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began to think feriouf ly 6f xnatrimony, and chofe m$i|wife as fhe did her wedding ^own, n6t f6r a Fine gl6ffy furface, but fiich qualities as would wear well. To do her )uftice, fhes was a good - natured notable woman; and as for breeding, there were few country ladies who could fh6w more. - She could read any 'Englifh book with6ut much fpelling; but f6r pickling, prefeiving, and cookery, n6ne could excel h^r. She prided herfelf alfo upon being an excellent contriver in h6ufekefeping; though 'I could never find that we grew richer with all her contrivances.

However, we I6ved each other tenderly, and 6ur fondnefs enereafed as we grew old. There was in fact nothing that could make us angry with the w6rld or each 6ther. We had an Elegant houfe, fituated in a Fine country t and a good neighbourhood. The year was fpent in moral or rural ,amufement; in vifiting ourYrich neighbours, and relieving fuch as were j»or. We had no revolutions to tear, n6r fatigues to undergo; all our adventures' wire by the firefide, and all our migrations from the blue b\d to the brown c). J

'As we lived qear the road, we 6ften had the traveller or firanger vint us to tafte our goofeberry d) wine, for which we had great reputation; and 'I profefs, with the veracity 6f

c) Jedes Englifche Bette ift in der Regel mit VorhHngen nerfehen. The blue bed bedentet das Bette mit blanen Vorhangen.

d) Die Evglander verftrtigen einen koftlicken Wtin nut Stachelbeeren; desgleichen nus jfohannisbeeren. Beide Wtinarun uerden gcviolinhcli nicht verkwft, htdtm jede Familie diefelben nur fiir ficli bereitei.

in hlftorian, that 1 neVer knew 6ne of them find fault with it. 'Our coufins too, even to the Fortieth remove, all remembered their affinity, without anv help from- the herald's office c)f ?ame very frequently to fee us. Some 6f them did us no great honour by thefe claims of kindred; as we had the blind, the maimed, and tlie halt amongft the number. However, mjr vife always infiftod that as they were the fame flefli and blood, they [hoiild fit with lis at the fame table. ( S6 that if we had not very rich, we generally had very happy friends about us; for this remark will hold good through life, that the poorer the gueft, the better pleafed he ever is with being treated; and as fome men gaze with admiration at the colours of a tulip, or the wing of a butterfly, f6 'I was Ivjr nature an admirer of happy human faces. However, whei any one of our relations was found to be

ejthe herald's office, das Wappenamt, tine Behorde, ley Iwelcher die Namen nnd Wapptn alter adlichen Englil fchen Familitn einrtgijtrirt find. ,,Das Haus , in welA chem das Wappengericht gehalten v/ird (fagt Volkmaun \ in feinen neueften Reifen dutch England, Theil 2. S. 17s:), Hegt in dem- Vitrtel Londons, welches Caftle Baynavd heifst. Es ijt mit einer Bibliothek von Biichern E/ir Heraldik Jtjfrf den Alterthmnern verfeken. Dies GeWcif Jieht nlfier dem Crafen Marfchall 'von England. Es gekitrelt drey Wappenkbnige dazu , nebf: fechs nach tben fo vitlen Otrtern, /Us Windfbr, York «. /. w. benan^iten Heroldtn. Die VPappenkijnige fiihren die fonierbaren Namen Garter, Clarenceux, Norroy. Sit begleiten insgefamt den Konig ins Oberhaus, und m&fftj> auch bey der luftallhung der Ritter vom Hofenbandv feyn. Alle wegin der Wappen nnter den adlichen Familien evtftehniden Streitigkeiten werden dutch das Wappengericht entfchieden." Man findet das-Perfonale dts Herald's College nnter andern in dem Polite Repofitory vom Jahr S. 42. angegebtn.

a perfon of a very bad character, a troublefome gueft, or one we defired to get rid of, upon his leaving uiy houfe, 'I ever took care to lend him a riding-coat, or a pair of boots, or f6metimes an horfe 6f fmall value, and 'I always had the fatisfactjon to Find he never came back to return them, this the houfe was cleared 6f fuch as we did n6t like; but never was tht family of Wakefield known to turn the traveller 6r the poor dependant out of doors.

