

bam, which lady died without issue; and, secondly, 1. Chambre-Brabazon Ponsonby, of Kilcooley Frances, daughter of Sir Johu Napier, bart. of Luton

Hoo, in the county of Bedford, by whom he had no garet, daughter of Robert Gamble, esq. and his son issue. Sir Edward d. in 1088, and was s. by his bro- and heir, ther,

Henry Barlow, esq., wedded Anne, daughter of W. Sir William BARKHAM, of South Acre, who m. Sir Rowland Shirwood, knt. and was s. by his son, Judith, daughter of Sir John Halsey, knt. of Gades RICHARD BARLOW, esq. who m. the daughter of Sir den, Herts, but d. s. p. m. in December, 1695, the John Townley, knt. and left a son and heir, BARONETCY EXPIRED.

John BARLOW, esq. who wedded Maryan, daughter Arms-Paly of six ar. and gu, a chevron or.

of Sir Thomas Sherburn, knt. and was s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Barlow, knt. This gentleman m.

Anne, daughter of Sir William Stanwidge, knt. and BARKHAM, OF WAINFLETE. had a son and heir,

Sir John Barlow, kut. who m. Anne, daughter of Sir Ralph Langford, knt. by whom he had a daughter, Margaret, m. to Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, and

a son and heir, CREATED

EXTINCT Sir Thomas BARLOW, knt. who wedded, according 21st July, 1661.

13th Feb. 1711. to Thoresby, Christian, daughter of Edward Barley,

esq. of Barley, in the county of Hertford, and had several children. His second son,

THOMAS BARLOW, esq. m. Margaret, daughter and heir of John Trussel, esq. and had a son,

John Barlow, esq. This gentleman m. Christian,

daughter of Edward Barley, esq. of Barley, and had Lineage.

four sons and a daughter, who were thrown upon the 1. Sir Edwaru BARKHAM, of Waipflete, in Lincoln

world almost destitute, owing to the political misforshire, received shortly after the restoration of CHARLES

tunes of their father. In the time of HENRY VII. II. the dignity of BARONET. He m. Anne, daughter

Mr. Barlow was committed close prisoner to the Tower, and heir of Sir Robert Lee, of Billerslee, in Warwick

for harbouring at Barlow his brother-in-law Barley, shire, and was father of

and Sir Robert Clifford, who had married his wife's 11. Sir Robert BARKHAM, of Wainflete, who m. the sister, the night before their departure for the court daughter of — Jeffry, of Wygtoft, in Lincolnshire,

of Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, and his whole and d. about the year 1701, was s. by his son,

estate being wrested from him was conferred upon II. SIR EDWARD BARKHAM, of Wainflete, who m.

Vere, Earl of Oxford, then recently created lord high Mary, daughter and heir of John Wolley, of Alford, chamberlain of England, while he himself was detained in Lincolnshire, and d. s. p. 13th February, 1711, the

in prison until he fully and legally ratified the transBARONETCY became EXTINCT.

ter, getting free at last, but with difficulty, from the

penalties of high treason. Of his children, Arms-Paly of six ar. and gu. a chevron or.

Thomas, became a secular priest, and was made

chaplain to Queen ANNE BOLEYNE.

ROGER, we shall treat of presently.
John, was a student at Oxford, and fellow of

Magdalen College.
WILLIAM, also of Oxford, and a fellow of Magda-

len, was a canon regular and prior of Bisham : CREATED

EXTINCT before in the 27th HENRY VIII. he was constituted 13th July, 1677.

the year 1775. Bishop of St. Asaph, and two months afterward

translated to St. David's. In the 2nd EDWARD VI. (1547) he was translated to Bath and Wells, but in the 1st of Mary (1553) he was deprived and forced to fly the realm, and remained in exile until the accession of ELIZABETH, when

he was appointed Bishop of Chichester, and was Lineage.

the principal bisbop of the four at the consecra. This was a very ancient family, enjoying equestrian

tion of Archbishop Parker. He was the first rank for many generations prior to its being raised to

Protestant bishop in England. He m. Agatha, the baronetcy.

daughter of John Wellesborne, esq. and had, Sir THOMAS BARLOW, knt. of Barlow, in the county

with several sons, five daughters, + who all beof Lancaster, was father of

came the wives of bishops, namely, James Barlow, of Barlow, who m. a daughter of ANNB, of Herbert Westfaling, Bishop of HereSir Robert Worsley, and was s. by his son,

ford. Sir RICHARD BAR Low, knt. of Barlow, who wedded

ELIZABETH, of William Day, Bishop of Winthe daughter of Thomas Antwisle, esq. and was fa

chester. ther of

MARGARET, of William Overton, Bishop of Sir Robert Barlow, who m. Ursula, daughter of

Lichfield and Coventry. Sir John Berron, knt. and left a son and heir,

Frances, of Tobias Matthews, Archbishop of Sir Christopher Barlow, whose wife was Mar


THORES BY'S LEEDS, but this marriage was not mentioned in the family pedigree.

