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My wife approved hér Lufpícjons very much, abferving that she was very apt to be suspicious berfélf; bút referred her to all the neighbours fór à character: bút this bur Peörels declined ás unnecessary, allédging that cousin Thirnhill's recommendation would be sufficient, and upon this wè rested bur petition.

CHÁ P. XII. Fortune seems refolved to humble the fåritily 6f Wakefield. Mortifications are often inore paino

ful thán real calinities. , When we were retúrned home, the night was dedicated to schemes of fùțure conquest. Deborah exérted much fagacity ín' conjécturing whích of the two girls was likely to have the best place, and most opportunities of seeing good company. The only obstacle tó úur preferment was in obràining the 'Squire's recoma mendation; but he had already Thòwn ús too mány instances of his friendship tò doubt of it now. 'Even in bed my wife képt up the usual thème: Well, fàith, my dear Chárles, between ourselves. I think we have made án excellent day's wok óf ít.“ – „Pretty well, cried 'I, not I nowing what to sày. - „Whát önly pretty well!t returned fhè. ,'I think it is very well. Suppose the girls should come to make acquaintances of tålte in town! This I am assured of, that London is the only place in the wórld for all mánner óf húsbands. Besides, mỹ dear, stranger things happen every dày: ánd ás ladies of quality, áre lò taken with my daughters, whát will not mén of quality


bè! 'Entre nous, 'I protést 'I like my Lady Blárney vástly, lò véry obliging. However, Miss Carolina Wilelmina Skeggs has mỳ warm heárt. But yet, when they came to talk of places in tówn, you saw at once hów 'I nàiled them. Téll me, mỹ dèar, dòn't you think I díd fór my children thére ?.66 - „Ay,“ returned 'I, not knowing well whát tó think of the mátter, „héaven gránt they may be both the bétter fór ít this day three mónths! " This was one of those observations 'I usually made to impress my wife with an opinion of my fagácity; fór íf the girls succeeded, then it was à pious wish fulfilled; bút if any thing unfortunate enfùed, then it might be looked úpón ás à próphecy. All thís conversation, however, was only prepáratory to another scheme, and indeed! 'I dreaded ás much. This was nothing less thán, that as we were nów tó höld up óur héads à little higher in the world, ít would bè proper tó féll thé Cólt, whích was grówn öld, át à neighbouring fàir, and buý ús án horse that would carry single ór double r) úpón án occasion, and make a pretty appearance át chúrch ór upón á vísit.. This

fed tóutly; bút ít was as tout a low éver, as I weakened, my

gained strength, tíll át lást ít · wat

to párt with him.

'As thé fàir háppened on following dày, 'I had intentions of going myleil : bút my wife persuaded me that 'I had gót à cold, and


r) to carry single or double, eine Person oder zwei

tragen. - Es ist in England gar nichts Ungewohnliches ,. dass zwei Personen auf Einem Pferde sitzen.

úthing could prevail upon hér to permit me róm hòme. „Nò, my dear," said Thè, , óur on Moles is a difereet boy, and can buy and éll tò very good advantage; you know all our reàt bárgains are of his purchasing. He always tands out and higgles, and actually tìres thém áll he gets à bárgain."

'As 'I had some opinion of my són's 'prů. ' lence, 'I was willing enough tó entrúst hím víth this commission; and the next morning [ perceived his sisters inìghty: bify ín sítting ut Mòses fór' thé fàir; trímıning hís hair, irúshing his buckles, and cócking his hát with víns s). The business of the toilet bèing över, vé hád át lást the satisfaction of seeing him nóunted upon the Cólt, with a deal box before tím to bring hòme gròceries in. He had on | coat made of thát clóth they call thunder and ightning t), which, thòugh grówn too short, wasi múch too good to be thrown away. His waistcoat wás óf gólling green u), and his sisters hád tìęd hís hàir with, à broad black ribband. We all followed' hín several pàces from the door, báwling after him good luck, good luck, till we could see hím nò lónger.

He was scarce gone, when Mr. Thórnhill's bútler x) came to congratulate ús upón our

s) to cock a hat with pins, einen Hut mit Stecknadeln

aufstecken, aufkrämpen, so dass er eckigt wird, t) a coat of that cloath they call thunder and lightning,

ein Kleid von dem Tuche, welches man Donner und Blitz nennt, d. h. Tuch von zwei verschiedenen Farben, hell und dunkel. 11) gosling, eine junge Gaus; gosling green, gänsegrün. x) butler, Kellermeister,

good fortune, saying, thát he overheard his young misier méntion our names with great commendation.

Gold fortune feèmed resolved not to come alone. Anó her foltman from the same family f'llowed, with ả cárd fór mý daughters, im pòrting, that the two ladies bád received such pleasing accounts from Mʻr. Thornbill óf ús áll, thát, áfter à fe previous enquiries, they hòped to be perfectly fátisfied. ,,Ay,“ cried mỳ wife,

I niw see it is nò èasy mátter to get into thé fámilies of the great; but when one once gets in, thẻn, ás Moles fáy, ốne này gò leep. To this piece of hùmour, fór fhè intended it fór wit," my daughters afsented with à loud laugh of pleasure. 'In short, lúch was hér fad tisfaction at this metage, that the actually put hér hánd into her pocket, and gave the mele senger seven - pénce halfpenny y).

This was to be our visiting dày. The next that came was M’r. Burchell, who had been át the fair. He brought my little ones à pénny. wórth of gingerbread each, which my wife undertook to keep fór them, and give them by létters át a time 2). He brought my daughters also à couple of bóxes, in which they might keep wafers, snúff, patches, or even money, when they gót ít. My wife was usually fond of a weèfel ikin purse, ás being the inòst lucky;

Y) feven pence halfpenny, ni pence, fünf Groschen,

nach unferm Gelde. Das Komische liegt wol darin, dass der Bote statt Einer Munse von diesem Werth, entweder einen fixpence und drei halfpence, oder wohl

gar funfzehn halfpence erhait. 2) Es ist solcher Pfefferkuchen gemeint, auf welchen die

Buchstaben des Alphabetr gedruckt sind."

but this by the býe. Wé hád stíll à regard fór Mr. Búrchell, thò' hís late rude behaviour was ín sómne méasure displeasing; nór could we now avoid commùnicating our happiness to him, and ásking his advice: althòugh we féldom Allowed advice, we were áll ready enough to ak ít. When he read the note from the two ladies, he shook his head, and observed, thát an affáir of this sort demanded the utmost circumspection. This air óf diffidence highly displeased my wife. „'I never díubted, Sir, cried Chè, your réadiness to be against my daughters and me. You have more circum, Ipection than is wanted. However, 'I fancy when we come to ask advice, we shall apply to persons who seem to have made use of it themselves.“ „Whatéver my own conduct may have bečn, Mádam , replied hè, „ís not thë présent question; though as 'I háve made no úse of advice myself, 'I should in conIcience give ít to those that will." - 'As 'I was apprehensive this answer might draw on a repartée, making úp by abù se wliát ít wanted in wit, "I changed the subject, by seeming to vònder what could keep our fón đồ lóng át the fair, as it was now almost nightfall. — Never mind óur són,“ cried my wife, depend upỏn ít he knows what he is about. I'll warrant we'll never see hím féll hís hén ón à rainy i day a). 'I have seen hím buý such bargains ás. would amaze óne.' 'I'll tell yoủ à good story about that, that will make you split your sides with laughing. - Bút ás 'I live, yonder comes

a) Eine fprichwörtliche Redensart, welche wörtlich heisst:

feine Home nicht an einem trüben Tage verkaufen, de hon Vortheil verstehen.

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