Thus we lived feveral years In a ftate of much happinefs, not but that we fometimes had thofe little rubs which Pr6vidence fends to enhanc.' th$ value of Its , favours. My Orchard was often robbed bf fchool boys, and m^r wife's cuftards phmdered bf the cats 6r the children. The 'Squire f) would fometimes fall aflee)p in the m6ft pathetic parts of my fermon, or bis Ifidy return my wife's civilities at church With a mutilated courtefy. But we foon g6t 6ve» the uneafinefs caufed b^ fuch accidents, and ufuklly in three 6r four days began to wonder h\W they vext us, , j \

f) Squire. Er ift fchuier zu fagen (heifst es in Kiith nets Beit r a gen, Stiick j. S. 3--), we* nlle ifejenigen find, denen diefer Titel ei gent licit, d. h. nach den Gefetzen, zukommt. Die Solme der Baronets, die barrificrs (Advokaten oder plaidirmde Rechtsgelehrte) find Efquiies, und fo manche avdere in-.vex.fchiedentr» iffentlichtn > Aemtern haben diefen Titel von Rechts•wegen, Allein man giebt ihn anch vielen aus Hiflichkeit, denen er eigentlich nitht gehdrt. Ein Gelehrter, ein Kiinftler erwartet auf Briefen das Efq. hinter feinem 'Namen; das bekbmmt er dann auch gevibhnlich. Der Befitz liegender Griinde giebt ihn nickt, ob man fchon diejenigen, die liege nde G riinde It a ben , durchaut und vtizngweife fa imnt. — In tnferer Stelle ift der Gntsherr gtmeint. _

M-§r children, the offspring of temperance, as they were educated without foftnefs, fo they were at once well formed and healthy; ibfy f6ns hardy and active, mf daughters beautiful and blooming. When 'I ftood in the mldft of the little circle which promifed to be the fupport of my declining age, lI could not avoid repeating the famous ftory 6f Count \Abenfberg, wno, in Henry H's g) progrefs through Germany, while other courtiers came with their treafures, brought his thirty- two children and prefented them to his fivereign as the unoft valuable 6fFering he had to beftow. 'In this manner, though 'I had but fix, 'I confldered them as a very valuable prelent made to my country, and confequently looked upon It as my debtor. 'Our el deft f6n wits* named George, after his uncle, wh<¥ left us ten thoufand pounds h). 'Our fecocip. child, a girl, 'I intended to call after her Grfffel but my wife, who during her iancy had be^n reading romances, infifted

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eiarith II., gtboren pyi, aum Kaifer trout , als fiucher zu Rom gtkront ioif, gefiorbtn 1014. Er durchrifte Deutjchland, und liefs uberall Bevieife von .Grpfsmnth und Gerechtigkeit zuruck.

h) Jf* Anjeftuvg dlr Englifchen Minzen, deren in diefem Buche gedachtiird, ift vorlcufig folgendes zu bemer

In Endjmd gitbt es vier Hauptarten von Silberejj^^fflT Kront, vielche fiinf Schillinge tnthalt, alb e Kr one, der Schilling und der halbe Schilling. Der Schilling betriigt etwa acht Grofchen Sachfifch. Zwanzig Schillinge machn tin Pfund (pound), vitlchts tine Evglifche Reclmnngsntiinze ift; tin und zwanzig Schillinge machen eine Guinea, welchet eint wirkliche Goldmunze ift. An Kupfermunten hat man den Halfpenny (etwa vier Pfennig! nach unfertn Gelde) und den Farthing (etwa zwty Pftnnige).

i) Griflel, Grttchtn (Grishilda).

upon h&r being called Olivia. 'In ^s thai* another year we had another daughter, and how 'I was determined that Griffel fhould l»e her name; but a rich relation taking a fancy to ftand godmother, the girl was, by her directions , called Sophia; fo that we had two romantic names in the family, btit 'I folemnly proteft 1 had no hand in It. Mofes was our next, and after an interval of twelve years, we bad two fons more.

'It would be fruitlefs to deny my exultation when 'I faw my little ones about me; but th* vanity and the fatisfaction of my wife were even greater than mine. When our vifitors would fay, „Well, upon my word, Mrs. k) Primrofe, you have the fineft children in the whole country." — »j Ay5 neighbour," fhe would anfwer, „they are as heaven made them, handfome enough, if th^y be good enough; for handfome is, that handfome does." 'And then fhe would bid the girls hold up theirt heads; . wboj;t6 conceal n6thinp, were certainly very handfome. Mere outfide is f6 very trifling a circwpftancc with me, that 'I fhould fcarce have Remembered to mention it, had it n\t been a general topic of convetfation m the country. Olivia, now about eighteen, had that luxujiancy. 6f bgautjr with which painters generally |^aw Hebe !); open, fprightly, and commanding. Sophia's features were not fo ftriking at Firft^Mf^oIten did more .certain execution; for they were f6ft,

k) Mrs. tine tekannte Aikurtnng fur Mistrefs.

1) Hebe, die Tochter J uf iter's uvd der Juno, ifl die Cottin der Jugeiift uvd Mnvdfchevkin der Gbtttr. Sie wird rilit einer Trinkfihale in der Hand md eintm Rofenkranz urn das Haiigt abgebildet*

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