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riiotild Tiave a part of the venifon for fupper, and the girl-0 undertook the tafk with al'tcrity.

am f6rry," cried 'I, „that we have no neighbour or ftranger to take a p*rt fn this good cheer: f<^afts of this hind acquire a double reliCh from hofpitality." — „Blefs me," cried my wife, „hcro comes our good friend M'f. Bnrchell, th:'it raved our Sophia, and that n'm yoit down fairly in the argument." — ^Confute me in argument, child!" cried 'I. ,,You> miftake there, my dear, 'I believe there are hat few- that cwn do that: T never difpute your abilities at making a goofepye, and 'I beg you'll leave argument to me." —- 'As "J fpohe', poor M'r, Burchell entered the. houfe, and was welcomed by the family, who flv'lok him heartily by the hand, while little Dick oifleioufly reached Men a. chair." '.'

VI was pleafed with the poor man's friendfhip f6r two reafons; becinfe 'I knew that he wanted mine, and 'I knew him to be friendly as far as he was able. He was known In our neighbourhood by the character 6f the poor Gentleman that would do no good when he was young, though he was not yet thirty; He would at intervals talk with great good fenfe; but In general he* was fondeft of the company of children, whom he ufed to call harmlefs little men. He was famous, 'I found, for flnging them ballads, and telling them ftories; and feldom went'^ut without fomething In his pockets fir them j a piece of ginger - bread, or an halfpenny whlftle. • He generally came for a few days Into our neighbourhood 6nce a year, and bved upon the neighbour's hofpitality. He fitedown to fupper among us, and my wife was But fparing 6t her goofeberry wine. The tale went round; he fung us old Frigs, and gaveu the children the ftmy of the Buck of Bevea i land, with the hjl'tory 6f Patient Grlffel , the; adventures of Catfkin, and then Fair Rtifarnond's hower k), 'Our cock, which always crevV at eleven, now told us ,it was time for repofe; t>ut an unfprefeen difficulty ftarted about lodging the, ftranger; all our beds were already takes, up, and it was too late to fend him to the n.ext: alehoufe, 'In this dilemma, little Dick 6ffered him his part of the' bed, if his brother JMofes would let him lie with him; ,,'And 'I ,'■ cried B'll, „wlli g^'ve JVTr, Burchell my part, if my flfters will take me to theirs." — „Well dwne, my good children," cried 'I, hofpitality is one of the flrft chriftian duties. The beaft retires to Its fhelter, and the bird flies to Its neft; but helplefs man pan only find refuge from his fellow creature. The greateft ftranger in this i w6rld, was be that came to five it. He never 1 had an houfe, as if willing to fee what hofpitality was left remaining arnongft us. Deborah, i nrjr dear,'* cried 'I to my wife, ,,glve thofe boys a lump 6f fugar each, and let Pick's be the largeft, becaufe he fpoke firft."

'In the morning early 'I called 6ut my whole family to help at faving an. affergjv'wth of hay, and our gueft offering his affiftance, he was accepted among the number, 'Our labours went on lightly, we turned the fwath to the wind. 'I went foremoft, and the reft fallowed in due "fuccefiion, X could not avoid, however, obferving the affiduity of M'r, Burchell In afflfting jny daughter Sophia in her part 6f the tafk. When he had flnifhed bis own, he would join

1?) Nnmtn einigit Volkseraifliliingtn mid MiihrchaC

in her's, and enter into a clofe converfation: feit 'I had too good an opinion of Sophia's mderftanding, and was top well convinced of Wr ambition, to be under any uneafmefs from I man of broken fortune. When we were Sniffled for the day, M'r. Burchell wis invited', pun the night b«_fore; but he refuted, as he fas to die that night it a neighbour's, to whofe "Jiild he was carrying a whiftle. When gone, lur converfation at flipper turned upon 6ur lite unfortunate gueft, „What a ftrong inftance," Kidl, „Is that poor in in of the miferies atr tending a youth of levity and extravagance. He by no means wants fenie, which only ferves to aggravate his former folly. Poor forlorn \ creature, wheie are n'>w . the revellers $ thi flatterers, that he could once infpire and comniaad I GAne, perhaps to attend the bagnio 1) pnder, gi own rich by his extravagance. They once praifed. him, and now they applaud the pander- thear former raptures at his wit, are now converted into farcafms at his folly. He is poor, and perhaps deferves poverty; for he lias neither the ambition to be independent, n»r the Skill to be ufeful." Prompted perhaps H' fume fecret reafons, 'I delivered this obfervation with too much acrimony, which my Sophia gently reproved. „ Whatsoever his former conduct may be, Papa, his circumftances fhould exempt him from cenfure now. His prefent indigence is a fnfficient piinifhment for Wmer folly; and 1 have heard my Papa himthat we fhould never ftrike our unne

