Creating Abundance With Feng Shui

Ebury Publishing, 11 ene 2011 - 192 páginas
Creating abundance is more than just making money - abundance embraces all the wonderful things that deepen and expand one's life. Their are eight types of abundance that make life meaningful, that of: * Material possessions * Recognition * Success * Good health * Loving relationships * Good family life * personal growth * Feeling good about oneself - and this book shows you how to find them. It also offers visualisations, mantras, meditations and other practical techniques to enjoy a beautiful, harmonious existence.

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Sobre el autor (2011)

Lillian Too took the world by storm with feng shui. She wrote 46 international bestsellers which were translated into 24 languages and sold over 5 million copies. She is now moving on to reveal the depth of her unique wisdom - blending the classic knowledge of feng shui and buddhism with her own indomitable practical common sense. Based in Malaysia, Lillian Too, an MBA graduate form Harvard Business School, USA runs her own publishing and investment companies.

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