+ In the marriages of these ladies Thoresby has been followeri, but the family pedigree makes Anne to marry first, Angustiis Bradbridge, and secondly, Bishop Wesifaling; and Frances to inarry firsi, Matthew Parker, son of Archbishop Parker, and secondly, Bishop Matthews.

1 Toby Matthews, Archbishop of York, was a great favourite of Queen ELIZABETH and King JAMES I., and an able and indefatigable preacher, who kept an account of all the sermons he preacbed, by which it appears he preached, while Dean of Durham, 721; v hilst Bishop of Durham, 550, and whulst Archbishop of York, 721in all, 1992 sermons.

ters, viz.

sons, viz.


ANTONINA, of W. Wickham, Bishop of Lin. daughter and eventually heir of Sir John Lloyd, bart. coin.

of Forrest, in Carmarthenshire, and had two daughBishop Barlow d. in 1509, and was interred in his own cathedral of Chichester.

BEATRICE, m. first, to Sir Anthony Rudd, bart.; Elizabeth, wept as a companion with the Countess and, secondly, to Griffith Lloyd, esq.

of Oxford into Scotland, and was maid of ho ANNE, d. unmarried. nour to Make Queen of Scots : she m. first, Sir John wedded, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Alexander, Lord Elphinstone; and, secondly, Christopher Middleton, esq. of Middleton Hall, in the Lord Drummond, and was mother of the suc county of Carmarthen, and by that lady had three

ceeding Lords Elphinstone and Drummond. The second son,

GEORGE, his successor. ROGER BARLOW, esq. on his father's commitment John, m. first, Anne, daughter of Simon, Viscount to the Tower, went over to Spain, and was employed,

Harcourt, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, at the recommendation of the Duke of Modena, by

and had a son, the Emperor CHARLES V. for the discovery of Peru ;

George, who wedded Anne, daughter of but having communicated his discovery to the English

Blundell, esq. of Haverfordwest. ambassador at Madrid, Sir Thomas Boleyne, he was Mr. John Barlow m. secondly, Anne, daughter ordered by his own sovereign, King HENRY VIII., to of Richard Skrine, esq. and left by her a daughreturn home, with a promise of preferment. He was ter, Anne. He d. in November, 1739. afterwards appointed vice-admiral to Lord Seymour, William. and but for the death of the king, was to have under He d. about the year 1695, and was s. by his eldest taken the discovery of a north passage to the East

son, lodies with three of his highness's ships from Milford 11. Sır GEORGE BARLOW, who m. Winifred, daughHaven. This Roger was the first of the family who ter of George Heneage, esq. of Hainton, in the county came into Pembrokeshire, and purchased an estate of Lincoln, and had an only son, George. Sir George from the crown. He m. Julian, daughter and co-heir made over a great part of his estate to his brother, of Rees Daws, of Bristol, and was s. by his son, John Barlow, esq. He was s. at his decease by his

Joan BARLOW, esq. of Slebetch, in the county of
Pembroke, who wedded Elizabeth, daughter of John III. Sir GEORCE BARLOW. This gentleman died
Fisber, esq. and had a son and heir,

in France without issue, when the BARONETCY became GEORGE BARLOW, esq. who wedded Anne Vernon, EXTINCT. Administration to his effects was taken out niece of Viscount Hereford, and was s. by his son, in 1775.

John BARLOW, esq. of Slebetch, known as “ Colonel Barlow," from holding that commission in the royalist Arms-Arg. on a chev. engrailed between three cross arty during the great rebellion. Colonel Barlow crosslets fitchée sa. two lions encounter of the first. marched at the head of his corps, chiefly composed of his own tenantry, to the relief of the Marquess of Worcester at Ragland Castle, but his followers having BARNARDISTON, OF KETTON. been nearly cut to pieces, he was himself forced to avrond for several years, when his estates were conferred upon Cromwell's favourites, and his library, with a valuable collection of manuscripts, burnt at Seltch by Colonel Horton, one of Cromwell's offi


Extinct This gentleman had six sons and three daugh

7th cpr. 1663.

about 1750. ters, viz.

