Enamelling: A Comparative Account of the Development and Practice of the Art

B.T. Batsford, 1907 - 222 páginas

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Página 9 - PLASTERING— PLAIN AND DECORATIVE. A Practical Treatise on the Art and Craft of Plastering and Modelling. Including full descriptions of the various Tools, Materials, Processes and Appliances employed.
Página 15 - Folio, buckram, gilt. ^5 55. net. OLD SILVERWORK, CHIEFLY ENGLISH, FROM THE XVth TO THE XVIIIth CENTURIES. A series of choice examples selected from the unique loan collection exhibited at St. James's Court, London, in aid of the funds of the Children's Hospital, supplemented by some further fine specimens from the collections of the Dukes of Devonshire and Rutland. Edited, with Historical and Descriptive Notes, by J. STARKIE...
Página 5 - PATTERN DESIGN For Students, treating in a practical way the Anatomy, Planning, and Evolution of Repeated Ornament. By LEWIS F. DAY. Containing about 300 pages, and 300 practical Illustrations from specially prepared Drawings and Photographs of the Principles of Repeat Design, the "Drop," the "Spot
Página 22 - THE ARCHITECTURE OF GREECE AND ROME. A SKETCH OF ITS HISTORIC DEVELOPMENT. By WJ ANDERSON, Author of " The Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy,
Página 9 - OLD CLOCKS AND WATCHES AND THEIR MAKERS. Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the different Styles of Clocks and Watches of the Past in England and Abroad, to which is added a List of 10,000 Makers.
Página 21 - CLASSIC ARCHITECTURE. A Series of Ten Plates (size 20 in. x 15 in.) of examples of the Greek and Roman Orders, with full details and a Selection of Classic Ornament. By CHARLES F. MITCHELL and GEORGE A. MITCHELL, Lecturers on Architecture, Regent Street Polytechnic, W.
Página 19 - Formerly Director of Art Education at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art ; The Artist-Artisan Institute, New York, etc.
Página 10 - Folio, cloth, gilt. £1 16s. net. ENGLISH INTERIOR WOODWORK of the XVI., XVII., and XVIII. Centuries. A series of 50 Plates of Drawings to scale and Sketches, chiefly of domestic work, illustrating a fine series of examples of Chimney Pieces, Panelling, Sides of Rooms, Staircases, Doors, Screens, &c., &c., with full practical details and descriptive text. By HENRY TANNER, ARIBA, Joint Author of " Some Architectural Works of Inigo Jones.
Página 20 - The houses illustrated in this volume may be taken as representative of the English Country House of the present day. They offer much variety in their size, their sites, the character of the materials in which they are constructed, and their types of plan.
Página 21 - Royal 4/0, cloth, gilt. ios. 6d. net. MODERN COTTAGE ARCHITECTURE, illustrated from Works of well-known Architects. Edited, with an Essay on Cottage Building, and descriptive notes on the subjects, by MAURICE B. ADAMS, FRIBA Containing 50 Plates of Perspective Views and Plans of the best types of country cottages. " The cottages which Mr. Adams has selected would do credit to any estate in England."— The Architect.

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