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jbf^rving that fhe was very apt to be fufpicious berfolf; but referred her to all the neighbours For a. character: but this 6ur Peerefs declined Is unneceffaiy, alledging that coiifin Th'irnhiU's recommendation would be fufficient, and Ud6jj this we refced cur petition.


torhtn? feems refolved to humble the fertility (if, i Wcikefirld. Mortifications are often more pain> ful than real calamities. .

W hen we wore returned home , the nigh£ •Xtas dedicated to fchemes of future ci'.nqueft. DehNrah exerted much fagacity in conjecturing which of the two girls was likely to have the beit place, and moft opportunities of feeing good company. The only obftacle to our pre* ferment wis in obiaining the 'Squire's recom* netldation; but he had already fh<Wn Us too many 4^ftfcnces Jji Ms friendl'hip to doubt 6£ h now. 'Even in iied my wife kept up the


I'fual theme: „Well , faith, my dear Charles,

between our! t think we have made an

excellent ^^Hi^ of it." — „PfL'Uy well," i dec! 1, .v.: ig what to fay. - „What

only pretty wei;'"" returned flic. „'I think it Is very wra Suppufe the girls fhoiild come to make acquaintances 6f tifte in town! This 1 am allured of, that London is the only place) in the world all manner of hufbands.

Betides, my deaf," ftranger things happen every day: and as ladies 6f quality, are fo taken with *Jy daughters} what will not men of quidiry


Blarney vaftly, fo very obliging. HoweverJ Mifs Carolina Wilelmina Skeggs has my wari^ heart. But yet, when they came to talk oji places in town, yoii faw it once how 1 nailei them. Tell me, my dear, don't you think '5 did for my children there?" — ,,'Ay," returned) 'I, not knowing well what to think - of the matter, „heaven grant they may be both thl better for it this day three months!" This wasi one of thdfe obfervations 1 iifually made to im

firefs my wife with an opinion of my fagacityjj or if the girls fucceeded, then it was a piousj wi'fh fulfilled; bat if any thing unfortunate! enfued, then it might be looked upon as a prA-l phecy. 'All this conversion, however, wasj only preparatory to another fcheme, and indeed! 'I dreaded as much. This was nothing let' than, that as we were now to hold up our heads a little higher in the world, it would, be proper to fell the Colt, which was grown old, at a neighbouring fair, and buy us an horfe that would carry fingle or double 0 upon' an occafion, and m ike a prettyAapp^Jy^ce at church or upon a villt. Tlia ftoutly; but it was as ^i')ut| ever, as "I weakened,^ ftrength, till at laft it • wa| with him.

'As the fair happened a iy, 'I had intentions of going

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nothing could prevail upon her to permit ma from home. „No, my dear," , faid fhe, „6ur "m Mofes is a difcreet boy, and can buy and pi to very good, advantage; you know all our reat bargains are 6f his jaurchafing. He always Lds out and higgles, and actually tires them he gets a bargain.

'As 'I had fome opinion 6f my Ton's prince, 'I was willing enough to entmft him this commiffion; and the next morning perceived his flftcrs mighty bufy in fitting t Mofes for the fair; trimming his hair, ifhing his buckles, and cocking his hat with s s). The biifinefs of the toilet being over, e had at laft the fatisfaction of feeing him oounted upon the Colt, with a deal box before ■a to bring home groceries in. He had on j$at made of that cloth they call thunder and hing 0," which, though grown too fhort, much too good to be thrown away. His "tcoat was of gofling green u), And his fifters tied his hair with, a broad black ribband. Ie all' followed him feveral paces from the |or, bawling after Tiim good luck, good luck, 111 'we could fee him n6 longer.

He was fcarce g6ne, when Mr. Thornhill's *) came to congratulate us up6n our

s) to cock a hat with pins, tinen Hut wit Stecknadelit aufftecken, aufkravipen, fo dafs er eckigt wird.

ft) a coat of that cloath they call thunder and lightning,

ftin Kleid von dem Tuche, welches wan Donner mid Blitz, nennt, d. h. Tuch von zwei verfchiedenen Farben , hell nnd dunkei. 11) gofling, tint junge Cans; gofling green, ganfegrkn. , *) butler, KeVermtifttr.


go^d firtune, firing, that he overheard hi young milter mention our names with grei commendation.

Good fortune Teamed revived n6t to comi alone. Anc' her fo ">tman from the fame familj fAllowed j with a card 1/ir ni) daughters, inl porting, that the two ladies had received fud eleafing accounts fr^m M'r. Thornhill of us 4$ that, after a few previous enquiries, they hop^ to he perfectly fatisfied. „,Ay," cried my wif{ j,I now fee it is no eafy matter to get int. the families 6f the great; but when one 6nc g;;ts in, then, as Moles fays, one may go fleep. To this piece 6f humour, for fhe intended ) for wit, im)- daughters affinted with a Ion laugh 6f pleafure. 'In fh6rt, fuch was her b tisfaction at this meffage, that fhe actually pf lier hand into her pocket, and gave the mU Cenger feven - pence halfpenny y).

This was to ha 6ur viliting day. The nej that came was M'r. Burchell, wh6 had been! the fair. He brought my little ones a pennj worth 6f gingerbread each, which my wit Undertook to Keep for them, and give them Iji letters it a time z). He brought my daughter! alfo a couple 6f boxes, in which they migh Sxeep wafers, fnuff, patches, 6r even m/me\ when th<«y got it. My wife was ufually foal a weefel fkin piirfe, as being the m6ft luck]

y) feve" pence halfpenny, i\ pence, finf Grofckt • jtacA nnferm Geliit Das Komtjche liegt wo I dan dajs iter Bote ftatt Einer Munzt von diejem Wtrt entweder en.en lixpeocc und diei halfpence, oder wo g«r funfzehn halfpence efhn.t.

2) Es ift fittktr Pfefferkttchen gimeint, »nf wtlchcn t Bnchftaien out /i'fhuhtf gtdrHikt jmd.' .

but this bjr tlie bye. We had frill a regard for M'r. Burchell, tho' his-late rude behaviour was in f6me meafure difpleafing; nor could we now avoid communicating our happinefs to him, and afking his advice: although we feldom fallowed advice, we were all ready enough td afk it. When he read the note from the two ladies, he fhook his head, and obferved, that an affair 6f this f6rt demanded the utmolt circumfpection. —r This air of dilfidence highly difpleafed my wife. „'I never d/ubted, Sir,'' cried fhe, „your readinefs to be againft my1 daughters and me. You have more cjreum-. fpection than is wanted. However, 1 fancy when we come to afk advice, we fhall appl^f to perfons who feem to have made ufe of it tliemf^lves." — „ Whatever my own conduct may have been, Madam," replied he, „is not the prefent ijueftion; though as 'I have made 116 ufe of advice myfelf, 'I fhould In c6nfcience give it to thofe that will." — 'As 'I was apprehenfive this dnfwer might draw on a repartee, making up by abufe what it. wanted in wit, T changed the fubject, b^ feeming to wonder what could keep our Ton fo long at tlie fair, as it was n6w almoft nightfall. — i,Never mind our fon," cried my wife, depend upon it he knows what he is, about. Til warrant we'll never fee him fell his hen 6n a.rainy day a). T have feen him buy fuch bargains as. would amaze one. Til tell you a good ftory about that, that will make you fplit your Tides with laughing. — But as 1 live, y6nder comes

a) Eine -ffinchmortlicke Redentart, ivelcke wortlich hiifit: fiine ffljiye nicht an einem tritben Tagt vtrkaufen, H. h. jHftt Vorthsil verfteh'en.

- !r*.

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