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and de not they both growntlying for thirty

posal ís this: there are our two plów horses, the Cólt that has been in our family thèse nine years, and his companion Blackberry, that hás scarce dóne án éarty thing for this inónth pást. They are both grown fát and làzy. Why fkould nót théy dó sómething as well as we? And let me tell you, whén Moses hás trimmed thém à little, they will cút à véry tolerable ligure.

Tó thís proposal 'I objected, thát walking would be twenty times more genteel thán súch à paltry conveyance, ás Blackberry was walleyed, and the Cólt wanted à tàil: thát they I had never bein brồike to the rein; bút háo án hundred vicious tricks and that we had bút one saddle and píllion in the whòle house. All these objections, however, wére òver - ruled; lo that I was oblìged to comply. The next morning 'I perceived thém nótà little búsy in collecting such materials ás might be nécessary for the expedition; bút ás 'I found ít would be á biliness of time, 'I walked on to the church before, and théy prómised speedily to follow. I waited near an hour in the reading délk y) for their arrival; bút nót finding them come ás expected, 'I was obliged to begin, and went through the service, not without some uneasia Dess at finding them absent. This was encreased whén áll was finished, and.-nó appearance of the fámily. ' 'I therefore walked back by the horse - way, which was five miles round though the foot - wáy was bút twó, and whén gót about hálf- wày hòme, perceived the procession

Y) reading desk, ein Pult unter der Kanzel, wo der Geistliche die Liturgie ablies't. Unter ihm ist alsdann noch ein Platz für den Küster (Clerc). .

márching slowly forward towards the church; mỹ són, my wife, and the two little ones exálted úpón óne horse,.and my two daughters upon the other. 'I demanded the cause of their delày; bút 'I soon found bŷ their looks they hád met with a thousand misfortunes on the road. Thé horses hád át first refused to move from the door, tíll Mr. Búrchell was kind enough to beat them fórward fór about twó húndred yards with hís cúdgel. Néxt the straps of my wife's píllion broke dówn, and they were obliged to stop to repair thém before they could proceed, 'After that one of the horses took it into his head to stánd stíll, and neither blows nór entréaties could prevail with him to proceed. 'It was just recovering from this dísınal Situation that 'I found thểm; hút perceiving évery thing fåfe, 'I own their présent mortinçation did not much displease mè, ás ít would give mé many opportùnities of fùture triumph, and teach my daughters more humility,

c H Ả P. XI." The family still resolve to hold up their heads.

Michaelmas - ève håppening on the next day, we were invited to burn núts z) and play trícks át neighbour Flámborough’s. Our late mortifcàtions hád humbled us a little, ór ít ís pró

2) Die in einigen Gegenden Statt findende Englische Volks

fitte, auf welche Goldsmith hindeutet, ist folgende: Es werden zwei Nüsse an das Feuer gelegt; die eine stellt den Liebhaber, die andere die Geliebte vor, Verbrenne?

bable wè might have rejected such an invità tion with contempt: . However, we fúffered purselves tó bè háppy. 'Our honest neighbour's ghose and dumplings a) were fìne, and the lámb's - wool b), even in the opinion of my Wife, who was à connoisseur, was excellent. It is true, hís mánner of telling stories was nót quite fò well. They were very lóng, and véry dull, and all about himself, and we had láughed at thém ten times before: however, we were kind enough to laugh at théin önce mòre.

Mr. Búrchell, whá wás of the party, was always fond of seeing some innocent amusement gòing forward, and set the boys and girls to

beide Nüse 4H gleicher Zeit, so ilt es ein Zeichen,
dafs die darunter gedachten Perforien jich bald heiratu
thert werden ; verbrennt aber eine Nuss vor der andern,
so wird nichts aus der Heiratlı. Auf eine ähnliche
Sitte deutet Gay in den oben angeführten Gericht hill,
indem er die Hobnelia sagen lässt :

Two hazel- nuts I threw into the flaine,
And to each nur I gave a sweet - heart's name;
This with the loudest bounce ine fore amaz'd,
That in a flame of brightest colour blaz'd.
As blaz'd the nur, so may thy passion grow;
For 'twas thy nut that did so brightly glow.