1) Bagnios find Hanfer, die eigentlich Badcr fnyn follUn, jetst aber bios tingefittcttji Perfonen bdizrhi G^ffhluhts £» Vtifammjmgsinmi dieiisit; within f r t» de v h ii ff'e r. ceffary HSw at a victim over whom provi (Jena holds the fcoiirge of its refentment." — «Yoi . are right, Sophy^' cried m^r f»'m Mofes , „anJ one of the ancients finely reprefents fo malicious a conduct, by- the attempts of a ruftie to fli^ JVlarfyas, whofe fkfn, the fible tells us, had been wholly fr.npt off by another "i), Befides *I don't know If this poor man's fituation be fi bad as my ' father woiild reprefent it. We are' not to judge f'f the feelings of others by whab wc might feci If-in their place. However dark the habitation 6f the mole to our e^es, yet the^ animal itfelf finds the apartment fufficjpntly liehtfome. 'And to confefs a truth, this man's! inind feertis fitted to his ftation; (Ar %I never heard any one more fprjghtly than he was today, when he converted with yovi." — This was faid without the leaft defign, however it excited k blufh, which fhe ftrove to c6ver hf an affected laugh, affiiring him, that fhe fcarce took any notice of what he faid tA her; but that fhe believed he might once have been a very line gentleman. The readinefs with which fhe undertook to vindicate herfejf, and her bluThing, were fymptoms T did n6t internaHy approve • biit "I reprtft m^- fufpicions.

'As we expected 6ur landlord the next day, my wife went to make the venifon pafty; Mofcs fate reading, while 'I taught the 'Mttle Ones', nay daughters feemed equally bidy with the reft; and 'I obferved thim for a good while cioking fttnething over the fire. 'J at Itrft

m) Mnrfyas wnrde tekanntlich vom Apollo, Hen tr zx eintm mujikalijihen Wettftrtite anfgeforAert hatte, gefchiindm. Auf welche Sulk alten Schrtftftellirt hier angeiWit tvird, ift xns unbekannt*

ippbfed they were affifting their mother; but ttle Dicl< informed me in a whither, that they /ere miking a itjrifh for the face. Wafhes of 11 ltinds, 'I had a natural antipathy tp; for 'I new that inftead 6f mending the complexion


ccident4 overturned the whole compofmonj ind it was too lite to begin an6ther.


'A town.' wit defcribed. The dulleft fillows may learn to bil comical for a night or two,

W"hen the morning arrived on which w6 were to entertain 6ur voting landlord, it may be eafily fuppofed what provifions were exhaufted to make an appearance. 'It may alfo be con. jectured that my wife and daughters expanded their gayeft plumage upon (this occafion. M'r. Thornrrill came with a couple of friends, his chaplain n) and feeder °). The fervants, who were numerous, he politely ordered to the

Ji) chaplain, der Haitskaplan. Sovft pjlegten fich die
Englifche* Grofsen hiinfig "iff ihrvn Landjitzen einen
Kaplan Zk halten, der in Hirer Hatlskapelle ien Got-
tesdienft vtrrirfrttte j gegenwirtig tft dies feluner der

t>) feeder (anth cockfeeder) ift hier derjenige, vielchcr
fur Mr. Thornhill die Streithahrie fatten, wekht za
den Halingefechten gebraucht werdtn follen. Bekannt-
Jicfc werden diefe Tbiere in England viit fehr grofser
Sorgfalt gezogen, ja, wie Lichtenberg einmal rm Schert.
f"gt, oft forgfaitiger, ivenn man etwa ein bischen the
llteratur abrecllnet, alt vaanthtr junge Lord,

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