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$m, full 1 may be your friend, and that pe haps when you leaft expect it."

We were now prevented from further co' verfation, the arrival of the gaoler's fervan who came t8 call over the prifoners names, a lock iip for the night. 'A fellow alfo, wlili bundle 6f ftraw f6r my bed attented, who I me along a dark narrow palfage Into a roo paved like the common prlfon, and in i'>i corner 6f this 'I fpread my hod, and the clrfal given me by my fellow prUbner; which dol ray conductor, who wis civil enough, hi me a good-night. 'After my iifual meditation and having praifed my heavenly corrector, laid myfelf d6wn and flept with the utmo tranquillity till morning.



XA reformation in the' gaol. To mctke laws can plete, they piould reward as well as puuifi. i

The next morning early 'I was awakened b| my family, whom lI f6und in tears at my be4 Tide. The gloomy ftrength of every thing abojj us, It feems, had daunted them. "I genW rebuked their f6rrow, alluring them 'I M never flept with greater tranquillity, and neJ enquired after my eldeft daughter, who not among them. They informed me that yesterday's unealinefs and fatigue had increafed hes fiver, and it was judged proper to leave her behind. IVIy next care was to fend my procure a room 6r two to lodge the family US as near the prifon as conveniently could be f6und. He obeyed; but could only find OW ipartmenr, which, was hired at a fmall expence, :6r his mother and lifters, the gaoler with aumanity contenting to let him and his twA £ttle brothers lie in the prifon with me. 'A bed jvas therefore prepared for them in a corner jf- the room, which 'I thought anfwered very Bonveniemly. 'I was willing however previoufly :o. know whether my little children chofe t6 lie in a place which feemed to iright theia upon entrance.

„Well," cried 'I, „m-y- good boys, how di you lite your bed? "I hope you are not afraid to lie in this room, dark as it appears."

„No, Papa," fays Dick, „1 am not afraid, to lie any where you are."

„'And 'I," fays Bill, who was yet but four ■years old, „16ve every place beft that my Papa is in."

'After this, 'I allotted to each of the family •what they were to do. My daughter was particularly directed to watch her declining fitter's health; my wife was to attend me; my little hoys were to read to me: ,,'And as for. you, my fon," continued,'I, „(t is by the labour of your hands we muft all hope to be fupported, Yovir wages, as a day* labourer, will be full fufficient, with proper frugality, to maintain lis all, and comfortably too. Thou art now fixteen years old, and haft ftrength, and it was given thee, my fon, for very vifeful purpofes; for it iniift fave from famine your helplefs parents and family. Prepare then this evening to look 6ut for w6rk againft to morrow, and bring home every night what money you earn, for 6ur fupport."

Having thus inftructed him, and fettled the reft, 'I walked down t6 the common prifon, where "'I could enjoy more air and room. 'I was not long there when the execrations lewdnefs, and brutality that invaded me 61 every Tide, drove me back to nay apartinen again. Here 1 fate for fome time, p6nderin| npon the ftrange infatuation of wretches, wbJ Finding all mankind in open arms againft theia were labouring to make themfelves a fututi and k tremendous enemy.

Their infenlibllity excited my higheft compaffion, and blotted my own uneahnefs from my mind. 'It even appeared a duty incumbent upon me to attempt to reclaim them. 'I refol Ved therefore once more to return, and in fpite of their contempt to give them m$ adVice , and conquer them by perfeverance. GoiM therefore among them again, T informed Ml Jenkinfon of my defign, at which he laughed heartily,1 hut communicated it to the reft. Tie prop of a] was received with the greateft goodhumour, as it promifed to afford a. new fund of entertainment to peVfons who had now »» other refource for mirth, but what could bs derived from ridicule or debauchery.

1 therefore read them a portion of tit fervice °) with a loud unaffected 'voice', and found my audience perfectly m^rry upon tit occafion. Lewd whifpers, groans of contrition, burlesqued, winking and coughing, alternately excited laughter. However, 1 continued with: my natural folemnity to read 6n, feniible. that

•) Aus dtm common -prayer- book, \ einm Skckt, «• ivclchem alle Spriiche, Kolkkten, Geiett, Epift'l', Evangelien, Pfalmen, und alles das fteht, was it"* Gottesdienfie geleftn und gebstet wird, und nicht **1 01 dentliehtn und tigtntlichtn Bittlhktion, gtb£rt.

What 1 did might amend fome, but could itfelf receive no contamination from any,

'After reading, VI entered upon my exhortation, which was rather calculated at firft to imufe them than to reprove. "I previoufly objirved, 'that no other motive but their welfare |ould induce me to this; that 'I was their ellow prifoner ^ and n'w got nothing b^ areaching. 'I was forry, • I faid , to hear them ■o very propbane; becaufe they g6t nothing >y it, but might lofe a great deal: „F6r be ilfiired," nry friends, cried 'I, „f6r you are my friends, however the world may difclaioi four friendfhip , though you fwore twelve ooufand oaths in a day, it woild not put one pfoiny in your purfe. Then what fignifies caluig every moment upon the devil , and courtffig his friendfhip, fince you find how fciirrcly he ufes you. He has given you n6thing tere, you Find, but a mouthful 6f oaths and. n empty belly; and b^r the beft ac6unts 1 lave 6f him, he will give you nothing that's pod hereafter."

,,'If iifed ill in 6ur dealings with one man, "6 naturally go elfewhere. Were it nut worth, our while P) then, juft to tr^r how you may »e the ufage of another matter, who gives °u fair promifes at leaft to come to him. '"rely, my- friends, 6f all ftupidity in the ^"rld, his mdft be greateft, who, after r6b'ng an houfe, runs to the thief - takers for rotection. 'And yet how are you more wife? °u are.all feeding comfort from 6ne that has Wady.betrayed you, applying to a more ma-.

P) ware it not worth your while, fillte es Jich nicht &*r Miihe verlohnen?

Kcious being than any thief - taker of then all; for they only decoy, and then hang you but he decoys and hangs, and what is w-'rl of all, will not let you 16ofc after the hang man has done."

When 'I had concluded, 'I received tU compliments of my audience, foine of whoa cine and i'hook me by the hand, fweaiiJj that 'I was a very honeft fellow, and that the] defired my further acquaintance. "I therefori promifed to repeat my lecture next day, aw actually conceived 16 me hopes of making i reformation here; for it had ever been n opinion, that no man was paft the hour 6| amendment, 'every heart lying open to tM l'hafts of reproof, if the archer could but tak] a propev aim. When "1 had thus fatistied m mind, 'I went back to my apartment, whAl my wife prepared a. frugal meal, while Jfr. Jenkinfon begged leave to add his dinnert» 6urs, and partake of the pleafure, as he v/m luud enough "to exprefs it, of my converfatiow He had not yet feen my family, for as tVjf came to (my apartment by a door in thenar-, row paffage, already defcribed, by tin's mean» they avoided the common prifon. Jenkinli* at the firft interview therefore feenied not <( little ftruck with the beauty of my youngcft daughter, which her penfive air contributed t» heighten, and my little ones did not pafs unnoticed.

„Alas, Doctorj" cried he, „thefe children ire too handfome and too good f6r fucb i place as this!"

„Why, M'r. Jenkinfon," replied 1, „thai* bcavea my children are pretty tolerable i"


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