GEORGE, his successor.
Wilian, served for the Venetians against the

Turks, and returned to England after the Res

toration. Lewis.

Charles, I entered the Venetian service with their
Thomas, brother Wiliam, and fell in it.

This was one of the most ancient families of the Anne, m. to Lewis Wogan, esq. of Weston Castle. equestrian order in the kingdom, having flourished in

a direct line for twenty-seven generations at least. lady abbesses in France.

The name was assumed from the town of Barnarston Colouel Barlow was s. by his eldest son,

or Barnston, contiguous to Kettun, of which the BarGEORGE BARLOW, esq. of Slebetch, who m. Joan, nardistons were proprietors irom the Conquest. dacenter and co-beir of David Lloyd, esq. of Kily By marrying the heiress of Willoughby, in the time hetked, in Pembrokeshire, and had issue,

of EDWARD II., the family obtained the noble manor JUH, his successor.

of Great Cotes, in the county of Lincoln, which they Willian, who was introduced into the court of held for several centuries.

CHARLES II., and on the king's death was made Ketton Hall, or Kedyton Hall, they acquired with captain of horse in Lord Peterborough's regi the heiress of the family of Newmarch, which surment; before hing James's abdication he had name it appears they adopted and anciently bore, attained the rank of colonel, and accompanied in conjunction with that of Barnardiston, as exhithat monarch in his retirement. On his ma bited on the monument of Anne, daughter of Sir jesty's death he returned, and lived and died in Thomas Barnardiston, the wife of Sir Hugh Everard, Pembrokeshire in great esteem.

in the church of Great Waltham, Essex. She died m. to Sir Herbert Perrot, knt. of Welling in 1600. tan, Herts.

The estate of the Barnardistones amounted, in the He was s. by his elder son,

time of ELIZABETH, to 40001. per annum. 1. JOHN BARLOK, esq. of Slebetch, in the county of LE NEVE, in his MSS. begins the pedigree with Pembroke, who was created a BARONET by King ROGER BARNARDISTON, who m. the daughter and CHARLES II. 13th July, 1677. He m. first, Beatrice, heir of Havering, and was father of

Sir Thomas BARNARDISTON, who wedded the daughter and co-heir of Sir William Franke, kut. of Grims. by, in the county of Lincoln, and left a son,

Roger BARNARDISTON, father by his wife Isabel, relict of William Kelke, of Beverley, of

THOMAS BARNARDISTON, who m. Alice, daughter of Henry Vavasor, of Haselwood, in the county of York, and left a son and heir,

Thomas BARNARDISTON, who wedded a daughter of Sir Thomas Waterton, knt. and was s. by his son,

Sir THOMAS BARNARDISTON, knt. of Kedington, or Ketton, in Suffolk, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Newport, of Pelham, in Hertfordshire, by whom he had seven sons and seven daught rs. In Keding ton church, in the south window, there is to be seen, says Weaver, "a Barnardiston, kneeling, in his compleat armour, his coat armour on his breast, and be. hind him seven sons. In the next pane of the glass is Elizabeth, the daughter of Newport, kneeling, with her coat armour likewise on her breast, and seven daughters behind her, and under it is thus written, now much defaced :

• Orate pro Animabus Thome Barnardiston, Militis, et Elizabethe, uxoris ejus, qui istam Fenestram fieri fecerunt, anno Domini Mccccc... Anima ... Deus, Amen.' Over against the said south window, under the second arch of the said south side of the church, is the monument of the said Sir Thomas Barnardiston, in stone, at length, in his compleat armour, and the said Dame Elizabeth his wife by him: and in a table of stone, under their coat armours, this epitaph or inscription : “This is the monument of Sir Thomas Barnardiston,

knight, beying buryd in Cotys, in the countie of Lincolne, and of Dame Elizabeth, his Wytte, buryd under this Tombe: whych Sir Thomas, by his last will, gave certen Londis in the Towne callyd Brok. holes, of the yerly value of vii markis, towards the maintenens of a chantrie, in this church : and the seid Dame Elisabeth, artyr his Deth, optened lyceus to amortyse the seid Chaptrie, perpetually, and made the possession thereof, to the yerly value of xii markis, and besyds buylt the church roif new, and coveryd it with Lede. Whych Dame Elisabeth,

died the — day of - - Anno Domini Mcccccxx.'The son and beir of Sir Thomas, by Elizabeth Newport, another

