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Where then, ah ! where, fhall poverty refide,

To 'fcape the preffure of contiguous pride?
If, to fome common's fencelefs limits ftray'd,
He drives his flock to pick the fcanty blade,
Thofe fencelefs lields the fons of wealth* divide,
And even the bare - worn common is deny'd

If to the city fped — what waits him there?
To fee profulion that he muft not fhare;
To fee ten thoufand baneful arts combin'd
To pamper luxury, and thin mankind;
To fee each joy the fons of pleafure know
Extorted from his fellow - creature's woe.
Here while the courtier glitters in brocade,
There the pale artift plies the fickly trade;
Here, while the proud their long- drawn pomps

. ,, difplay, There the black gibbet glooms befide the way. The dome where pleafure holds her midnight'


Here, richly deckt, admits the gorgeous train;
Tumultuous grandeur crouds the blazing fquare,
The rattling chariots clafh, the torches glare.
Sure fcenes like thefe no troubles e'er annoy!
Sure thefe denote one univerfal joy!
Are thefe thy ferious thoughts? Ah, turn thine


Where the poor houfelels fhiv'ring female lies.
She, once, perhaps, in village plenty bleft,
Has wept at tales of innocence diftreft;
Her modeft looks the cottage might adorn,
Sweet as the primrofe peeps beneeth the thorn:
Now loft to all; her friends , her virtue fled,
Near her betrayer's door fhe lays her head;
And pinch'd with cold, and fhrinking from

the , fhower, With heavy heart deplores that lucklefs hour, When idly firft, ambitious of the town,

She left her wheel, and robes of country brown.
Do thine, fweet Auburn, thine, the lovelieft train,
Do thy fair tribes participate her pain?
JEven now, perhaps, by cold and hunger led,
At proud mens doors they afk a little bread!

Ah, no , To diftant climes , a dreary fcene,
Where half the convex world intrudes between,
Through torrid tracts with fainting fteps they go,
Where wild Altama murmurs to their woe.
Far different there from all that charm'd before,
The various terrors of that horrid fhore;
Thofe blazing funs that dart a downward ray,
And fiercely fhed intolerable day;
Th';fe matted woods where birds forget to fing,
But filent bats in drowfy clnfters cling;
Thofe pois'nous fields with rank luxuriance


Where the dark fcorpion gathers death around;
Where at each ftep the ftranger fears to wake
The rattling terrors of the vengeful make;
Where crouching tigers wait their haplefs prey;
And favage men, more murd'rous ftill than they:
While oft in whirls the mad tornado flies,
Mingling the ravag'd landfcape with the fkies.
F trdirFeient thefe from every former fcene,
The coding brook, the graffy - vetted green,
The breezy covert of the warpling ^rove,
That only fhelter'd thefts of harmlefs love.
Good Heeven! what forrows gloom'd that part-
ing day,

That eallVl them from their native walks away;
When the poor exiles, every pkafure paff,
Hung round the bowers, and fondly look'd

their laft,

And took a king farewell, and wifh'd in vain ,For feats like thefe beyond the weftem main; And fhuddring ftill to face the diftant deep,

Return'd and wept, and ftill return'd to weep.
The good old five the fit-It prepar'd to go
To new-found worlds, and wept for other's woe;
But for himfelf, in confcious virtue brave,
He only wifh'd for worlds beyond the grave.
His lovely daughter, lovelier in her tears,
The fond companion of his helplefs yeais,
Silent went next, neglectful of her charms,
And left a lover's for her fathers arms.
With louder plaints the mother fpoke her woes,
And bleft the cot where every pleafure rofe;
And kift her thoughtlefs babes with many a tear,
And clafpt them clofe, in forrow doubly dear;
Whilft her fond hufliand ftrove to lend relief
ftt all the filent manlinefs of grief.

O, luxury! thou curfr by Heaven's decree,
How ill exchang'd are things like thefe for thee!
How do thy potions, with inlidious joy,
Diffufe their pleafures only to deftroyS
Kingdoms by thee, to fickly greatnefs j*rown,
Boaft of a florid vigour not their own.
At every draught more large and large they


A bloated mafs of rank unwieldy woe;
Till fapp'd their ftrength, and every part un-


Down, down they link, and fpread a ruin


Even now the devaftation is begun, And half the' bulinefs of deftruction done; Ev'n now, methinks, as pond'ring here I ftand, I fee the, rural virtues leave the land. Down where yon anchoring \|elfel Spreads the

"„,fail^**>y« - -.. That idly waiting 'flaps 'With > evWy Igale, Downward they move, a melanchrf'ly band, Pafs from the fhore , and darkeSi all the ftrand

Contented toil', and hofpitable care,
And kind connubial tendprnefs, are there;
And piety with wifhes plac'd above,
And fteady ldyalty, and faithful love.
And thou, Tweet poetry, lovelieft maid,
Still firft to fly where fenfual joys invade;
Unfit, in thefe degen'rate times of fhame
To catch the heart, or ftrike for honeft fame
Dear charming nymph, neglected and decry'd
My fhame' in crowds, my folitary pride.
Thou fource of all my blifs , and all my woe,
That found'ft me poor at firft, and keep'ft me fo;
Thou guide, by which the nobler arts excel,
Thou(fource of every virtue, fare thee well.'
Farewell'. and, 0! where'er thy voice be try'd.
On Tornos cliffs, or Pambamarca's fide,
Whether where equinoctial fervours glow,
Or winter wraps the polar world in fnow,
Still let^thy voice, prevailing over time,
Hedr4igr the rigours of th' inclement clime;
Aid flighted truth with thy perfuafive ftrain,
Teech erring man to fpurn the rage of gain;
Teach him that ftates , of native ftrength poffeft,
Though very poor, may full be very bleft;
That trade's proud empire haftes to fwift decay,
As ocean fweeps the labour'd mole away;
While felf - dependent power can time defy,
As rocks refift the billows and the fky.

y) Der Verfaffer der via letzttn Verfe iji, viie bereitt in der Biographic Goldfmith's l/emerkt wordtn, St



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