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expectations were much greater. But as men are molt capable of diftmguifhing merit in women, 16 the ladies often form, the trueft judgments of us. The two fexes feem placed as fpies upon each other, and are furnifhed with different abilities, adapted for miitual infpection.


Tico ladies of great difi'tnetion introduced. Superior finery ever feems to confer fuperior breeding.

Mr, Burchell had fcarce taken leave, and Sophia contented to dance with the chaplain; when jrrjr little ones came running out to tell ris, that the 'Squire wis come, with a crowd of company. Upon our return, we found our landlord, with, a couple of under - gentlemen and two young ladies richly dreft, whom he introduced as women 6f very great diftinction. and fafhion from town f). We happened not to have chairs enough for the whole company; but M'r. Thornhill immediately propofed that every gentleman fhould fit In a lady's lap. This 'I pofitively objected to, notwithftanding a look 6f difapprobation from m}r wife. Mofes was therefore difpatched to borrow a couple of chairs; and as we were in-want 6f ladies to make up a fet it country dances , the two" gentlemen went with him in queft of a couple 6f partners. Chairs and partners were foon

f) London,

provider!. The gentlemen returner] with nryneighbour F1 imborough's rofy daughters, flaunting with red top. knots, bnt an unlucky circumfranoa was not adverted to; though the Mifs Flimboioughs were reckoned the very beft dancers in the parifh, and underftodd the i jig, and the round- about g) to perfection; yet they were totally unacquainted with country dances. This at firft difcoinpofed us: ■ however, after a little fhoving and dragging, they at lift went merrily on. 'Our rmijjc confided of two fiddles, with a pipe and tabor. The innon fbone bright. M'r, Thornhill and my eldeft daughter led up the ball, to the great delight 6f the" rpecta'ors; for the neighbours heaving what was going forward, came Becking about tis. . My girl moved with fo much grace and vivacity, that my wife could not avoid difedvering the pride of her heart, Iry affuring me, i that though the little chit did it £b cleverly,' all the fteps were ftdlen from jherfelf. The ladies of the town ftrove hard td be equally i eafy, but without fuccefs. They fwarn, fpraw- I led, Unguifhed, and fiif1 ed, but all would not dd: the gazers indeed owned that it was '-»■ Tine; but neighbour Flam borough obferved, that JVU'fs Livy's feet feetped as pat to thg mufic as its echo, 'After the dance had continued abdut ■ An hour, the two ladies, wh6 were apprehenfive of catching cold, moved td break up the ball. 'Ope. of them, 'I thdught, expreffed her fentiments updn this occaiion in a very coarfe manner, when fhe obferved, that by the

jj) jig »nrf round - about, zwei vnter icm gemeivtn Munn UWche Tan%e\ von dtnen tier letztcrc mit dm 4tHtJ'(h(n Walw viele AehntKhkiit haben fiU,

ivirtg jingo h), fhe) was all of a rfiiick of fwiat >)> Upon our return to the houfe, wc found a rery elegant cold flipper, which M'r. Thoinhill bad ordeied to be brought with hirn. The xmverfat-ion at this time, was more referved than before. The two ladies threw my girls quite into the fhade; f6r they would talk 6f nothing but high lite, and high lived con pany; R-ith other fafhionable topics, fuch as pictures, taffe, Shal.efp^are k)4 ^nd the nriifical glaffes 1). TIs true they, once or twice, mortified us fenfibly by flipping out" in oath; but that appeared to me as the furelt fymptoin of their diftinction, (though *I am fince informed that [wearing is perfectly unfafhionable.) Their finery, however, threw a veil over any grofs

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nefs in their conveiCation. My daughters feemed to regard their fuperior accomplifhments with envy; and what appeared amifs was afcribed to tip top quality breeding But the con

defcenfion 6f th<5 ladies wis ftill fuperior to their 6ther acc6niplifhments. 'One 6f them oblerved, that had IYlifs Olivia fecn a little rhore of the world, it would greatly improve her. To which the other added, that a fingle winter in town would make her little Sophia quite another thing. My wife warmly affented to both; adding, that there was nothing fhe more ardently wifhed than to give her girls d fingle winter's polifhing. To this "I could not help replying, that their breeding was already fuperior to their fortune; and that greater refinement would only ferve to make their poverty ridiculous, and give them a tafte for pleafures they had- no right to poffefs. — ,,'And what pleafures," cried M'r. Thornhill, „do they not deferve to poffefs, who have fa miich in their power to beftow? 'As for my part," continued he, „my fortune is pretty lanje; love, liberty, and pleafure, are my maxims; but ctirfe me if a fettlement of half mjr eftate Coi'ild give my- charming Olivia pleafure, It fhould be hers; and the only favour 'I would afk in return would be to add my felf to the benefit." 'I was not fuch a ftranger to the world as to be ignorant that this wis the fafhionable cant to difgmfe the infolence of the bafeft prerpofal; but 1 made an effort to fupprefs my refentment. »Sir," cried 'I, „the family which you now condelcend to favour with your

ra) tip top quality breeding, das ExtretH titter ftinen Jmuhnvg; tint iitrftint Erzielmng.

many, has been bred with as nice a fenfe h6nour as you. 'Any attempts to injure :, may be attended with very dangerous fequences. Honour, Sir, is our only pofon at prefent, and of that laft treafure we t lie particularly careful." — 1 was foon y for the .warmth with which 'I had fpoken , when the young gentleman, grafping my

d, fwore he commended my fpirit, though difapproved my fufpicions. ,,'As to your ent hint," continued he, „'I proteft nothing farther from my heart than fuch a thought.

, hfy all that's tempting, the virtue that will d a regular fiege was never to my tifte; all my amours are carried by a coup de n."

The two ladies , wh6 affected te^be ignorant the reft, feemed highly difpleafed with this 'Jtroke of freedom, and began a very difcreet

ferious dialogue upon virtue: in this my

e, the chaplain, and 'I, foon joined; and 'Squire hiuifelf was at lift brought to confefs nfe 6f forrow for his former exceffes. We ed of the pleafures of temperance, and 6f

fun - fhme in the mind unpolluted with "1 was f6 well pleafed, that my little s were kept up bey6nd the ufnal time to edified by io much good converfation. M'r. rnhill even went bey6nd me, and demanded

had any objection to giving prayers. 'I illy embraced the propofal, and in this ■ner the night was pilled in a moft cornable way, till at laft the c6inpany begin to k of returning. The ladies feemed very tiling to part with my daughters, for whom 'had conceived a particular affection, and ed in a requeft to have the pleafme of their

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