Sir Thomas BARNARDISTON, knt. m. Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Lucas, of Saxham, in Suffolk, and was s. by his son,

SIR THOMAS BARNARDISTON, knt. who wedded Mary, second daughter of Sir Edward Walsingham, knt. of Scadbury, in Kent, lieutenant of the Tower, by whom he left his successor,

Sir THOMAS BARNARDISTON, knt. who m. first, Elizabeth,+ daughter of Thomas Hanchet, esq. of Hertfordshire, and by her had a son, Thomas (Sir), his heir. He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of Bygrave, esq. of Hertfordshire, and had another son, Giles, of Clare, in Suffolk, who left issue by his wife, Philippa, daughter of Sir William Waldgrave, knt. of Smallbridge. Sir Thomas d. 23rd December, 1619, and was s. by his elder son,

SIR THOMAS BARNARDISTON, knt. of Witham, Essex, who m. first. Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Kniglit. ley, knt. of Fawsley, in the county of Northampton, and had issue,

NATHANIEL (Sir), his heir.
Thomas, ancestor of the Barnardistons, of Bury,

of which Mr. Serjeant Barnardiston was the

lineal descendant and heir male. Arthur, m. Anne, danghter of James Harvey, esq.

of Debden, in Suffolk, and relict of Sir Roger Thornton, knt. of Snailswell, in Cambridge

shire. Stephen. Thomas, m. first, Mary, daughter of Henry Austin, of London, and had a daughter,

Margaret, m. to Richard Poulter.
He wedded, secondly, a daughter of Henry Pol.
sted, and left by her,

Thomas, who m. a daughter of John Clark.
William, a Turkey merchant.
A daughter, m. to Sir William Fish, knt.
Hannah, m. to Sir John Brograve, knt. of Hamels,

in the county of Hertford. He wedded, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Thomas Banks, esq. of London, but by that lady had no issue. She died 3rd March, 1632. Sir Thomas was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Sir NATHANIEL BARNARDISTON, knt. of Ketton, who was five times knight of the shire for the county of Suffolk, and sat once for Sudbury, in the same county. He m. Jane, daughter of Sir Peter Soame, knt. lord mayor of London, and by her had seven sons and two daughters, viz.

THOMAS, his successor.
Nathaniel, of Hackney, in the county of Middle-

sex, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ba-
con, esq. of Friston, in Suffolk, and had
Samuel, who inherited the BARONETCY of

Brightwell from his uncle, Sir SAMUEL BAR-
NARDISTON, of Brightuell Hall, and d. s. p.

in 1712.
PELETHIAH, successor to his brother, and third

baronet of Brightwell. Jane, m. to Robert, son and heir of Mr. Alder

man Man, of Norwich.
Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Blackerby, esq. of

Gray's Inn.
SAMUEL, of Brightwell Hall, created a BARONET

Ilth May, 1663, with remainder, default of male
issue, to his elder brother Nathaniel Barnar-
diston, esq. of Hackney, and his heirs, default
of which, to his younger brother, Pelethjah Bar-
nardiston, of Hackney, merchant, and his heirs

male. (See BARNARDISTON, of Brightwell). Pelethiah, of Hackney, merchant, m. a daughter

of Richard Turnor, esq. of Totteridge, in Hert-
fordshire, and sister of Sir William Turnor, knt.
of Bromley, and had a son,
NATHANIEL, who succeeded to the baronetcy

of Brightwell at the decease of his cousin,
Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, in 1712.

• By a daughter and co-beir of Sir Marmaduke Tun. stall, knt.

+ On the north side of Kedington Church, is a very fair monument or tomb, with the portraiture of Sir Thomas Barnardiston, and his lady Elizabeth. In the se cond window of the north side of the church, is to be seen a Barnardiston kneeling, in his complete armonr, and his coat-armour on his breast, and upon both his shonlders; the writing under him is wholly perished : over him is written-- non peccata nostra-nobis-- This seems to be very ancient.

The eventnal heiress of the Bacons of Friston married Dr. Hugh CHAMBERLEN, and had three daughters, viz.

Mary, d. unmarried.
Anna-Maria, m. to the Rt. Hon. Edward Hopkins,
and thence descends the present General Northey.

Hopkins, of Oving.
Charlotte, m. to Richard Luther, esq. great-grand-

father of Dr. Taylor, of Clifton.

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