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made his fefcape as far as Sunderland g), but there was overtaken by the emiffaries of the law, and arrefted. From this iituation he was releafed by the friencThip of Mr. Laughlin Maclane and Dr. Sleigh, who were then in the College. On his being fet at. liberty, he took Jiis paffage on board a Dutch fhip for Rotterdam; from whence after a fhort ftay, he proceeded to Bruffels. He then vifited a great part of Flanders; and after paffing fome tima at Strasbourg and Louvain, where he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Phyfic, he accompanied an Englifh gentleman h) to Genera i).

This tour was made for themoft part on foot. He had left England with little money, and being of a thoughtlefs dilpofition, and at that time poffefiing a body capable of fuftaining any fatigue, he proceeded refolutely in gratifying his curiofity, by the fight of different countries.

He had fome knowledge of the French language and of mnfic; he played tolerably well on the German flute k), which now at times became the means of his fubfiftence. His learning procured him an hofpitable reception at moft of the religious houfes that he vifited, and his mulic made him welcome to the peafants of Flanders and Germany.

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„ Whenever I approached a peafant's houfe towards night-fall," he ufed to fay, „I played one of my merrieft tunes, and that generallyprocured me not only a lodging, but fubfifteriee for the next day; but in truth (his conftant expreflioii), i muft own, whenever I attempted to entertain perfons of a higher rank, they always thought my performance odious, and. never made me any return for my endeavours to pleafe them."

On his arrival' at Geneva, he was recommended as a proper perfon for a travelling tutor 1) to a young gentleman; who had been unexpectedly left a confiderable fortune by the death of his uncle.

This connection lafted but a fhort time; they difagreed in the fourh of France, arid parted. Friendlefs and deftitute, he was again left expofed to all the miferies of indigence in a foreign country. He, however, bore them, with great fortitude; and having this time fatisfied his curiolity abroad, he bent his courfe towards England, and arrived at Dover m), the beginning of the year 1758.

On his return he found himfelf fo poor, that it was with difficulty he was enabled to reach London with a few halfpence n) only in

1) Veber travelling tutor, f. die Anmerkung win loften Kapitel des Vicar, S. 165.

Hi) Dover , bckanntt Seeftadt in Her Graffchaft Kent, mit tinem berukmten Havtn , wohin Ait Paqnttbote von dent gegenuberliegenden Calais in Fran^reich ordtntlich abgehen.

n) halfpence; f. die Anmerkung znm iften Kapitel iet

Vicar S. 7.

his pocket. He was an entire fu-anger and without any recommendation. He offered himfelf to feveral apothecaries, in .the character of a journeyman, but had the mortification to find every applipation without fuccefs.

At length he was admitted into the houfe of a chemift near Fifh- Street - Hill o) and was employed in his laboratory, until he difcovered the reficlence of his friend Dr. p) Sleigh, who patronifed and fupported him.

„It was Sunday, faid Goldfinith," wbrn I paid him a vifit, and it is to be fuppofed, in my belt clothes. Sleigh fcarcely knew me. — Such is the tax the unfortunate pay to poverty. However, when he did recollect me, I found his heart as warm as ever; and he fhared his purfe and his friendfhip with me, during his continuance in London.

Dr. Sleigh afterwards fettled as a phyfician at Cork q), his native city, and was riling rapidly into eminence, when he was cut off, in the flower of his age, by an inflammatory fever, which at once deprived the world of a fine fcholar, a fkilful phyfician, and an honeft man. ■

By the recommendation of the chemift, who Taw in Goldfinith talents above his condition, he foon after became an afliftant to Dr. Mihier,

o) Fifh Street Hill , Name einer in dtr Cegend des Tower teltgentn Strafte in London.

p) Dr., tint bekannte Abkiirzung fur Doctor , (/. tint Aumerkuvg znm i+ten Kupitel des Vicar, S. 94). In nnfrtr Sttllt ift tin Doctor Medicinae gemeint.