:) dumplings, eine Art Klösser

b) lamb's - wool wird in der mehrmals angeführten Paria

Ser Ausgabe des Vicar erklärt durch: A fort of drink made of warın ale, fugar etc., in use among the lower class of people. It is called lamb's - wool from its foftness and warinth, In einer Note 2u ShakeSpeare's Macbeth findet man das Wort erklärt durck: roasted apples în strong beer, with sugar and fpice. Vermuthlich ist beides richtig, und es giebt zwei ArTen dieses Gericlits. .

lucctérity when my feat, and ánd I 160koin the

blìņd mán's búff c). Mỹ wife tóo wás persuaded to join in the diversion, and it gàve iné pléa. sure to think she was not yet too old. 'In the mean time, my neighbour and 'I looked ón, laughed at every feat, and praised our own dextérity when wé were young. Hót cóckles d), succeeded next, questions and commands fóllowed that, and låst of all, they sáte down to húnt the flipper. 'As every person mày nót bè acquainted with this primaeval pástime, it mày bé nécessary to observe, that the company át thís play plánt 'themselves in à ring upon the ground, áll, except one who stánds in the middle, whose' biliness it is to catch à Phòe, whích the company Chove about under their háms from one to another, sómething like a weaver's shuttle 'As it is imposible, in this càse, fór the lady who is úp tó fàce all the company at once, the great beauty of the play lìes ín hítting her à thúmp with the heel of the shóe ón thát lide least capable of making å defence, 'It was in this manner that my eldest daughter was hémmed in, and thumped about, áll blówzed, in spirits, and báwling fór fair play, fair plày, with a voice that might deafen à bállad singer e), whén confùlion on confùfion, vho should enter the room bút our two grest cquaintances from town, Lady Blárney and niss Carolina Wilelmina Amélia Skeggs! Decription would bút bèggar, therefore it is un. iécessary to describe this new inortification. Jéath! To bé sèen by ladies of fúch high prèeding in fúch vulgar áttitudes! Nothing Jétter could enfùe from such à vulgar play of W'r. Flámborough's proposing. We seemned stuck o the ground for some time, ás if actually pétrified with amázement. .'

c) blind man's buff, Blindekuh, ein bekanntes Kinderspiek d) Hot cockles, gleichfalls ein Kinderspiel, in welchem, man einem aus der Gesellschaft die Augen verbindet,

und errathen lässt, wer ilın geschlagen. e) ballad singer, gemeine Leute, welche in London and

an andern Orten Englands auf öffentlicher Strasse Volkslieder absingen, die sie auch oft mit einem Instrument begleiten. Man darf nur die Physionomie der Balladesangerinn in Hogarth's Zeichnungen anfehen, um sich zu überzeugen, dass selir viel dazu gehören muss, die plärrenden Stimmen dieser Leute zu übertönen.

The two ladies had been at our house to leé ús, and finding ús from hòme, came after ús híther, as théy wére uneasy to know whát accident could háve képt ús from church the dày befòre. Olivia undertook to be our prolocùtor, and delivered the whòle in à súmmary way, only saying, we were thrown from our hórses." 'At whích account the ladies were greatly concerned; but being told the family received nò húrt, théy were extremely glád: bút being informed that we were almòst killed bỳ the fright, they were vástly fórry; bút hearing that we had a very good night, they were extremely glád again. Nothing could exceed héir complaisance to my daughters; their féssions the last evening were warm, but now they were árdent. They protésted à desire of háving à mère lásting acquaintance. Lady Blárney was particularly attached to Qlì. via; , Miss Carolina Wilelinina Ainėlia Skéggs ('Í lóve to give the whòle name) took a greater fancy tó hér sister. They supported the conversation between themselves, while my daughters Càte. Cilent, admiring their exálted breeding. Bút ás éyery reader, however beggarly himself, ís fond of high - lived dialogues, with

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