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Safes: ,,'And wrM knows, my dear," conned file, „what Olivia may be able tA do. e girl has a great deal to fay upon every jtfct, and to my knowledge is very well lied in controversy."

„Why, my dear ^ what controverfy can flie e read?'1 cried I. ,,'It does not occur to that '[ ever put fuch boo: s into her hinds: certainly over-rate her merit." „Indeed, replied Olivia, „fhe does not: 'I have J a great deal 61 controverfy. I hkvd read difpiites between Thwackum and 'Square x)j controverfy between Robinfort Crufoe and day the favage and 'I am now employed

reading the c'ntioverfy in Religious courts pz)." — »Very well, died 'Is that's a ii girl, 'I find yoii ire perfectly cpaalihed 'making Converts, and fo go help your wer to make the goofeberry pye."

IZmei Per/iwen, welchc in fieldi fig's Rovinn Tom Jones vorkommen. Square war tin Philofofh, Thwackum <i» Geiftlicher; htiie jtreiten oft mit eittander. M,m /tie Tom Jones, Book III. chap. J.

Hitideutung auf die religiofin Unterbaltungen, vielcht in dtm urfpriingiicheil Robin/on Crnfoe, der Held die* !" Gefchichtc mit dent Wilden^ Friday, fithtt.

Ein Erbauungsbuch, das man in Evgland haufg in den Hdnden des gtmeinen Mannes avtretfen foil; woitlick ifafetzt bedeuttt religious courtl'hip: den geiftlichen H'tfttftanA.


'An amour, wluch promtfes little good fortut yet may be productive of much.


return; bin 1 could not refM'e him m^r compai and Fire - Tide. 'It is true his labour more th. requited his entertainment; for he wrong among^ us with vigour, and either in the me dow or at the hay- rick put himfelf foremc Befides, he had always fomething amufing; lay that leffened our toil, and was at once I out 6f the way, and yet fo fenfible, that loved, laughed at, and pitied him. M-Jr on diflike arofe from an attachment he difcovere to m-Jr daughter, he would, in a jefting mannei call her his little miftrefs, and when he bougl each 6f the girls a fet of ribbands, hers wi the rmeft. 1 knew not how, but he ever day feemed to become more amiable, his w to improve, and his iimplicity to affume tl fuperior airs of wifdom.

'Our family dined in the field, and we fat &t rather reclined, round a temperate repal our cloth fpiead upc'.n the hay, while Mr. Bui chell gave ehearfulnefs to the feaft. To heighte our fatishiction two blackbirds anfwered eac other from 6ppohte hedges, the familiar rec breaft came and pecked the crumbs from 6u hands, and every found feemed but the ech 6f tranquillity, never fit thus," fays Sophia „but 'I think of the two lovers, f6 fweetl iefcribed by M'r. Gay a), who were ftruck dead n each other's arms. There jS fomething fo wthetic in the defcription, that 'I have read \ an hundred times with new rapture." — fin my opinion," cried my Ton, „the fineft

iukes in that defcription are much below thofe the \Acis and Galatea 6f jOvid b). The man poet underftunds the life 6f contraft tter, and upon that figure artfully managed, 1| ftrength in the pathetic depends." — ,,'It : remarkable," cried itfr. Burchell, „that both lie poets you mention have equally contributed! I introduce a falfe tafte Into their reflective foantries, by loading all their lines with epi

*)(ky, tin btri'thmter Englifcher Dichter, geboren ifgg odtr bei Barnfhple in Devonfliire, geftorben lyjj. U feinen voniiglichern duhterifchen Arbeiten gehoren. fme Fabeht mid die Beggar's Opera. Aujserdem in man von ihm noch verfchiedene poetifche Epijheln, tinige Eklagen, Elegien, Geftinge und Balladen. Die itiebenheit, auf tvelche Golttfmith . in unferer Stelle nffielt, ftcht in eineni, Stanton - Harcourt den pten 'Atguft i-jig datirtem Briefe Gay's an einen gewijfm ! Mr. F —. ( Herr D. Beresford hat denfelben in erften Thtile feiner Elegant Extracts in Profe S. 191. abinektu lajfen. ) Die beiden Liebenden, wekke das Tngluckliche Schickfal hatten, vom Blitze erfchlagen ait wcrrfeit, Uiefsen John Hewet und Sarah Drew. Man fund jit in der Stellung, wie erfterer /tine Geliebte umarmt hielt. Sie warden auf dent Kirchhofe ztt Stanton-Harcourt begraben.

*i Puhlius Ovidius Nafo, geboren %u Sulmo im Jahre T> nach Erbaunng Roms, geftorbtn im Jahr yyo soder lyttn Jahtt nach Chrifti Gebnrt) %u Tomi, tinem Orte in Mojitn, wohin er verwiefen warden war. Dit f'zihlung Acis und Galatea fieht im ljten Buche feiner Mttamorphofen, Veri\ 7^0 bis try, eine vortrefflicke Uibtrfettung dafelbeu findtt man in den V trw and'«»;<» ilach Publiut Ovidius Nafo von J. H. Vofs, awe iter Thtii, S. ;n «•//•

I ''\

tliets. Men of little genius found them moft eafily imitated in tli^ir defects, and 'Englifh poetry, Tike that in the latter empire of Rome, is nothing at prefent but a combination of luxuriant images, without plot or connexion; a ftring of epithets that improve the found, without carrying on the fenfe. But perhaps, Madam, while "I thus reprehend others, yoti'll think it juft that 'I fhoiild give them an opportunity to retaliate, and indeed 'I have made this remark only to have an opportunity of introducing to the company a ballad, which whatever be its other defects, is 'I think at leaft free from thcife 1 have mentioned."


JtTurn, gentle hermit of the dale, - -•

,,'And guide mf lonely way,
„To where yon taper cheers the vale

„With hofpi table ray.

„F6x here, forlorn and loft 1 tread,-
,.With fainting ftep and flow; ■ »
Where wilds immeafurably fpread^
„Seem lengthening as I go."

Forbear, rnjr fon," the hermit cries,
,.T6 tempt the dangerous gloom j
„For yonder "faithlefs phantom files
„T6 lure thee to tb£ doom.

«) Matt vergleiche da;, mitt in dir vorangefchicktm Biographie Goldimith's nbtr diejc fchont Ballade gtfait mtrden ift.


ibi the h'ufelefs child of want,
„Mjr doer Is open full;
„'And tho' my'" portion Is but fcant,
„'I give it with go 'id will.

„Then turn to night, and Freely fhare
„Whate'er my cell beftciws;
^„My rufhy c<'uch, and frugal fare,
„My bleffmg and repoi'e.

„No flocks that range the valley free,

„To Daughter VI condemn: i,Taiight by that power that pities me,

„'I learn to pity them.

i,B«t from the mountain's graffy Tide,

Ha gulltlefs feaft 'I bring; n'A fcrlp with herbs and fruits fupply'd,

,,'And water from the fpring.

nTben, pilgrim, turn, thy cares forego 1,'All earth - born cares are wrong;

i,Man wants but little here below, i,N6r wants that little long."

Soft as the ,dew fre'ra heav'n defcends, .

His gentle accents fell;
The m6deft ftranger lowly bends,
I 'And follows to the pell.

Far in i wlldernefs obfeure

The lonely manlion lay,
"A refuge to the neighbouring poor

'And ftrangers led aftray.

No [tores beneath Its humble thatch

Reauir'd a milter's care;
The wicket opening with a latch,

Receiv'd the harinlefs pair.

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