«Q Cork , tint am Lee btlegene Stadt in der Irlandifchcn trovina Meuiifler.

who kept an academy l ) at Pedkham s). He remained not long in this iituation, but being introduced to fome bo kfellers, he returned to London took a lodging in Green - ArbourCourt t), near the Old Bailey uy, and commenced author.

Mr. Griffiths, the proprietor of the Monthly Review"), gave him a department in hia Journal, and Mr. Newbery, the philanthropic bookfeller in St. Paul's Church- Yard y), gave bim a department in the" Public Ledger z) where he wrote thofe periodical papers, called Chinefe Letters, which now appear in his works, under the title of the Citizen of the World.

His firft works were The Bee, a weel-ly

Jamphlet, and An Inquiry into the Preent State of Polite Learning in Europe, publifhed before the clofe of the year 1759.

j) f. die Erlauttrnng iieftt Wortt im lofien Kapitel det Vicar, 5.

s) Pcckham, tin Dorf hti London.

t) Green- Arbour- Court, Name tints mit Gtbitudcn l/ejetzttn Hofts in London.

u) Name tintr Lindner Strafse, ft* wit auch einer G«» gend ditftr Stadt,

x) Monthly Review, Titel tintr noch jtttt trfchtintnden ptriodij'c/ien Schrift, in welchtr dit ntntfttn littrarijihtn frodukte hurthtilt vitrdtn.

y) /". Kapitel is. S. lit.

z) Public Ledger , Titel tines feriodifehtu Blatts vtrmifchun Inhaltt.

JV. ■'

Soon after his acquaintance witlXMr. New. bery, for whom he held the „pen of ready writer", he removed to lodgings in Wine- Office- Court, Fleerrftreet a) where he finifhed the Vicar o f .'W a*-ef iel d, which by the friendly interference of Dr. Johnfon b) was fold for lixry pounds, to difcharge his. rent c). „A

a) Fleetftreet, Name titter der volkreichften Straften in London.

b) Dr. Samuel Johnfon, tintr der gelehrteften Engl'inder, get ijop , geft. ivi.f Zu feinen wichtigften Wer. ken gehoren feine Zeitfchrift the Idler, feine Biographien der Englijchen Dichter , fein Roman ttaflehs , feine Ansgabe des Shakefpeare, die heiden Gtdichte London und the Vanity of human wilhes «. v. a.

i) Bo» w til erz'dhlt in fiiner Sitgfaphie John font Die G'./chichte von Gold/witht Cage und Johnfons freundfchflftiichtr Vermitielang bti dem Romans, wird fehr verkehrt erzdhtt. Ich werde fie in Johnfons eiginen Worten herfetzen: Ich erhielt eines Morgens tine Botfchaft von dem -amen Goldfmith, dafs er in grofstr Noth fey, Wnd mich bate, fobald als moglich cs» ihm zu kommen, vitil er nicht im Stande fey, auszugehen. Ich fchickie ihm eine Guinee, und verfprach fogleich zu kommen. Sobald ich angezogen war, ging ich hin , und fond, dafs ihm feine Haurwirtnin wegen der ruckftandigen MiethtJ, Stubenarreft gegeben hatte, woruher er fehr tntrufttt war. Ich merkte, dafs er meine Guinee bereits gewechfelt hatte, weil tint Flafche Madera (Vein und ein Glas %r ihm ftand. Ich fteckte den Stopfel auf die Flafche, und ging mit ihm zu Rathe , auf welche Art ihm zu helfen fey. Er zeigte mir er»en Roman, den er zum Drucke beftimmt hattt^ Ich bldttertt darin, und da ich fall, dafs er etwas werth war, fagte ich der Wirthin, ich wurdt bald ivieder kommen, ging zu einem Buchhandler und verkaufte ihn auf der Sttlle fur fechzig Pfund. Ich brachte fie Goldfmith und er bezahlte ftint Miethc, nicht ohne in hohem Tone auf feine Wirthiii fchimpftn, daft fit ihn fo iibel behandelt htttt."

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